Big Engines Starting Up

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This video features Big Engine Start Up compilation If you wanna see some biggest engine sin the world watch this video and if you like the video hit the like button.

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Aaron Henderson
The turbo and oil filters on that red Cummins
dnh300 _gaming
How to become deaf
Michael Walter
This vid would be more interesting if you included more info on the applications of these engines.
Cemal Arslan-CA
I like to share video on my channel if you have permission
Salabh S.G
1 click bait = 1 dislike
Drew Beck
Wow! Listen to that V16 locomotive engine breathe while it's turning over.
Reported for clickbait <3
Stefan Tataru
where are the big engines?
Squall Pacheco
Valhalla? Is that yu, boi?
Love the sound of that Fens locomotive engine.
Rustan Lagrimas
does anyone think the blower on the first clip was facing the wrong way?
Roy Hill
shoot fire that is why we love the Ozarks amen brother thank God for hp
Memory Makers
is 1:45 CARB approved
mike stradling
yea that VW will pass emissions test in cali hahahahhaa
the bottom line is: Rolls-fucking-Royce
That fkn turkey
would this fit in my Honda?
2:01.... can you imagine showing up at the California smog place with that?
Sam White
Featured engine not in video, what a scum-sucking clickbait thing to do.
3:40. this video does not describe how loud those engines are :)
Elibrius Project
Uhm, uhh, yeah manly stuff
7:02 that chicken is about to get fried
Creat Ion
Loads of smoke and noise but going nowhere fast !
Gaming Space
What a engine
C130 LM
very impressive, thanks for your efforts on this video!
DJ Gaming
SergioEnrique Cortez-Bastidas
2:48 Porn.
Thomas Busch
how the fuck did this video get 7 thousand dislikes these engines are badass
Reid Bainbridge
Gnome rotary engines are for PLANES, not cars
Fully Fledged 78
7:04 the poor chicken
Len Danley
Pure testosterone baby!!!
Diche Bach
All musical in their own ways.
Justin Thompson
2:45-3:32 is the best
Explicit EarRape
Nigga got 8 v twins
Clickbait bullshit > channel goes straight on my block list.
smoke vs noob
1;30 so that is what a mazda sounds like
Jon Lenin
At 0:54 , is the timing belt suppose to be THAT loose? I love cars but I'm not an engineer but that looks so wrong like it's about to fling right off..
Amir Rasyid
the chicken were like "wtf masta"
Parwinder Singh
Jacob Wood
how did I get here
i hate people that edit their comments
SD40 sounds so Ominous when it starts up.
The SD40 (later SD40-2) is an older locomotive and the 645 is just as old (late 1960s through the 1970s) yes they redesigned for new locomotives but the one in the video is a original model
dimmy dunk
That last engine - 15MW...... Just goes to show how far we've progressed. You can fit an engine a tenth of the size with double the power into a frigate!
George Wilkie
Why the heel am I watching this?
3:15 the origin of gabber music
jens fuchs
DAS ist Ingenieurskönnen und
Handwerk vom Besten ! Respekt !
2:10 Just Shat Myself XD
David Jeter
Damn whatta cam.
Kristian Nunez
it's all about overkilling it now a days, waste as much fuel as you can and be loud about it to look cool
Kristian Nunez
don't worry guys the more fuel you waste the manlier you look. The future of the atmosphere does not look well and it's sad that that's what an engine needs to have to appear "cool"
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