Level 6 gymnastics, California Classic 2012

level 6gymnastics8 year oldElizaEpic GymnasticsTonya Grotepas

level 6 womens gymnastics, 8-year-old, first level 6 meet!, club: Epic Gymnastics, level 6 gymnastics.  

Here is a link of Eliza's Xcel (level 5) state meet:http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=fvwp&v=-YPOjdrQFHs

Here is a link to Eliza's level 7 state meet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLjNsekyMiY&feature=youtu.be

Link to Eliza's Level 8 Regional Meet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJqhE6xLSfg

Link to Eliza's Level 9 National Beam and Floor:

Ivanete Germano
nossa que menina talentosa que eu já vi na minha vida😊
Schekha Othman
Sridhar Reddy
Christian Gantar
Dylan Bandy
Can she do a back handspring on beam? 😂
Kylee Barnes
The bars is a level 5 routine
Rachel Haga
get it girl!! WOW!
Chloe Wharton
You're better than me, I am a level 5
Jaeda Winkler
How old is she
Love your gymastics💜
Nico Bakkernes
Ik vind het leuk om zó klein meisje bezig te zien mooi sport.
Bailee Crews
I hate my life😭 I'm 10 yrs old and I'm level 3😭💔
Zoe Walton
I LOVE gymnastics
Demi Psarros
The Bar score routine and the beam routine should of switched
Craig Webb
you are so good
Lataiyah Mcdonald
She is amazing
Sadie Lane
Not as good as mine
Francisco Llanos
me en canta
Adam Addcannon
how old was she
Ivette Kisuka
I love your gymnastics maybe you can tech me I really love gymnastics. bye
Miriam Maldonado
que bella!
totally fantastic performance unbelievable very very good keep it up
Ramjilal Kumavat
Sandra Paola Zapata Hernandez
si me gusta mucho la atención de los niños 🚸
Dona C h arles
Suravi Sultana
Alija Onkoronkwo
I am age 10 I in level 4 gymnastics
Tunmi #12
how old is she wow?
omg waw😘😮
Efeizomor Ruth
it,s wonderful
qi chuang
Robert Osteen
I'm off the Olympics I am gabby Douglas
Daria Dumitrescu
All of you guys watch Simone Billes
Kailee Ng
that is leval 5
Beth Thomas
you know what you girls were talking about her and I feel good about that
Teia Streeter
I love her outfit so much
Mark Carpenter
omg that's really good
Srinivas Ch
Mike Dale
pretty good
Mike Dale
pretty good
Esther Lugo
i want to be in there
Lanivea Davis
So good 😊
Nahi Jal
es una pasión me acuerdo cuando iba tuve un torneo😍😍😍😍😍me gane la medalla ahora deje😭😭😭😭😭😭no me kieren llevar los voy a convercer😭
Heather Haxmeier
I have my Gymnastics meet tomorrow ☺🐶💜
Matilda Parsonson
How old is she??
Some of you guys are saying her bar routine was an 8.3 because her cast handstand wasn't high enough, but i didn't even see one.
kathleen ann marye
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kathleen ann marye
that looks like Jenn marye when she was 8 years old the one in aqua blue white
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