"MORE WALKING (AND TALKING) DEAD: PART 1" - A Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead Season 4

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Actually, that does sound like a pretty good party...
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Boikanyo Montshiwa
"Dolphins" hahahahahahaha oh God im dead
it's Carl freakin Poppa....biatch!!!! lol
Joseph Moffatt
when he said all the walkers sing OMG HA
Chloe Hampton
Wildcat Gameing
Can you make a BLR of the Star Wars 1 2 and 3
Kathryn Cosplay
Walkers trippin
blue kitten
No one thoch my 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎 aaaa kill you if you do aas
Ryan Pollard
Later tater
francesca caputo
Listen shawty, you can’t do this the whole week
Mr. Batman0716
"Man, he took my apple and I'm hungry!" Lol
Idalia Velasco
The walker s are so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂
alex wright
A jiggy jar jar doo
Dur dur dur day dur
• sinnah •
masemonkey 98
It's amazing how the lips match exactly what the people are saying.
David Poe
1:42 “Seriously, TANYA...” ROTFLMAO!!
Average Joe
Awesome, unexpected, and better than the show is now! Subbed.
Walking dead really died and buried it self last season. This season makes no sense at all. You jump from time to time without ever really knowing when the scene you’re watching is happening in relation to the shows timeline. The dialogue is slow, pseudo-intellectual, and boring, much like the last season of Hannibal. I only watch it because my wife watches it with me and it has been a ritual of ours for many years. (She is making me watch it).
The zombies are no longer part of the plot except as jump scares and tonight’s wonderful episode had them actually rolling down the hills towards the survivors. The old song “rolling rolling rolling” kept running through my mind along with the possible new title of the rolling dead. I finally transitioned between hope and trying to watch the show through last season with all Negans mindless babbling and posturing, but this seems to be almost a copy of last year’s season. I don’t know how they can take one of the most popular shows on TV in ruin it but they are doing their best. I did not see with the fans like about it last year, now I don’t even see why it’s on TV it’s so bad. This series needs to end before it turns into some really horrific piece of garbage. One factor in being confused as to why it’s so bad is that they actually have a comic series that has been for years and they can’t even seem to make it worth watching with entire plot lines already written for years.
I am 58 and have always been the B-Horror movie and zombie fan. I was terribly excited when it began, and for the first few years, but even loving this genre I can’t watch it anymore.
They are also starting to get into the old lesbian and gay uncertain politically correct forced casting and dialogue that has nothing to do with the plot. I’m not in there is the perversion or try to be told that I am horrible because I am I white old man, I just want to see you when I signed the first season. A great action zombie flick. Politics has no place in here either
lucas goudard
This is pure happiness in a video
Tall Short Thing
darkside6789 4
He eat my Apple
Kayla Demon
I know all the words to Carl Poppa for some reason and its 2017...
that first part was hilarious 'eww he's mushy!'
"I'm gonna say hi to the guy with the knife, HI!" lost it XD
Laura Regan
Please do one of these with scenes with Negan 🙌
Eleonora Zadunaiskaja
lol,i love the last clip and i love "carl poppa"
Ewellyn Maria
Julie Schultz
"I'm gonna say hi to the guy with the knife..." I laughed so hard I snorted. And "Carl Poppa" is genius.
I like moments at 0:29 and 2:28
Izzy R
I love carl 💘 and I can not believe that he got his eye shot out
This year im going to be Carl for Halloween!!!
Bragg Farmer
The Dank Tank
drake whitt
jiggy jar jar do
Red-Eyed XaXa
Why don't you have a show on tv yet?!
jose rodriguez
I love your video
Cheyenne Hensley
still watching this 😂
RAPID bananaz
ww2 ended, i mean excuse me
Bryce Cook
0:59 best part
The Walking Dead Remix
I like the Beth and daryl one
The Walking Dead Remix
I like the first one
Lucy Haribo
Gotta make a new one! They're hilarious!
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Dat Boi
"This is where kids go to drown" and "World War 2 ended" are the funniest
Colin Stanhouse
Hahahaha...i pissed myself at 2:49 with carls bad lip reading...this was genius...perfect
Savage King
On crip thee funniest shit ever
2 cool love it
I miss this series
doooper super
la jiggy jar jar doo.. doooddie doooddie doo...
I heard the gingerbread boy… Because he’s pretend bread boy… Little cookie man never wave to me… So we got knocked out… Because I flooowwwwww!....la jiggy jar jar dooo..dur dur dur dee dur

Mister potato head likes.......to punch me

I died of laughter
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