in 0:45 of the video, you spelt baking soda into "backing" soda
clickbait. most stuff hardly eave had to do with water
thelegend 27
Do you mean baking soda ?
Aidan Dunn
What's backing soda
Baxter Shore
0:41 “backing soda” gimme dat neck
دجد فف5دج1
Nik Dubov
Stop, Power Vision, you from russia? Стоп, Power Vision,
Ты из России?
this is not backing powder baking powder lol
Vittorio Carino
Sorry but the number 4 wasn't crazy
Руслан Скоба
это макияж для блондинок не двигалась
Minh Thu vo thi
yeah baking soda. not backing soda lol
Κατερινα Διακονασταση
Τέλειο 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
Mr Bob
nice cool
lil' Nugget
Du yu evn no how to spel bro? Lol😂😂👌🏻
lil' Nugget
What the heck is backing soda?
goldenly Anonymous
0:43 backing soda?
Ludwig ViT
Всем привет! предлагаю посмотреть это видосик, о Цыгане не пожалеете Отвечаю!!! Иии если хотите подпишитесь пожалуйста!)
"Backing soda....for all your backing needs"
Gittelson Garro
YT_Sweat Treat
I already knew all of them
Kerm Kerm The Frog
Backing soda lol
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Good idea
Ray Is Okay
backing soda
Finn Wallenhorst
Dilyana Kabakchieva
Excuse me but it have things from 5 minutes crafts
YouR NamE
Спалился с 1 рублем
Rishi raj bhunkil
I like this
Kuly Devreb
Nothing cool about putting a pencil through a plastic bag
Jonathan Lin
it is baking soda not backing soda
Fiona Waldemarsen
What 😰
Explanation for backing soda
Many years ago there was two kingdoms, battling for the substance known only as brimstone, but the brimstone blew up, both sides armies vaporized to ashes, eventually the first kingdom would be known as fronting soda, and the second would be known as backing soda, some say if they mix it together, the world would end.
Ijaz Khalid
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abdur rafy
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LittleFluffy Griffin
king ball
Vania Faluky
Teryata Fanta terbuat dari minyak,air,sugar dan dagisoda😩😩😩😩
Caroline Meier
I guess that's how the lava lamp was made
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Nuzhat Rahat
Se n sexyvidus
Gilmar Celi
marlen megia
cubbiibbiibbbiucxoolll yo no creo que se enaltece thai yo no creo xq no contesta puede ser mi esposo 5
Sadia Riley
it's baking soda not backing soda
Antonella !
this is not olive oil in the beginning, it has a darker green colour
Deni Fernando
Raphael Nguyen
You had one job and you failed miserably (what’s backing soda)
Raphael Nguyen
You had on e mod and you failed miserably (wut’s backing soda)
Lance The Dragonite
Ugh I wish I could do this.....

But no stores sold Backing Soda :(
Ika Lusiana
Bikin apaan sih
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