Dogs and Cats Meeting Babies For The First Time Compilation 2016

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How are meeting our lovely dogs and cats newborn baby in the family? Most of dogs and cats are interested and are welcoming new family members

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Sophia Caruso
I think I cried a little
Dog Loves Baby
ohh, so cute :))
Tristen Snyder
3:56 That's not a dog, that's a polar bear.
4:00 i wanna get a puppy when i have a baby so they can grow up together:')
Asif Khan
watching this video,"i WANT A CAT!!, "
To my dog "rody , u r done , here , "
watching this video again afer 2 weeks "sitting while holding both of my cat and dogs fases , so they don t fight ,they look gud whith me, but i my PC(KEYBORAD S IN 2 PICE AND LED S STAND S BROKEN) S telling me , THEY R NOT,WITH EACH OTHER
Manya Hagström
Mäklarbyrån Umeå fritidshus till salu norrbyn hörnefors
Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
Nothing cuter with babies than dogs! Most of those cats though just seemed to want to kill the babies.
Sha'nyah Wilson
the dog at 7:45 is looking like "I shook the tiny hooman hand. where is my treat"
loose Burger
Cat at 1:54,..."The Doctors never clean the after birth off"
Protips Phanic! At the Disco
I don't mind if dogs lick baby's faces, just not when they're newborn.. It kind of scares the baby and dogs, even tho they do not mean to, hurt sometimes when they press down with their paws, scratch etc. newborns are fragile, and I think I would be nervous to get the dog so close. Again, just the licking in the face. I think hands, feet or any other parts of the body is alright, just the face is a bit too confronting for the baby.. I liked the video though. It was sweet :')
Lauren Leonard
I love how the cats are all "What the heck is that thing?!"lol
Canary in a Coal Mine
This shit makes me nervous.
our channel
the 3rd one is really cute
naiah lewis
First cat: do I just.....touch it? It looks weird. Is it a toy?
G Faraci
I wouldn't trust a cat near a newborn. They can't be trusted! lol
They are just stupid as hell
On the second one they know better than to let that dog stuff all in that baby face
Milenart Meire
it's funny how most of the cats are scared of the babies XD
I Smell Like Cheese
the baby at 1:50 has an aged face how adorbz
Epiphanie Always
the baby & pup at 4:07 👐😍
shagufta Memon
Animals n babies r the best frnd's.....dey protect and luv babies like their own
1:47 That baby looks like an old man. Usually, babies have flat noses and when they grow up it gets pointy, but this baby as an already formed nose, plus wrinkles! God damn!
Jan Sallberg
5:25 in the video.. Is that a earring ?
Potato Batman
What did we do to deserve animals
Alexis Vega
My lab Rico (passed) knew my mother was pregnant with me before my mom knew herself lol. He would always sniff her stomach and lay his head on it protectively.
Baby Clips
I love the children most, because I have a daughter
evangelist vivian countryman-bailey
Awww. The Fluffy White Dog with baby🐑🐑
and the jumping dog!!!🐺🐺🐺
I love how dogs are all excited, like "Oh my god mom and dad you got me a BABY" the same way a little kid would be excited about a puppy, and then you have the cats that are like "oh dear what is this hairless creature and why must it scream"
Donna Peroche
They are so gentle and loving, and just love to lick and snuggle...after having licked their assholes for half and hour
Anime lover
1:46 What cat is this???
Anya Napier
Tiny animal meet tiny human💗😭
Dakota Frank
Dogs seem less freaked out by babies. They get right in there and sniff and lick while a cat will fly across the room at the slightest twitch from the baby.
Marco Marcella
Keep cats away from babies; they'll eat 'em.
Krissy Roshan
so cute😻
Lala Hint
The cats be like wtf is this? lol
I was raised mainly around mutts in my house and I remember meeting my cousins dog thunder a timber wolf as an 5yr old he was a teddy bear to me and as far as I know I was the first child around him. I miss him so much along with bubbles my cat who liked to sleep on me at night sadly bubbles had to get declared thanks to another cat in the house who bite my sister as a baby but she was sweet.
bob le
What kind of dog is that 5:43??
Shanna Livermore
Dogs = interested and then engaged and happy. Cats = curious as hell and then mostly horrified.
1:46 Oh my god, that baby looks like an old man.
OMG @ 7:53 be like hi-5's all over the place.
My guess is, all these pets will be a BFF w/their respective babies.
Pretty sure most dogs and cats, especially females, react very well to babies because they are like puppies or kittens. Domestic animals have an instinct to protect their young and as our pets, they see our young as their own... especially dogs. This of course is not true for all dogs and cats
As cute as these videos are, go luck up Toxoplasmosis.
If the baby and the dog don't get along - which one do ya get rid of?
Tanya Kotze
So So Cute
Herobrine's Minion
7:54 even as a cat person this melts my heart!!!
Kailey Hix
0:49 was anyone else thinking of lady and the tramp when lady first meets the baby? no? only one?
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