William Coleman
Anybody else looking back and wondering how it could've been.
Here's the Paul Ryan's doctrine in a nutshell: Cut social security for old people. Cut Healthcare for the middle class. Cut taxes for extremely wealthy Americans (making over $450K and up) and cut social programs for the poor (minorities). He is financed by billionaires (Koch and a few others you've never heard of) and isn't beholden to any other demographic). If you agree with these policies, then Paul Ryan is your man. If you don't, then vote for the other guy.
Paul Ryan 2020!
A full head of his own hair!
Hope Is Blind
Ryan or trump you decide...
back when we were only 70% sure he was a spineless chode
Mikey Day should do Paul Ryan now.
Paul Ryan once stabbed and killed someone with his widow's peak but got off with a warning....Shameful!
Dooder Hooder
This makes me wish paul ryan was president
Joe the Right Triangle
i kinda wish he is president
Ashley Lawrence
Am I the only one who didn't find this to be very funny? I love Taran, but the Hillary skit from last year about her not wanting to run for president was a lot more convincing than this.
Usman Tariq
I'm not American, but is this supposed to be funny?
Paul Ryan for 2020! This time he's really not running!
If only...
Josh Kusiak
Paul Nelson lose thought elections fraud
Jem Colo
Paul Ryan is a asshole who only a right winger when it come time for election vote this fucker out split or dem don't care.
was that ned from ned's declassified survival guided???
soooo is he running? lol
Ryan Paul
I want, and will accept the nomination of my party.
Kat liu
What happened to the Establishment Shuffle video? Why is it private now?
Zach Mondano
I'm encouraged...
Randall P. McMurphy
I'm just amazed at how many people can't decipher the difference between the words skit and sketch.
Paul, the country needs you. If you aren't drafted, get together with the Koch brothers and start a third party!!! DUMP TRUMP!!!
David Huber
Paul Ryan, we elected Trump to kick you out so we don't need your endorsement.
Am I the only one that thinks Paul Ryan would make an awesome president. Once the Republican party grows out of its batshit crazy phase, and is ready for a real policy guy, I think he's the party's future.
Paul "my deceased dad's social security money was good for me but you shouldn't have it" Ryan. What a fuckin' dick.
The softest part of a woman's breast is?
"Sick body"? I don't think it's that bad.
Angsty Lady
Presidential candidates can't promise to provide more jobs without also helping fund the education system too.
eddie munster
Bethany Von Furstenburg
lmao...i was just thinking about this. good job SNL
That's a good Count Dracula look.
Fred H
Anyone ever thought for a second hes trying to raise awareness to the other branches of government? you know, the ones whos job it is to actually change things?
It's adult Eddie Munster!
Jason Gastrich
Taran sounds like Dennis Miller in this sketch!
Barely Protestant
I'd love for Paul Ryan to be President. ^_^
Flaming Chinchilla
I'd be fine with Ryan as the nominee. He's not Trump or Cruz.
Jeffrey Craven
I know he couldn't have anticipated how terrible this election was going to go when he took the Speaker of the House job, but I really do think if he would have ran for President he would have one it...
Scott Jewett
Can't vote for a man who couldn't even win in his own hometown during the last election.
Am I the only one hoping kasich get's the Nominee.
Eddy Munster!
Famous Seamus
Where did all these amazing skits pop up, keep up the great work guys!
Andy Daily
Paul Ryan should've run, he would've won
Mirryah Andrews
the hair line lmaooo
Anthony Richard
#PaulRyan2016 let his fingers do the work
fk ryan, trump2016
hombre fuerte
I love that the forehead soulpatch is clearly drawn on with a sharpie.
GOP not for any pubic office, ever
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