Knuckles Dragon
The Ninja Turtle weapon trade is no mystery. A katana is a technologically advanced build and not something you could do in your basement. Nunchaku is a low tech farm tool which was used to flail rice in ancient China. It's basically two broom handles chained together and any moron could build it. So, if one of the two were to be censored from a kid's show, which do you think it would be?
Joseph Stalin
I want my money back
Jameson Flanders
a scene from an episode of teen titans go was actually censored for literally no reason
Silver Blue
`Orphaned boy'

Jordan O
wow that kid in the Rescuers was a boy? Thought it was a girl.
Feed TheBeast
I fucking hate this "confusing" children by showing something fucking same gender love..FOR FUCK SAKE,USE YOUR BRAINS!
Pretty much every single anime that has ever been cursed by 4kids.
I mean... why even bother censoring something for an entire series that is obviously not kid friendly?
Mikeyplayz Gaming
In dragon ball z me popo was made blue
Jernej Fric
One Piece 4kids
That moment when you thought you saw a Jojo reference but it is just a band name
Janet Eggleston
Yeah my pet peeves was videos they don't get their facts straight they mispronounce things and with video games like going blind or they speed run and with reviewing videos they don't talk in the video you have a mouth use it
Shn Col
I lost conciousness around 8.00. Woke up in my own piss and can't get the taste of lemon out my mouth. How's it goin? what happened to you pants?
Darena Bryant
I've said it before, and I'll say it again about Steven Universe. I applaud them trying to introduce children to the whole gender whirlwind that is going on in the world these days before they come face to face with it in some negative fashion and are left with a lot of fear, confusion and hard to answer questions. But I honestly don't think kids of that age need to be worrying or thinking about things like becoming transgender or what sexual alignment they're trying to be. Kids that age should be thinking about ANYTHING else besides sex, and be learning who and what they are on their own without ANY influence from society or whatever recent controversy is trending.
David Rangel
That Peppa Pig is allowed to have a cast with penis heads amazes me.
I haven't watched the video but I know the ting shown in the thumbnail wasn't going to be in the video
Martin McNeill
Totally wrong on #9.

The BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) did not appreciate Ninjas at all in the 70's-90's. Almost all films featuring Ninjas or Ninja weapons were censored or altered. This was because of the belief of the head of the board, James Ferman, that these weapons could be easily made by kids home or at school (shuriken and nunchaku being the big no no's) and lead to increased gang violence.

Michaelangelo did not have his weapons replaced with a grappling hook, they just edited out, or trimmed, most scenes when he used them. The same as the stance they took on Ninjas, this wasn't just for the TMNT cartoon, every depiction of Nunchuks in TV or film was censored. It wasn't till the early 2000's that we got an uncut version of Enter the Dragon on DVD!!
Dankflow IsGay
did he said commonweath
layth ibrahim
Is there somewhere I can see the full episode of "Electric Soldier Porygon"?
Chloe Potato
1k dislikes are from mad people going on about how they got cliclbaited
again if you could have been honest with the wouldnt have a dislike
Mice own the planet
Static Rainbow

José Miguel Burgos
John Redman
The nunchaku was removed as it was a farmers tool made into a weapon and in the lands of the Queen the chattel must have no knowledge or inspiration of making things which are not weapons into weapons as they are to remain loyal subjects of the Crown.
The BBFC censored the word ninja and removed all footage of michelangelo using his nunchucks (he still had them in the 'hero turtles' version he just never hit anything with them), due to the fact that too many people/ children in Britain were getting injured by trying to recreate fight scenes from martial arts/ ninja movies usually with nunchuks that they had no idea how to properly user . So no, it wasn't that strange.
Nonya Bizz
"Though nothing in this episode was actually censored..."
How hard is it to make a list video idea, and stick to it? If it is 10 censored episodes, don't feature episodes ABOUT censorship, but that weren't actually censored.
Markip 69
5:36 It also had lots I porn...wait what
Tonia Hart
I hate this video the fairs are stopid😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😤😤😤😤👿👿👿👿👿👿👺👺👺👺👹👹👹👺😡
Dakota Stein
im surprised this list didn't include the infamous episode 200 and 201 of southpark.
Dawsonator 347
there was also another censored episode of pokemon where a guy points a gun at ashes forhead

Dawsonator 347
my parents told me to not watch dragon ball z because they cuss and i dont fucking care if they cuss i watch it anyway and its good
Dawsonator 347
there was another censored episode of pokemon where james showed people his tits
Dawsonator 347
where is the episode super cider 6,000
Firm Flyer
they should've just kept adventure time tbh, Steven universe is cool, but i never laughed at any of the jokes
my friends all think that's the best cartoon for whatever fucking reason, but honestly it's kinda boring
adventure time was IMO the best cartoon
Top Kek 123 01000111 01101111 01100100
I forgot why I came here. Fucking brain damage!
Jack Bredesen
Let's be be honest FAMILY GUY ISNT A KIDS SHOW I don't see a 6 year old watching family guy
Mrbudd 11
Black shyguy 416
This is Timmy ->🙂 he has no friends or family
One like -a friend
One sub - a mother
One comment - a dad
If I get 30 subs he gets a whole family
Makoto Bro
I might be wrong on this but I think Thailand, for reasons I'm still unaware of, censor feet
Old Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry Cartoons. That's aall I gotta say.
Liam Dower
but I saw with my 2 year old boy the episode on pepper pig with the spider and I'm in Australia
That Badass Duck
some of these we're anime not cartoons
6:30 - If I didn't know that Goku had a tail, I would swear he's taking a massive shit.
So click-batty
Adam Eason
5:44 and thats why its censored here. yup. totally.

this show is disgusting imo.
Genre Boy
one frase from family guy edi-pussy like if you`ve seen the episode
Sadpants McGee
Reported for misleading thumbnail. Don't do it again.
You focus on the women's underwear on the fishhook and ignore goku's dingaling in the background lol too funny
One thing that pissed me off was when Nickelodeon took The Angry Beavers off the air for saying "shut up" or something like that. Of course this is only to my knowledge. I could be wrong.
Stan Marsh
Let's be honest. Over a million views. Most of them came here to see Lois' tits.
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