the app crash; i could not close the app in landscape or portrait - i tried swiping from every direction, this was more than a UX problem - i was able to recreate the phone freezing twice. it was real.
multitasking; app switching is super simple but closing apps from the card view is slow and tedious. i was not as clear as i shouldve been. (actually think app switching is way better on the X and any previous iteration) wish there was a close all option though.
face id; yes if attention awareness is off it works great with glasses but it greatly reduces the security. i wish the phone had a fingerprint scanner - that remains.
COD - i know ww2 is out. it is with some shame that i say i havent installed it yet. was playing IW to procrastinate shooting this video
Pip Pipster
amozone amine
finkoum a lmgharba
Dumped my iPhone now it’s my X
Dude the dji app was horizontal you were trying to close it vertical. Second those aren’t glasses those are industrial goggles🤪 I have a note 8 and the 10. Love em both, but chose the 10 for my daily driver just nudged out the 8 for overall best devise.
Greg Miller
Casey I think you could close the app because you can see the bar witch shows as a home button and the phone was on landscape mode because of the app so the bar (aka home button) was on the left side of the screen and if you swipe up from there i think the app should hev closed!
State of Mind
Lol you don’t even know how to close an app and you’re acting like a critic, okay 😂
Blake Wilkinson
Roll file upper yxkokay chip landscape theoretical edge prohibit.
I'd just use assistive touch when apps crash.
Martijn Bosmans
Take ur goddamned sunglasses of, idiot
Twice As Vice
Seen as you work for Samsung, can you ask them to stop pre installing apps on new phones that we don't want and can't remove. Only disable! I didn't know Samsung was the same company as Facebook... It's not?!. So why are they not allowing the phone owner to delete the Facebook app and it has to always be on the device. I don't use Facebook, but I'm forced to have it on my phone taking up memory. MY PHONE SAMSUNG, I PAID GOOD MONEY FOR IT, STOP IT!!!
Alexa Bee
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASTOP throwing the Note 8 O.O That phone is GORGEOUS! ( coming from an Apple fan....not so fan anymore ;( )
Abominable Gaming
I made a painting of you in Art. In black and white. I just thought of you and printed out a picture and painted.
Tanner JS
I can’t believe you were actually the first one to get the very first iPhone!
FishBee Productions
You should try to clear 10 notifications on my iPad. It only lets u clear all for Yesterday. It makes u clear each individual one for today.
I love that Samsung phones don't run stock android
A-Z Vigil
I still have my Motorola Razr.. 😐
Henrik Rónai
I like how how began the video saying that he really likes the iphone and then went on a rant about all the stuff ge doesn't like about the iphone :D
Why not just turn off the notifications you don’t want you plank
Jose Vazquez
Blackberry 10 had a very intuitive gesture to go to your hub where you would swipe up and to the right and it worked very well, they also had the swipe up gesture to go home but no need for annoying white line. Apple should just fork out the money to use the blackberry patents.
Don't worry if you're sponsored by Samsung.. iPhone uses Samsung patented technology that Apple stole and re-patented under new names. Not to mention Samsung probably made the RAM memory in the iPhone X.
bangin pussy
take that iphone and shuve it up ur ass samsung will always be kingslayer
Marinko Marinko
Your app froze in landscape mode, so "home button" is also in landscape. You were trying to go home from portrait and stripe showed up in landscape. Tech savvy? Hm, idk.
viona wijaya
7k apple butt hurt
Cezar Casual
fuck you for no reason
Mr Duckington
Forget the iphone X.....I GOT THAT NEW IPHONE Z
Vince Edrielle Rivera
hi Casey if you wont be needing your i phone x you can just give it to me because i don't have a phone you can send it to me in this address 2-1660 knottwood road SW Edmonton Alberta Canada thanks!!!
Verne Arase
Closing an app which forces landscape mode means you have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen ... in this case, the side that the app presents as the bottom.

If you need tor reset the phone, I believe it's volume up, volume down, and hold the side button for a couple of seconds.

Some sunglasses block the infrared frequency used by the flood projector and the dot projector; if you want to wear sunglasses, you'll need to get a pair that doesn't block that frequency. (No offense, but it looks like you could use a new pair.)

You don't have to close background apps on an iPhone. It's not wasting resources (like CPU time), and will flush a background app from memory if you need more memory.
Laurence Hudierez
It’s not stuck you have to swipe to the right if ur in an app to close (talking about ur Dji app)
Marico, regálame un teléfono. :c
Mavlut Muradov
why do i see infinite warfare on the tv
The iPhone did have the way to go to the home screen during the DGI app you had it on the side.. i think its a bias review.. come on he works for samsung
Dang I️ had the G1!! Absolutely hated it too haha
Taylor Newell
Please collab with h3h3
Alexander Caley
Casey when you were stuck in the dji app the app is in landscape so the homebar swipe would be from the side of the device.
Joseph Lucas
Apple intentionally made force closing all the apps time consuming because you're not supposed to do that. You should only force close an app if it's misbehaving.
Alex Jimenez
I heard you don't have nice tats
Alex The Tryhard
Did anyone noticed infinite warfare playing in the background😂?
John Basedow
I’m good with the iPhone 7 Plus.
bardia karbalaei
I believe S8 is the best.
Seth Hynes
@CaseyNeistat, that GH5 Camera auto focus (or lack there of) is slowly killing me! Love your content tho.
Jean-Michel Content
Carrying an android and an iphone at the same time is unbelievably stupid I must say
jaskirat grover
I am going to buy a Samsung phone.
John Connolly
Casey you can still swipe up on the apps to shutdown the app. Love your vlog by the way x
oh nonono turn that tv off
Dei Hendrik
Ok, Thanks casey, gonna buy iphone 8plus.
Hi,, can anyone email me video of few seconds saying Hi my name is ( your name). I am from ( your place). Kindly like Adeel Films.. It will help me alot
Are you allowed to use copyright music if it's only for short times??
Kuok Fu LAO
When you said you were stuck inside the app, have you try scroll from the side to other side?
The Credible Hulk
Shit, I didn't even think about the problem of how one would quit a frozen app, when there is no home button.. Or how to force-quit by holding the power button until the power off screen comes one + then holding the home button to force quit & restart the app, when the home button is no longer there. I use those 2 features very often, wtf! That's a mad design flaw! Not that I wanted to buy this overpriced piece of garbage that costs almost $2K in Australia and can't even be unlocked unless you take your sunnies. For fuck's sake, in Australia we wear sunnies 24/7. And to wait 2 seconds every time I have to look at my phone, I ain't got time for that. iPhone SE for life!
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