7 Awful Jobs From History

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7 Awful jobs from history

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Elite Facts

William Knauft
Those aren't Greek ships, they're Viking.
8gr8 Acumen
https://youtu.be/Lbkrl1Z0HlI HERE"S ONE THEY MISSED IN THE VIDEO.
Foxy The Pirate
Slavory isn't a job dummkopf
Chumpie The Cat
Dear thumbnail, slavery was not a job
Bertha Hdez
Jamie Dixon
desert looks likedeeply grotesruepromotion :]
Acky Largo
Head stand
The Bonesaw ..
Chimneys don't cause droughts (defined as "a prolonged period of low rainfall")... they cause draughts (pronounced "drafts", and defined as, "a current of air")
big boy
If you think about it, god himself is a slave owner.
When I grow up I wanna be a third generation Slaver.
Sum Mors
Too much personal judgment. How about just presenting the list of jobs with objective descriptions (what they were, some historic context) and letting US decide for ourselves about the people who worked in those industries. Otherwise, sounds judgmental and preachy.

After all, there are cultures existing today who feel Westerners deserve to be tortured and then killed. Doesn't sound too reasonable a judgment, huh?
BrightHeart 200019
How about being a woman back in the day?
ethan foy
Was being a slave a job?
skullz and bones
You think being a slave was a job?
People were forced to do it, they didn't sign up the "want to be a slave" application
Smaakjeks K
Honestly, armpit hair plucker doesn't seem so bad.
Nick Grigorakos
Elite Facts You're a fucking wanker.
sherry p
number seven has to be the worst those nasty pervert.πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜•πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
you think slavers was a job wtf

wasn't a job or and option ):
Tina Sciglitano
unfortunately slavery is not a thing of the past. sex slavery or human trafficking is happening everyday behind our backs
ichigo kurosaki
We need too bring slavery back
Mick M
Leeches are still used in western medicine today :)
What about the poor children that were forced to climb under cotton mills, losing hair and even limbs? Nahnahnah, a dentist is worse.
You can't just say "screw this" at the gym and quit right away, you might still have a month or another six months to pay for the rest of your contract you made on January 1st, or you can freeze your account for an amount of time, but quitting a gym membership is not all that easy.
William Tecumseh Sherman
Leeches are today's black people!!!
Lucille Green
Comcast Home Business Network History News organization black Smithsonian Washington DC Lucille Green 6925@network
Negroes make me barf
Karl Wester
Those are Viking ships at first,not Greek.The Viking took slaves in battle,but only useful ones who could row ships and tend farms.but slavery goes back in human society from the start.Although,Vikings took slaves in battle,they also had to take care of them...What good is a slave if they are not simply glad to be alive or dying of malnutrition or physical abuse?Slavery got it`s name from the Slavic people,who were kind of white and being taken away to work or die at the hands of other paler white people whose society had no problem with owning a human that was not from the warrior caste...times were different,but basically slavery was never about skin color...It`s about rich fucking people doing gross shit or being spared the sword because there are "jobs" for you with a roof over your head.This video has a warped look at what jobs are,although,I always thought slavery was a lifestyle choice...
Angel Heart
1:03 The narrator and writer don't know what "innocuous" means.
Kevin Oloane
Fucking niggers
ben l
All facts wrong lol smiley face
nice thunbnail
Expand Carp
After the Charlottesville attacks, slavery videos are being made

What are you even doing?
Victoria Kern
"Now these days the job of a hairdresser is often looked down upon, and it was no less so in the ancient times". A hairdresser is looked down upon?? Not as far as I know.
Cuda FX
this is dumb
Roy Klopfenstein
The Greeks did not use slaves in there galleys. That is why the Greek galleys were faster than the Persians.
Andrew Andoy
Humans are fucking hypocrites. They used to believe in gods even way back then but treat other humans and animals like shits!
Ah the days of the Chimney Sweeps, I remember it all as tough it were only yesterday. Of course Mrs. Halcomb-shhhhh-iter would never admit that she had a favorite. They were, of course, just "the help" you know. But not me my dear Reginald my boy, not me. Oh, My favorite, for so many years was that brash, ram rod straight, military man General Kaos (retired) and his constant trusty young companion Master Bates. Now, now let me tell you dear boy those two belonged together like, how is it you young Americans call them, like that bat fellow and his bird. Yes, yes I remember, like your Batman and Canary, no, no, I mean Robin, that's it, just like your Robin and Batman. Why those two were on one perilous adventure after another. Like some kind of wizards, in one chimney and with a flip of a hat, pop right out of another. And so it was with those two all over London proper and sometimes even as far away as the green pasture lands of yonder way. Oh Reginald my dear boy what I wouldn't give to return those days of youth and glory so long past now and join up with that hardened brash military man General Kaos and the young Master Bates. Oh what fun we would have, and maybe even stir up just a slight bit of mischief once and again. Why, we may even make way to call upon the two lovely Flabagasta sisters some late evening, uhh,uhmm just to see if those two lovely young ladies may be in need of our "chimney sweeping services," huh Reginald my boy? I bet you didn't think, not for a shake, that the old man had it in him hhmmm? Say ye what now my dear Reginald? Surprised? Oh dear Reginald I too was young, adventurous, and more than on just one occasion a bit foolish.
Leeches and maggots are still used today in modern countries like the USA. There are companies that raise medical maggots and leeches in germ free sanitary conditions then sell them to hospitals. The maggots can't be beaten for removing (consuming) necrotic flesh while leaving live healthy flesh alone. This greatly decreases the chance of infection by removing flesh that is no longer viable. Medical Leeches are often used to promote circulation by sucking out old blood in areas that have suffered trauma or illness that has interfered with normal blood flow. This is also good in helping to prevent infections and cut the risk of sepsis developing.
Uhmbe Rhellah
Leeches are still used in medicine today.
"Slave" a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.
That's not a job.
Quad pain is the worst
Leech collector doesnt sound so bad. Make bank for spending the day in the swamps!
I’m not an expert, but i don’t think slavery is a job i’m not quite sure i would ask an expert.
Dante Carter
Chimney sweeps, Slaves and Armpit pluckers what an evil world
Demons Of Salazar
Being a nigger isn't a job (thumbnail)
Loretta Montgomery
Slavery is not a job. Never was never will be and slave owners were no better. Think about our White House was built by slaves.
guillermo lopez
What about working at konami
They still use leeches in medicine.
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