Maddix Kane
look at lil pumps nails
Leyland Stack
You a weed head
Fritz Cenal
Staci Anne C.
And shes barely 14 hot-n-ready. My God kids these days!
smh at 14 I barely spoke to my "boyfriend" I was sooo shy in my teen years with boys couldnt even look at them in the eyes for no longer than 3 seconds -__- lmfao
Kidd Bill
Hold up just one sec, ain't she like 13!?!
Nba should dump her
Jarrod Mcdowell
that's what happens when people are exposed to stupid low iq niggers
Killa-orca 123
What was behind her when she said what you been doing
yoseph riche
I subed turn n notification AND LIKED IT CAN I GET A 100 DOLLAR PLEASE IM A FAN
Alvaro Barajas
Dude she's ducking annoying she puts her nails in her mouth over and over again it's so irritating
Whats that smoke background called
emily carvalho
why are kids dating and having sex with people older then the kids like tf
Lil pump is a bitch all these nigas is bitchs
Randy entertainment
Lol pump gonna do some dumb shit Xd
ennahoj hoj
Its lil pump, not little pump
Sir CoSmoZ
Says notification gang

Adds "Gang gang"
Nyaa Duhh
Wtf she only 14...
Mrs . Glover
Holy shit bricks
Mrs . Glover
Gaw dayum
Mrs . Glover
Wtf r dos nails bru
Samuel Elliott
lil pump looks like oscar the grouch
Lil pump has a face that just screams punch me
Denali Quintana
Isn’t she 14?
Colby Norden
Fidget Spinner mayhem
lil pumps lite
random girl scrollin da coment •
Dont try to smash my man...
wigiti eBit wabbit
Nba Don't fuck with thots
Bob Builder
...can anyone please translate the title of this video ? .... to English that is ....
Brandon R
smfh some people do anything for views
NotMy RealName
IDGAF about all the drama, I would give Danielle Bregoli so much of this D... I would leave nothing but mah nuts hangin outta that girl.
Steven Z
In a year nba young boy will be a sex offender if he stay with her. nigga going pull 10 for some pussy
Goth Bless
Shit the fuck up, these are false accusations. Pump told me she was in her DMs for a collab she said her and NBA are "boos" not together.
Lil Uzi Vert
She isn’t Rich there ones not 100’s
Jacoby Nero
How much they pay you to talk bout this bullshit?
Lawanda Bowman
Lil pump litty
he made her cry so she need dick lol thots these days
Nathaniel Thompson
How is she tryna smash him just by putting a heart emoji on his live
jonathan ortiz
She ain't nun like these hoes but she act just like these hoes
If you guys are here you're probably bored af (no offense to the creator) but I'm an awkward rapper i just posted my first few songs (kind of lil dickyish) if you're interested go check them out 😐
"Danielle trying to smash lil pump" she put a heart emoji on his live stream
youngdrew 3
Do u not know she's a hoe
Alasha Gloster
A heart emoji don't mean she was trying to smash it could've meant anything
AHHHHHH. I thought she was like 19. I just looked up who she is, FUCKING 14??? FOUR FUCKING TEEN? This is not ok.
We just gonna ignore she 14 and he 17 LOL
Ray Ridri
dam asses ima make rap all this niggs
Erika Tevis
what a shame and this is the next generation the generation now is scary only getting worse
eric wright
Does uhh heart emoji means smash??
She's already a WHORE. And she sounds stupid.. How the fuck does people like her and follow her? Hahahaa// DUMMIES!..
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