When GRINGOS Can't Dance Call The Latin Dance Specialist

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There's only one person to call when gringos get a case of GTHCD (Gringo Thinks He Can Dance) syndrome, and that's Lucia Delgado, the Latin Dance Specialist! Don't let another party turn into a crime scene, change a life today and stay tuned for Part Dos!


Gabriela Banuelos
Pablo Hernandez
Jason Wurst
Stephanie Lago
Nicole Blume
Alexa Rose
Lauren Z Ray
Katey Zouck
Gene Augusto
Karla Solarte as Lucia Delgado

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Angelinarose Ramirez
Being really honest gringas are really annoying...sorry he
Pedro Ignacio Bravo Collado
Wow those gringos move just as good as chileans
David Escobar
0:58 reference to dead island 2 trailer
Clarissa G.
"I blame Pitbull" lmao
Star MoonBlaster
que mamon :v pero divertido
Dr. Meme
Dios mío, alguien llame a la policía de salsa...🤦🏽‍♀️
Kiran S
Reminds me of white people at Indian parties 😂
Nicole Rivera
fun fact that girl who plays the latin dance specialist was in the MKTO classic music video you can find her in the photo booth part
Eesnimi Perenimi
Don’t oppress me with that word you damn Latinos
Annika Castro
What was the song ‘Wyatt’ was trying to dance to?
Santi Suarez
Ron viejo de Caldas... OMG love you guys...
Morri de pikadura!
Quando acham que samba e salsa são a mesma coisa.#😣🇧🇷
Adile U.
I'm not even Latina and I felt uncomfortablr watching those people dance 😂
Xiomara Peñuela Escober
Que no se note que son Colombianas
Melissa Bellais
But those latinos aren't that good at dancing either... are they chilean? I'm sorry Chile... cheap shot! jajajaja
Felicia Echiribel
Gheez Gheez
Now I feel like the only white girl who can dance like a latina
SquishyPolymer Clay
But the dancing instructor is white...
Jamieee Weird
I wanted to beat the ish out of the girls twerking
Captain Knapton
Lol these people they get to rep white people lol hilarious ! This video was dumb af !
Betzalel Nobels
Gringo is a racist word it's like saying "when niggers can't dance"
Burned Toast
My mom's side of the family is Mexican and my dad is white, when my dad's family has a family party I sit in the back while everyone is dancing 😑
Ruth Cortes
This is a very racist video. We should not discourage other cultures or ethnicities from liking or dancing to Latino music. Not all of us can dance, true, but why discourage people who actually like the music?
Crystal Lightman
Too much sort of hatred mixed with comedy! Too, much white bashing especially with the girls scene. It would have been better if the 'professional' dancer was to come over and actually showed Whitey how to dance. And what was the can of cheese strings squirting on the face and hair about? Do comedy, but present life from the 'upper mind' from the positive side of town! Ah, not funny. There was a mysterious air of hatred...!
Anakin Lopez
2:38 is my jam
*SugaKookies & a Cup of Tae*
dumb blondes 😑
Bahahaha!! In 95% of cases, the white boy dance this guy is doing is on point! However, bring from LA, I can tell you that some gringos who are CA natives and who grow up around Latinos can shake the bootie and learn to feel the music (salsa, casino-rueda, hip hop - I've seen it all!).
Lmao!! "I blame pitbull" hahaha
Everybody knows white peoples can't dance, you should see them at our African-themed parties 😂
Random Otaku Kittyflower
I'm Mexican but I can't dance any Latin dances

But I can shuffle so I guess that's a win...
Sup Leilany
I don't know if I'm the only ones but I always find this videos racist. Like the gringos think that we all Latinos know how to dance and not all Latinos like that music.
maria peña
when i heard the zzm zmm of the phone i started singing papi te guta la chapa que vibran
Honesty We're lucky To be Alive
Americans can dance do jack Were the best anyway not hating
Alejandra Rodriguez
perfect example of a pure gringo
ethereal intoxicated canary
I dance like an inverted orca and my parents are from nicaragua.
Alexandra Martinez
I go to school with a ton of GRINGOS and at the dances they are the cringist thing ever
Kat87 Kat97
clearly they have never meet southrens
Salvi 101
María Alejandra Rivero Sánchez
Me encantoooo💛💙❤
Susana Martinez
Cómo diablos llegue a esta porqueria
Wow yo so de España y apenas puedo bailar
Cupcake Pooper
why does the white guy dance better than me?
Cindy Pamo
whats the name of the bachata?
What exactly is a gringo? Is it american persons or is it just all white people? Because in europe we dance.
judith vazquez
stupid gringos think they now how to dance
Tanya Chambers
Like no latinos I know are good dancers. They openly admit it. Assuming that latinos are good dancers is pretty offensive...
Dulce J. Mendoza
i am a latina and dance like those white people. lol
deimer acosta
uhhhh antioqueño now we're talking !!
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