10 KITCHEN PRANKS to put to the test - HOW TO PRANK

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Kitchen ideas in this video:
1. Chocolate Milk Prank 0:23
2. Coca-Cola Soft Drink Prank 2:28
3. Peed My Pants Prank 3:28
4. Eggs Kitchen Prank 4:26
5. Pepper Prank 4:56
6. Redneck Prank 6:25
7. Kitchen Cabinet Snake Prank 8:12
8. Frozen Kitchen Knives Prank 9:04
9. Freezing Kitchen Towels Prank 9:41
10. Hot Pepper Lips Prank 10:02

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All the content in this video is published strictly for comedic relief. The following pranks are performed by professionals. howtoPRANKitup does not condone any action you take upon watching the following video and will not be liable for any losses, damages, or criminal charges received in connection with any reenactments. Prank at your own risk.

James_ Fernandez
shock squad
Pupdog pup
7:55 when your bald 🤣🤣🤣
KAPO710 420
your the best pranker
KAPO710 420
your the best
Nasrullah Nabizada
The last one ☝️
Denise Walker
I'm sponsed by you
I liked the peed the pants trick
Alpha Wolf
For the "putting in freezer pranks" just stick the stuff under hot water. It'll melt quickly
Purple Potato101
The Knives -Artwork by Dennis
Purple Potato101
I wonder what you can cook with that small pan
Julian Guridi
Cool Chris
Are you guys brothers
Avnish Dusmee
I subscribe
My favorite is the habanero and snake cabinet one my LEAST favorite is the redneck one cuz my friend did this to me in summer and I was already sweating like crazy which made it killer i swear i i wear a hoodie whenever im with the guy now
Flora Martinez
love it
Bonnie Belle
I crave buttermilk!!
Love it!!
Coolcat262 Coolcatonfleek262
Boot gang
Coolcat262 Coolcatonfleek262
So funny
Fatima Wahid
Haha it's been so long since I watched this
Elizabeth Vlogs
Ali_H Plays
Dennis y were u wearing two watches a Rolex and some smartwatch
Jessenia Reyes
I did the Hot Pepper Lips Prank to my cousin his my personal trainer and he always brings his protein shake bottle when he went to get a pen I put it on his bottle lid and when he took a sip he started to sweat a bit he said his lips feel a bit hot and he started to get hot and sweaty he run to get some water and he drank four bottles of water I just laughed at him I told him I pranked him he started to laugh all his friends started to laugh at him
GirlHub TV
The first one wouldn't get my dad he would actually be happy about it....he drinks that all the time idk how it's so bad
Ilyas Lazrak
is the pepper on the neck prank even safe/healthy
Leodell Rogers
Why was he wearing 2 shirts?
TheGamer 107
you in sparred me on to my pranking and magic world
Daniel Stockstill
I can chug a bottle of habenaro hot sauce, hell im only 13. Must be because im cajun.
Flachum Chui
I did the side prank... but with soy sauce 😂😂😂
7auwbb2hshbs ggqhshbebwgwg
Evan said you were doing 7 pranks, the title says 10
Wendy Ostroot
I love buttermilk
Dennis Roady Vlogs
9:04 was my favorite
Ems trampoline Gaming
deez boy
you should put dry ice in a toilet
Dmitriy Kuznetsov
The prank with knives in ice doesnt really make sense. You can break the ice easily and/or use hot water.
Poop Love
The peed my pants prank:I did this prank before I found your channel on my cousin with my aunt
Turtleman 11
⚡️Shock squad⚡️
pls make a new vid
Mark McIsaac
the frozen knife one isn't that bad because you can just run the ice block under hot water
Hi I loved the egg in the appren
Shawna Hynds
iv liked the knifes in the frezer
Veena Das
hey do a 10 prank backfires
Majestic Llama
wow, diy flippin TEAR GAS

Agent 47
I know who's getting the hot sauce prank...😏
Andrew Cochran
"Don't spit it in the cup" *spits it in the cup😂
Should've made the balsamic vinegar soda fizzy using dry ice
TheWolfPlays Rafi
y all the hot stuff happen to Dennis?
Mirza ZB
you know when your neck is burning you should just put a icepack
DD Services
The cian pepper prank!!
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