Lmao!! "I blame pitbull" hahaha
Everybody knows white peoples can't dance, you should see them at our African-themed parties 😂
Random Otaku Kittyflower
I'm Mexican but I can't dance any Latin dances

But I can shuffle so I guess that's a win...
Sup Leilany
I don't know if I'm the only ones but I always find this videos racist. Like the gringos think that we all Latinos know how to dance and not all Latinos like that music.
maria peña
when i heard the zzm zmm of the phone i started singing papi te guta la chapa que vibran
Hey you there im WAY TOO LITT
Americans can dance do jack Were the best anyway not hating
Alejandra Rodriguez
perfect example of a pure gringo
ethereal intoxicated canary
I dance like an inverted orca and my parents are from nicaragua.
Alexandra Martinez
I go to school with a ton of GRINGOS and at the dances they are the cringist thing ever
Kat87 Kat97
clearly they have never meet southrens
Layla Argueta
María Alejandra Rivero Sánchez
Me encantoooo💛💙❤
Susana Martinez
Cómo diablos llegue a esta porqueria
Wow yo so de España y apenas puedo bailar
Cupcake Pooper
why does the white guy dance better than me?
Cindy Pamo
whats the name of the bachata?
What exactly is a gringo? Is it american persons or is it just all white people? Because in europe we dance.
judith vazquez
stupid gringos think they now how to dance
Tanya Chambers
Like no latinos I know are good dancers. They openly admit it. Assuming that latinos are good dancers is pretty offensive...
Dulce J. Mendoza
i am a latina and dance like those white people. lol
deimer acosta
uhhhh antioqueño now we're talking !!
Amber Alcantara
its kinda funny that im white and my husbands family is mexican they force me to dance sometimes
gatito lolito
Is that Gabriela bañuelos
Just Breathe
Right cause every latin person can dance.

At least the guy tries, I'm the one who sits at the table and says she is tired... I even started smoking to have an excuse (you can't smoke in closed spaces so when the dancing starts I go outside to smoke).
Diego Valderrama Triana
I wish that Latina dance specialist would teach me how to dance. (If you know what I mean)
Puro trago Colombiano antioqueño tapa roja, ron viejo de Caldas... de los mas tomados en las rumbas de 🇨🇴
Samantha H
As someone who is half white and half Mexican but can dance like no ones business, this makes me cringe soooo bad. 😒 And to anyone who says "bachada" FUCK YOU. No, please God, no!!!
Wow, gringos are so nice that they let you treat them like this. You make them look so stupid.
Shana Boginya
Sad sad Americans
What a dumb video
Natalie Wilson
Right, because all latin people can dance and white people can't. How realistic
Santiago Robles
n that gringo shit is racist n u idiots r wondering why whitey call u wetbacks
the only one
white people have no rythem 😂
But... my dad is a gringo and he is latino at the same time.
The myaliya show
"I blame pitbull"😂😂😂
Estefanía Núñez
I had an american boss and she was literally like the lady in blue xD
Isabel YP
Y el aguardiente jajaja!!! im dying!!
Isabel YP
jajaja el ballenato jaja
Jesus García
I can relate to this because at parties sometimes gringos or gringas try to dance but it looks like they are possessed.
Nicole Monroe
this gringo will show u how it's done
Melqui Andrade de Menezzes
kskskskskkslsksks Jesus Cristo...
Andrea Mijangos
that Guatemala bag tho
Angelina Rodriguez
I'm so happy I'm puerto rican and not white 😂
maricielo Caceres
my boyfriend is white and he can dance thats so irrespecfull
lady iris
my eyes they burn
Aren't many latinos white or half? Im trying to figure out the comments in comparing latinos to whites
3:09 "Twerking to bachata, dios mio" LOL typical gringas
who the fuck pronounces gringo like this lol
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