Emily's Twin ? Taking Care of Cute Bad Babies

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Emily Tube is a fun channel where we make learning videos for Kids. You will also find videos of Minnie Mouse ,Dolls ,Learn Colors,Little Girl Making Shopping ,Balls and many other Fun Activities for Kids
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Mother & Baby COZY COUPE -Playing in the Park 

Minnie Mouse Ride Kids Wagon / The Wheels on the Bus / Learn Colours 

The Magician Bad Baby Emily / Snake Balls Segway Helium balloon flight 

Bad Baby Emily vs Cry Baby Daddy / Collaboration with Naty TubeFun 

Bad Baby Magic Toys Transformation / Peppa Pig Spiderman Elsa Minnie Mouse 

Disney Princess Play Castle Toys / Fun in the Store 

Minnie Mouse Holiday / Clubhouse Minnie Pink Car / Disney Junior Video 

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