10 Censored Moments in Popular Cartoons

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10 controversial examples of censorship in cartoons
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Despite their generally family-friendly reputation, cartoons and animated features have been pushing the envelope for decades, often in subtle ways meant to slide by censors. As a result, censors have always been particularly zealous when it comes to policing cartoons for objectionable content. This video collects ten examples of both confusing censorship and confusingly offensive animated content.

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Family Guy,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
The Rescuers,
Sailor Moon,
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut,
Peppa Pig,
Steven Universe,
Dragon Ball,
The Simpsons,

Writer: Jason P
Editor: Steven M
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G Kess
A "Ninja" is a murderer. A paid assassin. A "Hero" is a better role model for kids. That's why.
Clay Loomis
On Ninja turtles and censoring the sticks; Brit censors have had a hard-on for nunchaku or "nunchucks" since the 70's. They removed all scenes involving them from Bruce Lee and other movies (I've heard they've lightened up on it a bit lately). Swords, knives, breaking someone's neck, that's all fine, but two sticks connected by a piece of string? Can't have that. They say they were worried about kids using them to commit violent acts.

But learning to use chucks effectively in a fight takes a LOT of practice. I know because I spent 100's of hours doing it. And you can trust me when I say that you will do a lot more harm to yourself learning to use them than you are ever likely to do to someone else in a fight. A knife? No training needed, just stab, stab, stab. No violent kid is going to be patient and disciplined enough to bother with chucks. The chuck censorship thing in England always confused me. It is a felony to possess them here in California, outside of a dojo-- A FELONY. Carrying a concealed firearm? Misdemeanor. Good thing too because one guy with a couple of sticks could lay waste to all those gang members using guns.
Un-Smart-E Marty
Did you say commonwealth?

Is that a real thing or a fallout reference?
Ryan Davies
Ben Ryan
Ermmm why do i see..boobs'
Chris J
It was changed to "Hero Turtles" because the word Ninja was associated with violence in GERMANY, so instead of altering the show for every European country and UK, they just received the same edited version as the Germans.
Fos- kun
gravity falls
Dylan Baize
I've found only one point that I disagree with in this. It's what he said about sailor moon. It's a show about a bunch of girls running around in skirts so short that I wouldn't let my sister's wear even at home while waving about 'magical' dildos, and he doesn't see ANY of this?
Gabriel Incognito
Fuck being polite.
charles gebhart
What about the episode of FAMILY GUY where Peter finds out that Chris is more "endowed" than him, and goes all out to better, to the point of stuffing Stewie in his pants, or when later he buys a phallus shaped car backs up, and runs it several times into a tunnel?
Marcus Pacheco
so.... Peppa was not banned for every pig being made out of a crude penis drawing?
SML Fanboy
Peppa pig like wow when I saw it I was so shocked
I live in austtalia
Grammar Police
10 reasons to dislike this video.
David Jimenez
Die in hell Steven Universe
David Jimenez
For Steven Universe Creators: Gross Dances Really Disgusting And What a bullshit is Steven Universe!!!!!
Lai Millana Fuentes
Steven universe was made in 2013? Damnnnn time has passes for me
40 years or so?.. did the guy who wrote this fail math? Tmnt #1 came out in 84 and wasn't aimed at children. The toys however came in 87 with the show which was aimed at children.. at most your looking at like 30 years. Being off by a year or two is one thing.. but an entire decade? (if your looking at it the cartoon and not a comic which this list does)
Cake cat
Family guy is not for kids but okay...
This scene had to be removed for hospitalizing 700 children that had experienced epileptic seizure! The clip is never supposed to air or be seen again! Here is that clip with no warning that it is going to be played/is being played!
Family Guy is not as Clever as the Simpsons ? What are you on crack ? Simpson stopped being funny about 15 years ago .
Hey what about happy tree friends
Kathy Lion Heart
My friend is from Australia and she was watching this with me... And do you know what her reaction was to the Pepper Pig ban?! "Only in Australia..." - My friend.
randy balderama
S. Ercu
Thunder Kat
Someone need to see Sailor Moon banned transformation to understand the simple why.
You put the none-sensor nude transformation on the video.
wawa alain yeye
This is wierd vid
Aimar Espinoza
Pause at 6:39 lol
BrandonPlayz Minecraft1001
I love family guy and the simpsons
trust me, pepper pig is big in the USA too.
Robo Bagons
The point is Pinocchio needs censorship because the coachman's true smile is scaring the young children due to the signature release it did or doesn't as Pokemon xy(z) sucks especially movies (don't ask me for opinions) the whole series where Serena has a crush on ash since childhood the relationship never happens as the fans says it's true Disney is not happy about it too, Serena's character should be banned for some reason she's attracting him the fans thinks they want her to return but heck no as the anime series remake Dawn and her Pokemon may return to reveal her true feelings for ash they should make a spinoff of dawn's character and a prequel where ash and Dawn as kids due to sun and moon it's really stinks the characters faces are not even funny than ash's redesign (so to the past characters) Disney xd should remove sun and moon from younger audiences thinks it's weird as sonic x sonic's scream test it should be removed or skipped from reruns or redub Amy's face when she yell with Chris thinks she's scared may be skipped or remove including Japanese versions and all languages due to the young audience frighten anybody agreed?
Umm I remember watching Sailor Moon right before heading off to school every morning. Now I know why everybody was fucking eachother and getting pregnant before gradution.
Darryl Whittington
Nobody knows the time near the hour.
thelastone standing
roses are red
violets are blue
i got clickbaited
and so did you
Tendo Pain
I love jelly donuts! Jelly donuts are my favorite! - 4Kids Brock
Charles Cartee
the rescuers were rescuing a girl (penny)... not a boy...

seriously, why should I even watch the rest if you so blatantly have never even seen the stuff you're reviewing
Knuckles Dragon
The Ninja Turtle weapon trade is no mystery. A katana is a technologically advanced build and not something you could do in your basement. Nunchaku is a low tech farm tool which was used to flail rice in ancient China. It's basically two broom handles chained together and any moron could build it. So, if one of the two were to be censored from a kid's show, which do you think it would be?
Joseph Stalin
I want my money back
Jameson Flanders
a scene from an episode of teen titans go was actually censored for literally no reason
`Orphaned boy'

Jordan O
wow that kid in the Rescuers was a boy? Thought it was a girl.
Feed TheBeast
I fucking hate this "confusing" children by showing something fucking normal..like same gender love..FOR FUCK SAKE,USE YOUR BRAINS!
Pretty much every single anime that has ever been cursed by 4kids.
I mean... why even bother censoring something for an entire series that is obviously not kid friendly?
Mikeyplayz Gaming
In dragon ball z me popo was made blue
Jernej Fric
One Piece 4kids
That moment when you thought you saw a Jojo reference but it is just a band name
Janet Eggleston
Yeah my pet peeves was videos they don't get their facts straight they mispronounce things and with video games like going blind or they speed run and with reviewing videos they don't talk in the video you have a mouth use it
Shn Col
I lost conciousness around 8.00. Woke up in my own piss and can't get the taste of lemon out my mouth. How's it goin? what happened to you pants?
Darena Bryant
I've said it before, and I'll say it again about Steven Universe. I applaud them trying to introduce children to the whole gender whirlwind that is going on in the world these days before they come face to face with it in some negative fashion and are left with a lot of fear, confusion and hard to answer questions. But I honestly don't think kids of that age need to be worrying or thinking about things like becoming transgender or what sexual alignment they're trying to be. Kids that age should be thinking about ANYTHING else besides sex, and be learning who and what they are on their own without ANY influence from society or whatever recent controversy is trending.
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