Cpk is the best Fox
Is it hard to sleep on sans because of his ribs

You know Thier pretty hard to sleep on . Ther bones
Professional Meme
comic dub = kids yelling at comics
Calaya09 and SammyPinkCat
Ink Sans
i just realized when you said gorey it was a nickname.... not gory
Undertale Kid gaming
Undertale Kid gaming
Undertale kid gaming: bruh
Ruby Webb
The voice of sans was a little off but great video
Wolfie Iliana
I laughed at when Frisk was in “baby jail” and when Frisk was biting on the bone XD
does puns doe!! XD!
Jaidyn Herrera
This kid has no chill
Jaidyn Herrera
Snrk baby jajil
Jaidyn Herrera
Alright stop right there I've had enough of this
Vanessa Agatha Mae Quinones
CHARA:o my god it tje song babadadadadadadadadada!!!

SANS: what?? ,,killschara,,
CR1TICAL YT - Programming, Engineering and More.
I would make a bone joke here, but I don't have the NERVE to do it :P
Sans Skelebro
undyne and frisk were playing together... OHHHH YESSSSSS!!!!
il Giulia Jonathan e Remo web show
whaaaat sans pun OOOMMMGGG
kids like you

should be burning in


Mormon level rises
Bendy The Ink Demon
What's in your pants?DETERMINATION!!!!
Bendy The Ink Demon
My favorite one is when Papyrus gets mad at everyone when they say chef puns
Bendy The Ink Demon
FRISK dancing to meglanovia....XD
Aya Mourad
Oh god he is so cute those eyes
Just call me ORANGE!
...did I just hear you say...H E C C?
Cant get enougth of there Puns :3
Xx Gaming With Amia xX
Sans: Swaghetti and memeballs
the second one is literally how i died during the sans fight before i got distracted by the megolavania
sans sans
the Best YouTube ever
wayne mccorkle
Baba Da da da da dadada baba Ba ba dadada
Beautifulbluejewel Ajgamer
Burning in heck
Limasonic H
Ha ha, punssss
old sport the pirate
Swaghetti and memeballs LOL
Poor papyrus
Trieu Hoang Ky
SwapSans was supposed to be like Papyrus but the fandom thinks him as KAWAII DESUDESU!!!!!
Mega Lucario
Voices are terrible
gaming with jack
│▒ ─┬─┐◯
Miljan Knezevic
anything more normal things than screaming kids(:
yep its nothing
Madalyn Noble
How can sans even eat??
BaddaBing Jr
I have not even seen the video but I'm already dead of cringe
bao to
Brac Bery
Mary Whitty
( .
) The puns man
( .
Chara Dreemerr
Spiritpaw Dragon
I love how sans voice is usually like a 12 year old girl XDDD
Grace Wilson
I'm an Italian chef.
wil rap for money
click bait
graham herlihy
For me it's late at night
So it's way PASTA bedtime
I know that was a CHEESY pun
XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA king fluffy buns sleeping with prince fluffy buns
Nakijah Holmes
I like your video
Joaquin Bernardo
Papyrus got a big PUN-ishment
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