Abandoned House everything left behind - Found old iMac!

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This farmhouse was build in 1877, it's far away from everything and it's surrounded by fields. It has been abandoned more than 10 years and there is alot of old stuff inside the house that's untouched and many unopened letters. It looks like that the owners packed their suitcase with clothes but they never got it with them. The house was rated in 2016 but has never been sold

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Jet Gardner
THUMBS UP... Why? No stupid extended selfies-unlike others I've watched where they were more interested in recording their own face than what they were supposed to be showing us. No ridiculous music added. Minimal narration - you said what you saw without judging. You were respectful and left it as you found it without stealing. I enjoyed watching this. I hope you post more. The still images by the way were a nice touch and showed what the motion of the camera blurred. KUDOS.
Sheila B
Great work !!! I like how when you enter a new room, you stop tell us what room it is, and take a picture, show the picture and go into the room. Nicely done. Thank you for leaving everything behind and being respectful of their property. I just subscribed and look forward to more videos πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
Andy Rose
I used to live there before they fixed it up πŸ˜–
ItsMe Cat
without a doubt who ever lived here was either an alcoholic with all that vodka or he just saved bottles over the year
Is that care like a opel?
Genji Shimada
11:04 you can see a titti
Genji Shimada
10:54 holy shit is that like some documentary on hitler or something
Genji Shimada
why do you say vodka like wodka? is that just how you people from denmark say it?
Super Truckers 2017 & My Mavic Pro.
I subbed good vid
Super Truckers 2017 & My Mavic Pro.
I had 1 lol imac
Super Truckers 2017 & My Mavic Pro.
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ your camera
joe volf
cant wait to break into your house when you are away...:)
Jonathan Stoltz
Its like the owners just vanished wtf.
Eric Furst
What country is this set about in? Germany? Norway?
6:17 by the green bottle with a red cap...a gun
Glenn Dundi
Nice one mate
News Tube
I don't think it was abounded for more than 6 years as the chips were expired 2012.
Ali F
I would have loved to live there at one point in my life. Its beautiful!
Donna Blackman
Looks like a place to stash stolen goods with all the bottles of alcohol, cigarettes, computers, odds and ends of clothing, possibly done by the people who lived there.
Tim Bright
I would have taken them cigarettes
Matthew Fairchild
Love the camera sound as photos are shown greatjob
John Fitzgerald
Wow. That looks a lot like someone was planing on leaving in a hurry... But didn't get to. Freaky. The many empty bottles of alcohol... and the one that was only half empty is odd. Are you entirely sure the person isn't still somewhere on the property... or under it? Maybe I watch too many cop shows... LOL
how come you didnt pick up anything and take it with you
John Q Public
They died, kids went in to clean house. Found porn, quit cleaning, left house.
Tony Hutchins
I don't understand how a house just goes unaccounted for. Someone died and had already completely paid it off??
Screaming Tima
I'm liking those bathroom walls. Maybe I'm weird. And I never in my life thought I would hear a man say that porno is nasty. It is nasty, but I'm not a man.
Marilyn Melendez-Gamble
At 4:18 what is rolled up in that old carpet/insulation? I'd like to see someone unroll that thing and see what's in it. Maybe someone was murdered and wrapped in that rug. Its been a long time so maybe some skeletons in that carpet, hmm, the mystery.
Marilyn Melendez-Gamble
I'm also loving the tiles, beautiful work!!
Marilyn Melendez-Gamble
Looks suspicious, like they took what they could and left! I wonder if someone was after them. This is interesting, thank you for sharing!! They left in a hurry!!
Maureen H
For all these people questioning that there is no dust, isn't dust made of skin animals and people shed from their bodies? "No dust" is no surprise to me.
Maureen H
Wow the tile work in that bathroom is amazing!
Swamp Caribou
that was first i mac back in 1990's
Mohammad Nabil
Such an old abandoned house should have loads of dust accumulated on everything. Why is this not the case ?
Kieran civicsedan
Anyone else hear the voice when. He was going to shut the cupboard
Officer Meyer
Can you find out what happened to the family or whoever lived there? Please
Este guey dijo
if you see cash would you leave it too??
Denita White
So do you research and find out the circumstances of why the house was left behind??
These people were filthy. They were living in filth.
Chocolate gamer
Hvor er dette det mΓ₯ vΓ¦re i Norge plis svar:)
Chocolate gamer
Where is this?
Leo List
Someone killer them I bet
Lt. Commander Olly Jackson
+Casper Explores Next time you explore an abandoned property grab anything good from the medicine cabinet then contact me. ;)
Polaris AJ
The mac u found is not worth a lot. It's a mac made around 2000.
Carol Norton
the tile over the kitchen sink is 70's horrid !
Somebody's still using this house..
Don't leave no evidence you have been in these places.
Just Me Chynna
ever afraid of finding a body?
Kathleen Hart
Oh Casper thank you for being you. Just had someone tell me they never loved me and I have been crying all night.and then like a light from above I saw this video and heard your voice. Now I feel better. You calmed me down. Love you. Have a wonderful day. And thank u
Lu P
Daniela Konsurowski
Is this in germany
jack callaway
the guy who owns it might be in jail
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