about our marriage..

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My Time
Paul Festa
The running shoes killing your feet look like Brooks Ghosts.
ella elise
I swear nothing attracts more negativity and wrath than other people's success and happiness.
Leelia Leismann
don't understand the comments about Caseys looks...i think he looks hot as hell:D
Nunya Business
Wutz a Blunt? A dull butter knife? B-)
Nunya Business
What's a Normal Life? :-O
Kyla Egizio
"when Candice and Francine are napping" me
Sarah Riley Smiley
Candace is a girl who eats things then acts like she shits gold bars and roses, really it's worse then a plane of decaying corpses just like her personality
Rerrgios Chanel
Hi Casey when are you going to come to mexico im making my friends crazy talking ab you every day i think you can have so much fun here also i have a mavik in case that you need it, you can stay at my home if you want! Regards Sergio i want so bad a Boost why i can get it here in Mexico i thing we should help boost to get a dealer here in Mexico.
Diego Diaz
Nice Lady.. but come on.. what’s the story with the lost drone ???
Brice Reynolds
I clicked on this video because of how clear that water was.
unclesamtookmymoney Sam
Doesn’t “The baby” have a name? Sounds like an object.
Nicholas Brown
So you married your brother? wtf
Jesse Johan
Work,eat,sleep,shit,shower and repeat till we die...And I roll the biggest blunts...
Philip Kaastad
This is a borderline sort of relationship. I know because i was in one.
But is really alive and i think it's beautiful in one way.
I was in the same sort of relationship in my 20s, atm i'm alone and more sad and death inside then ever.
Make you feel alive sort of relationship if that make sense.
Candice and Casey is really doing a good job because its really a big fucking puzzle with that lifestyle and also characters.
What i see in this EP, is that Candice feel sort of left outside, maybe of the success bubble that casey is in right now. at the same time casey is in his best vlog form of his life BUT, he feel maybe a bit to good about himself in the regard of not letting her in, and keeping her on a distance just playing her in a way. but at the end you see she wants to have sex but really i think she shall maybe not let casey be to much... Or just fuck and let that day be over and move on! I Dont know ;)
honeybadger ger
you better marry candice.....ooooo....you did
Lee Barry
She’s a fox ❤️
Joseph Freeman
I wouldnt judge there marriage by watching a 10 minute video.
Deplorable Trumper
Who wears sunglasses inside?
Coltan Fay
this is just so jewy
Nicolaj H
I don't understand the sunglasses inside thing.
Jenny Trainor
The Cutts Family
I swear by down jackets in the winter, it's too damn cold in VT in the winter, your Daughter is adorable
This dude's wife is the only reason I watch...getting good with fast forwarding here. she is hot.
Valentine Anochili
Love you guys, me and my honey taking pointers from yall
Tristan Bokhorst
Where in South Africa did candice stay
If you see this post, I noticed your volume keys on your phone were green. How????
Sai Aditya .T
Awesome Vlog Casey and Candice.
She has a smoking body for sure! That's my favorite things about her!
dave hageman
why am i watching a narcissist with a homothexual lithp ?
Maro Vok
Careers ?! u are a fucking youtuber and she’s just lucky to know u ....
Farming In Iowa
She's like, in ten years itl be a lot different.
Wow... your Candice is pretty!
Articwolf104 f
Is there a good place to get free stock music
Jenna Moody
Candace is like a cat 😂😂😂😂
Zoraida Magana
candace and I are very similar. When you have toddlers, sleep is your bestest friend. I also sleep for 12 hrs up for five or dix,then its come on little little babies,its time for sleepy. haa i wish. but yess sleep is sooo good.
Zoraida Magana
Girlll.you're going to be trading in cold ,for hot, allll the thee time!!!! literally nooo seasons. just hot. but as much as I love it when it does get cold, i guess its different because its not alwaaays cold.
It’s okay to be white.😄
nice job throwing in some G-Love in the vlog!
Monty Spivey
like they say one step at a time
Monty Spivey
he mentioned her a couple times but wives are wives you have to take the bad withthe good
Her dad is a doctor...ok..we get it...sadly she feels entitled to just about everything...man oh man.... what is he doing with her ;(
Eminem Fan
Hell yeah gta sa was the shit
i live in ny upstate tho and its so amazing to me that you live so close and so many painters i love live there I want to meet you all so badly
was hoping somone died I guess not
Tess Goodman
I honestly have no idea why this guy has over 2 million subscribers but good for him. :)
Enthusiastic Coder
The last part was like watching : "PARANORMAL ACTIVITY" (lol)
Salty Tog
Holy is shit South African
erin mok
anyone send the yes or no to 368 broadway NYC? xd
Alec S
very positive guy and very uplifting
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