Why I Didn't Talk About The Lawsuit And More...

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FRIDAY SHOW! Your comments on Casey Neistat, Trump, & Emma Watson!
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Philip DeFranco
Hey you Beautiful Bastards, make sure you check out the latest video!
Lazar Otasevic
hey youtube i blocked this idiot why you recommend me his videos?
Miss Kekistan
The amount of people calling themselves feminists has dropped by 55% in just last 2 years. They are crisis numbers. Just let it die already we've had it with these hateful scummy female facshists
matt trickel
"Think of grey area situations. Like single mothers who don't have time" I'm a single father to my 2 year old son. Next time just say single parent ;)
Liam Cullen
Having watched the segment of this video addressing feminism, along with some of your other videos today makes me wonder: is what happened to the label "feminism" the same thing that happened to Pepe the Frog? Both had a positive meaning amongst particular groups, but are now tainted by their association with the actions of extremists and hate groups.
Divided Reality
I get that ads are meant to help companies and large corporations earn money, and to keep some services "free". But at the same time, I think that ads brainwash people into buying things they don't really need because of the marketing strategies like skewed percentages, camera tricks, "scientific facts", etc.
Tidus H
Why is Adam in a mugshot? XD
Demose Aries
Fuck expect the best, just leaves you disappointed, i myself, expect little or nothing, and live pleasantly surprised..
Demose Aries
some Bushmils Black Bush, and a good book is just the best.
Richard Blackmore
What feminism actually is, is what actual feminists say, work for, and ignore. When feminism was ( and there are still two or even three laws in the U.S. that are discriminatory) about equal laws, equal application of the laws, and equal opportunity in the job market and education I supported it without question. However in the last 20 years it is dying out because it doesn't focus on equal opportunity, or laws, it focuses on outcome that benefits women (and women only). I would never self-identify as a feminist, or an MRA, I identify as an egalitarian: equal opportunity, equal laws and application of laws for all. More than half the feminists I hear speak are ideologues who stick to a strict dogma, and not only refuse to reexamine their positions based on what is happening now, but vilify anyone who disagrees with them. When " he for she " turns into " he for she, and she for he." I'll jump on board.
Jacob Hock
As someone with financial challenges and kids to raise, I am so glad to have access to digital books. I don't think that using technology as a way to access books that you might not otherwise be able to read even occurred to that person. Kinda makes you think they are part of the issue. I'm on my computer for a few hours a day, about a third or more of that time is spent just doing recreational reading. My toddler son reads on a second hand tablet that was given to us because we honestly do not have the cash for lots of different books so that gives him many more options of stories to read with us and on his own. Two of my sons have also used programs on the computer and tablet with their speech counselors that helped them LOADS in their communication milestones. I think it depends a lot on what YOU CHOOSE to use your technology for. If technology is keeping you from reading, it's because you are choosing to do other things. As far as kids go, if your kid needs to unplug, then fucking unplug them. #DUH
i hate you stupid ugly bastard
David Morrissey
you are a fucking beautiful sexy badass. GradeAunderA sent me
My mom is a single parent and she read to me every night. I nanny for a nice couple and I read to their children every day to make sure they can have the exposure to it they crave. It's not always easy or possible, but there's no excuse not to try.

Also, I left Hulu because I got sick of ads all the time. There were way too many way too frequently. I'll stick to Netflix, thanks.
People should really stop using the word feminism so much since it doesnt translate to equality. At this day an age there shouldn't child slavery like that one channel is abusing childs for youtube cash.
Bill McNeal
i hate Casey Neistat
Sharpie Tattoos
As an avid reader I can confirm I read digital and physical books. Digital is super convenient but there is just something about holding a physical book that makes the whole experience more magical. Plus i already have sight issues and reading something that isn't bright and in my faces is calming and keeps me from getting migraines. Yet, while I prefer physical, sometimes i will read digital because i can't carry a physical book, I'm reading a book as it's being written (amateur writers, people who don't want to go through a publisher, etc.), or other reasons.
While I don't 100% agree with everything Anita Sarkeesian says, I still think that she's doing an important job by discussing video games, for example. They are a new media and she takes them seriously, and she said more than once that it's not because there is sexism in a game that you should not enjoy playing it. She made me aware of things that I would not have noticed otherwise and I find her videos thought-provoking. At least that's my opinion :)
Anna Warner
Yes, I have to agree. The lawsuits are impossible given prices charged by attorneys, as a result bad guys can get away with the murder. I was defrauded by the real estate agent who sold me house with mold, slab leak, cracked foundations, broken roof tiles. Real estate agent was dual agent (that should be abolished in California NOW), who assigned house inspector who did not see anything, who influenced appraiser to appraise house at the sale price which she set based on the comps for different area etc. The cost of suit is about $80,000 to $100,000 to recover about $100,000 to $120,000. Attorney I have does not have skin in the game and real estate agent has attorney on corporate staff, practically on unlimited bases. The game is rigged.
What you said about Trump and being prepared to hold him to account for the things he actually does is spot on - I've spent a lot of time correcting people in Facebook comment sections who go off on one spouting garbage about how bad Trump is, what he "really" stands for, how he's a racist, and the new Hitler, etc, without the proper justification, but if there's something I don't agree with, I'll call the big orange-faced dude on it, and I'm from the UK, so he's literally not my president, lol.

One example I can immediately think of was the laws passed for getting women into STEM fields - This should have been about a conservative president encouraging equality of opportunity, removing discrimination based on either sex, and not introducing liberal equality of outcome, using discriminatory quotas based on physical attributes. There are many reasons why women don't necessarily find STEM fields an attractive career choice, and there shouldn't be a quota or the ugliness of "affirmative action". I was disappointed in him for that.
Esther Chilcutt
i had anger issues and still have but not so strong, and i dont own tv ,just pc and ads trigger the hell of my anger,so i have to avoid.
Michael Walker
You are ultimately responsible for raising and educating your child.

AIDS CURE #5676977
Cancer #6630507
Ebola #CA2741523A1
Swine Flu #8124101

Just thought I'd share what I came across :)
bernie b
Try Crackel its free.
Michael Sanders
I actually read more now that I am on my phone. Not even on my phone, I pick up hard covers more than I used to.
I love watching you think... it's something real. It's nice to see.
Kristina Plays
I recommend audiobooks. You can check instragram AND "read" at the same time.
Kristina Plays
The problem with moving the responsibility for kids learning to the parents is that there ARE a lot of "bad parents". The schools should aim to make sure that all children have an as equal chance as possible to learn. It's not the child's fault that the parents either can't or won't help in the learning process but it's the child that will suffer from it. To just say "it's not the school's problem" is just going to hurt the child. We can't control the parents but we do have influence over what the schools do. It's highly important since it will in time lessen education gaps between different socioeconomic backgrounds.
What's really funny is feminism has over 40 variants of the word, which LOTS of people don't know. This is why everyone fights about what feminism really means, when we can't really say what it means unless trying to use the proper definition with each variant. It's a very gray topic which divides us with labels. By technicality a lot of people are feminist because most believe in an equal chance for women, but a lot of people aren't, say neo feminist because then they would have to believe women should be dominant in life compared to men.
Hmm, if this keeps up, chauvinism might get trendy again drops dishes
b toki85
Kids being worse at reading today is not because of TECHNOLOGY.There are way to many variables to blame then just TECHNOLOGY. For example people do watch lots of video content these days but they also spend time reading social media and Internet blogs/articles
Boo fucking hoo! Being an entrepreneur is hard. Grow up kids! This is big business, and it's cold hearted and amoral. It cares nothing for your "I'm not in the wrong" it only cares for exploitation. I bet Phil uses Uber to get around and complains about the ROI on Twitch? LOL! News flash you are always wrong even when you are right.
Keith Sauve
Feels good to know that Youtubers are supporting each other. It really creates a sense of community.
Jose Maldonado
I actually learned to read in school growing up noy even knowing english. My parents couldn't teach me since they themselves didn't know english, so i was completely reliant on the school. Schools are there to teach our children, and they should do a good job. I think its ignorant to just say that the parents should teach them when many parents themselves are uneducated!! To break this cycle of ignorance, we need better schools with great teachers.
Phil please talk about advertisers pulling from YouTube
Joline Cosman
Hey Phil !! What have you heard about Hearst fighting with DISH TV and other providers about money. We, on DISH, have lost a bunch of channels due to this dispute. NBC and Local channels that are supposed to be FREE are affected. I can live without all that, but still pissed that we are going on weeks now with no local news or anything. Do you know anything ?????
Karac Cano
17:07 Thank you phil you blessed man.
Jerry The Fabulous Pineapple
I hope they call the show Casey Neistat News so I can say "CNN's new show: 'CNN'!"
I don't block ads because I don't have money to spend and that's how I support creators
Big Daddy Creme Cheese
am I the only one that doesn't pay for a damn thing and uses showbox,movieHD,Moviebox,etc? When I see people paying for cable or anything of that nature I look at them like idiots
Rob Ghaderi
I'm new to the Youtube community, and all of the big youtubers, yes, I have a big rock I was under. But I must say, Phil, you are an awesome guy. H3H3 has become one of my favorite channels, and the fact that you are willing to stand up for them, is amazing. You're a good guy, and if they have a new Gofundme pop up, you can bet I'm putting money in.
"wasnt worth my time" nice you only care about the money phil. be well
Gavin Suwara
My parents use time warner cable for tv but I don't watch cable, I just watch Netflix and use the free cw app if I want to watch the latest season of flash or arrow or something
Dylan O
Further tacking on to the issue on children's reading level; the school's teachers go to school and are trained to teach kids these skills.
Ford Terrill
Why didn't you mention shoeonhead in regards to feminism?
Jana G
Phil, when talking about "what people think about when people talk about feminism" do you consider that the feminists that people choose to talk about are the feminists that people WANT to talk about when they want to talk about how they don't like feminism, rather than feminists in general?

For example, few people talk about Emma Watson when they 're talking about feminism, but kinda have to for the sole reason that she was the UN rep. But in general, people will always choose to talk about small YouTube channel personalities, or that crazy, unknown, unnamed, red haired lady in that highly edited video who fit negative stereotypes they want to adhere to everyday feminists... yet no one talks about highly public, influential, and recognized people such as Michelle and Barak Obama, the Trudeaus, Robert Downy Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Joseph Gorden Levitt, Beyonce, Patrick Stewart, Ellen Page, Ellen DeGeneres etc.

Don't you think that people's intentional focus on relative nobodys over feminists with real power, influence, and everyday notoriety speaks more to the bias against feminism in general than anything about the state of feminism itself?
Draw DuToit
my man phil, lose the makeup pwease
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