Dogs and Cats Meeting Babies For The First Time Compilation 2016

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How are meeting our lovely dogs and cats newborn baby in the family? Most of dogs and cats are interested and are welcoming new family members

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Barbara Peacock
This stinks .this is a human baby ,Not a dog ,animals carry germs ,you will have a sick baby ,2pit bulls killed a new born .oh sick
Latoya Ford
Dis humon needs to be clweand
viveck patel
im just here for the comments because i know theres gonna be a buzz killington with a comment about how dogs should not lick babies yada yada yada.....
darki _exe
Dogs be like:omg this thing is adorable mom what is this strange thing and

cats be like:what Is this strange thing, nope nope I'm out of here that thing moved bye
Conni Lane
How lovely to see this. To a baby, a dog or a cat is just another toy ...or another friend.
Delete the Elites
Dog just Licked it's Azz; I know, let's put it up in the Baby's Face. Good thing Saint Jude will be there when the Baby gets Sick...
Dogs are Clean; yeah they only eat their own
jz 1918
cats are definitely more like what the fuck is this thing and why is it in my house?? and dogs are more like oh yay a person, someone else to play with!
Our cat Smuckers slept in my son's bassinet for the entire pregnancy. Then on top of my son's head until my socio neighbor took my cat at dropped him in the wilderness to die. Ya. That happened. Anyone want the guys name? Oh he's not all animal abuse. He's also ditched 3 kids in a few states here and there.
Ahhh my babies. Animals are as much of a part of a family as crib midgets. People who don't feel this way make me very uncomfortable

You can totally tell who the first time parents are. Haha. And not by the hollow sound of desperation in their tortured screams.
Tonya Lee
Just not a fan of dogs or cats licking their persons then my baby and I call it kisses
My dog would bark at em
what's the idea of putting your baby in danger for...viewz?
Chris Dans
Isn’t it a wonder how they behave. It’s like they shouldn’t know but they do? Beautifull
I hate gays and lesbians
Constipated Shady raccoon
Laura Cordr
NO Doubt! A lot of disease in people. No matter the great veterinary Drs, animals are animals.
Like them, treat them good, specially our domestic animals the Dog, Cat, and etc are # friends to human being!
Animal can be very good companion to human being. They can be very good and even of great help to people .
Will pet them, show them the great like, give them all what one can,but not kiss or nudity .
Don't ever harm them. But, keep in mind that, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s” .
I guess they always have a minute per day of who or what they are regardless their environment. Lol
That little minutes can chop up yo lips, finger, or etc. Lol
Best Babies Youtube
Awesome, sweet video :)))
Maria Marquez
Omg too adorable ❤️
Husna K
Be careful because the cat and dog will hart the baby.
Daysi Cordova
Love it.
Jane Doe
I can't finish the video. Some of these clips are cute, but it's disgusting to let a dog lick your child's mouth or nose.
Gary Towne
There is a fundamental problem here. A baby should be held by the highest ranking member (from the dogs view) of the family when the pet is introduced thereby transferring the parent's authority and rank to the baby. This should be repeated including interaction between the two until the dog shows deference to the child. If the the pet is left to just "discover" the baby it is up for grabs in "pack" rank and someday some dogs will assert dominance and a dog bite could be the result.
bipolar disorder
All the Boxers were so excited lol
I cried during this, because my cat died recently, who was older than me... I just know what these little babies now will go through when theyre older and the pet dies...
It will be the worst time of their life at the time, because you grow so close to them :(
Catalina Dawnmountain
For the love of, There is no sign of intelligent life here!. This is thoroughly researched information: First: Cats can cause serious brain cancer, here is a definition: An infectious parasite spread by cats may be a cause of brain cancer in humans, research suggests. The single-celled organism Toxoplasma gondii infects about a third of the worlds cat owners. What you don't hear much about are cat bites, according to researchers at the Mayo Clinic, cat bites are extremely dangerous.Their jaws may be tiny compared to a dog's but their tiny teeth can do real damage, injecting bacteria deep into joints and tissue, perfect breeding grounds for infection. Cats natural instincts are to hunt and bite. So when this kicks in stay away cat owners!. Dogs however have been domesticated over CENTURIES and IS the first pet because of there incredible abilities to help humans so they are less likely to attack if they have good owners.. That's why if you say dog backwards you say god. This was not a coincidence but only proof. And think about this? Cats mouths are cleaner huh? Well cats lick there private parts to! as well as hunt mice, dig in dirt, climb trees, and then they use there own saliva to cover it all up? That's DISGUSTING! So please. Stay back cat owners because the big dog just spoke.
Im holding back tears this video is so powerfull

(Only reply with shut your sensitive ass up)
Reply with nvm i just cried
Kaity Klutz
Pets are like babies, but they don't cry and whine all the time, and you don't need to buy them two million things to keep them from crying.
As you can see, I don't like babies. They're annoying
The Morning Star
Why do all these Americans cut off part of their dog's spine (the tail)?
Some of them reminded me of that scene in Lady and the Tramp, when Lady sees the baby for the first time
allison sharkey
I remember when a friend brought her little boy over (he was 2) to see my farm, my lovable oaf of a golden Harley was petrified of the tiny human and would run away (he had never seen a child let alone a tot), Daisy he wise old dog being used to kids just kissed the boy, and by some miracle, the cat who is petrified of strange humans, George let the boy hug him... pumpkin being the lovable oaf of a cat she is kept rubbing against the kid too so that may have helped. in one day, four very different reactions from four different animals.
Nature Heart
At 10:34 The baby is like: LOLOLOL YOU ATE MY SHIT
Nature Heart
I hate babies. they come between owners and pets. -__-
Mohammad Sahidullah
The baby loves that little cute baby.
Diane Fitzpatrick
I think these are precious films. The bonding of your pet to your baby is pwerful!! It can be the best or worst day of your life. We were lucky our dogs loved and protected our girls. I'm talking about a poodle and a dachshund, both males. We all lived happily til they ( dogs) passed from old age. Love the joy in the babies faces..💖🐩💙🐕
1. I wonder what the vet will do when that cat spits up a human hair ball? 2. So, THAT is where that bag of shit smell is coming from!
3:55 was too pure
Sarah Barisas
5:50 What breed is that?
Khadi Thompson
"I smell competition"
Not to mention, all the "gentle gentle " in the world won't ensure, when you're not looking, that your precious "family" cat or dog won't bite or scratch (or worse), your baby. Take a look at news archives for horror stories! Even two puppies... Retrievers at that... ripped a newborn apart behind their owners backs, whilst the newborn baby slept in its carrier.
Never leave animals around newborns, or toddlers. Recently a toddler pulled himself up on his family dog while the dog was sleeping, and it woke up startled, bit the child's neck and ripped it sideways back and forth, whilst still half asleep startled. End of. No amount of pet live shouod make a parent blind to the fatal dangers associated with pets and babies. As a side note, Dogs and Cats carry faecal matter all over their tongues and snouts... Letting them "kiss" your babies, who have zero resilience to diseases or germs, is plain filthy and negligent, no matter how much of an animal lover you are! Gross.
I would Never let my newborn precious baby be licked by a filthy animals tongue.
Jennifer Cooke
These new parents sterilise bottles and yet let the dogs who have so much bacteria in their mouths, lick the babies faces.
Jackie Candland
I get so anxious during the cat clips. I am so not a cat person.
OK, so I Love Babies and I Love animals, But, even though they say a dogs mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth, Those babies can still get parasites (Worms) from dogs. They lick their bottom, they lick other dog's bottoms and sometimes eat nasty things they find on the ground or garbage, not the least of which is poop. Then they lick the mouth of your baby? : '/ I'm sure these people Love their babies and their pets, but dogs have natural instincts and pick up parasites on a regular basis, if only walking on the lawn, where other dogs have traveled.
Nyesha Hackney
they are so cute
Vat iz zis tiny hooman?
Joy O'Bryne
The cats are saying, 'I did not approve this addition. Which one of you is getting spayed or neutured?'
Nobby Nobby
I woke up one time to my brothers cat licking my hair
Kati OBrien
Love watching the dog teach the baby how to shake hands😄
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