Level 6 gymnastics, California Classic 2012

level 6gymnastics8 year oldElizaEpic GymnasticsTonya Grotepas

level 6 womens gymnastics, 8-year-old, first level 6 meet!, club: Epic Gymnastics, level 6 gymnastics.  

Here is a link of Eliza's Xcel (level 5) state meet:http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=fvwp&v=-YPOjdrQFHs

Here is a link to Eliza's level 7 state meet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLjNsekyMiY&feature=youtu.be

Link to Eliza's Level 8 Regional Meet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJqhE6xLSfg

Link to Eliza's Level 9 National Beam and Floor:

Sara Urrutia
Está bien ir a la gimnasia artística
kelly polk
She is a very strong girl. How old is she
Tammy BEHL
She is so good😄😘 i'm in gymnastics to
sue whitton
Dang I don't known how old she is but she is among the second best 💞
Bailey Louden
That's not a level 6 beam routine, I did a very similar routine at level 3 or 4. Probably even harder than this one
Louis Montgomery
I'm level 2 I'm bad at gymnastics
capoeira brasil
Mínino eu sabia iso quando eu tinha 10 anos
Nicolas Uzquiza
What 8.3 on bars?? She was awesome I still don’t know why an 8.3 .For me her grade was a 10
Laser Mason
I feel like she was underscored in every event except beam. She should have gotten 9.xx in everything except an 8.xx for beam.
Kelly Johnson
I am just like her
Muy. Bonito
Emilia .r
Wow this it good
that hanshake sucked
Vera Johnson
I like it
Vera Johnson
your very flexible
Meek Solez
You so egly bitch
Natalia Olmedomaldonado
gracias por subirte a mi canal
Natalia Olmedomaldonado
no mejor no te digo
Natalia Olmedomaldonado
como te llamas
Natalia Olmedomaldonado
what it your name
Natalia Olmedomaldonado
y aparte me gusta ver
Natalia Olmedomaldonado
hablas espqñol
Luisa Maria Montoya
I am 9 snd i am on level10
Maria Matvienko
Когда она выступала с булавами звучал полет шмеля:)
Cammi. Tate
how the fudge did she get a 8.3 on bar? she was freaking perfect
I'm not trying to be rude but how did u get 2nd with an 8.3? Also your really good u should have gotten a higher score on bars anyway
Kaley Lanier
Omg so amazing that girl has talent
Khloe Weaver Hi
She so good
I used to do gymnastics when I was like 4 or 5, and my mum and dad let me quit. I wish they had made me keep going. If I ever have a daughter she will be doing gymnastics
Pamela Connor
She is so good for that tiny level 6…!!!!
Sanjay Kumar
nice styles
Brielle Calloway
She is my friend
Jade 237
My birthday it’s a 9 March
Princess Unicorn
Who’s still watching in 2017???? I am
I think she is 8 years old
Narsis Parsia
Can you do tue same thing?
Im age 9 and level 19
Pau Roch
is amazing
Kennedi M.
I wish I could do that😥😑😥😑😥😑
Brooklyn Jorges
I once got a 10.00 on bars ( level 5)
Bobby Okoinyan
how do you do all this i mean how do all this gimastik it is so cool
Bobby Okoinyan
how do you do all this i mean how do all this gimastik it is so cool
Bobby Okoinyan
how do you do all this i mean how do all this gimastik it is so cool
Bobby Okoinyan
how do you do all this i mean how do all this gimastik it is so cool
Gymnastic Time !!!!
OMG she is amazing and so cute
Juicy Pineapple 101
How could people dislike this?! She was amazing! Great job!!!💞 I bet all those people who disliked were jealous😉
Rachel Podger
Whats her floor music called?
Zilan Singari
I was a gymnastics fan know I want to be in soccer because I saw all the falls and injury's I thought that could be me so know my dream is to be a soccer champion.............. :(
John Garbo
Wow you are so good I am a gymnast too and I am level 5
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