Weekend Update 5-14-16, Part 2 of 2 - SNL

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Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week's biggest news, including the growing number of bathroom bills and a kneeling Hitler statue sold at auction. Leslie Jones discusses following your dreams and Jay Pharoah reveals details from the rappers meeting.

ciera ritsema
lol I thought I loved colin before, but damn he know the black handshake 😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍
Cashmeoutsidehowbowdat XD
BITCH... You is NOT a ninja
CastleIsLife Katic
colin has got to be the cutest person i have ever fcking seen
Lee Holt
i friggin love weekend update
Keith Seals
Tbh all black guys can sound like other black guys
A Poynta
colins smile makes me melt
Angeltwin Otakustyle
I love Collin and Leslie
Tigre Lily
Jay Pharoah's impersonations are good but Aries Spears is so much better. I would LOVE to see Aries Spears come on the show one time
Rylee Worl
Georgia F
I love when he laughs and tries to cover it
Barry Sabahat
Well, I've been failing for 24 years. I'm about ready to succeed.
Chicken Permission
That Drake impression was incredible!!
Joel Embiid
But the Jay Z... It's flawless...
Temporary Channel
I wish they had mentioned Biggie or Tupac. The conspiracy theories would be out of control!
i miss jay :(
Dreq the Dreck
that fucking domino's bit XD
wuillene paul
Jay Pharoah is the best part of this clip.
It was great until Leslie Jones slid on screen.
scatt jax
Pharoah rules dis land!
God damn these impressions are spot on
Judah Del Rio
Anyone else always just skip over leslie jones' parts?
Sand man
I never realized how liberal SNL is. Wow. Well it is filmed in New York so yeah.
Almendra Aliaga
i love you leslie hahahahahaha
Braulder PS
I'm so sick of Leslie Jones portraying the one-dimensional, oversexed black woman who fetishizes and catcalls white men. If its not okay for white people to portray blacks as oversexed (even when black people are in fact acting in such a manner) then Leslie Jones's behavior shouldn't go unchecked, too. Let's stop allowing double standards.
That moment when Jay and Drake have the same haircut lol
Andrew Baugham
Colin = Lego Man
Hipster B
Leslie Jones and Colin Jost are so good together. Hilarious!
Olivia hey
Chilled Enchiladas
Raven Hatter stopmotions
LOL every time Drake says "yeah" I feel like he is rapping!
Derrek Leigh
Nicki Minaj kills me every time
Iris The Unicorn
...And don't just put on a wig and come back as Bathroom Jill
slowjam popiØ­
anyone know what kinda jacket Drake is wearing?
Ileini Havili
L M A O Jay's impressions were all on point AF 😂😂😂😂
The Green Prince02
that lil wayne 😆
Miracle Lynn
Yes Leslie preach
Justin Collins
They have Leslie play a stereotype everytime. Blackploitation at it's finest in 2016. Keep laughing assholes.
goddamn that black bitch is a beast!!! who the fuck in their rite mind would touch that hideous beast????
game overtime
And it just must be me ,but Drake and Lenny Kravitz sound exactly alike.
game overtime
the Jones chick makes me Nauseous.Loud ghetto typical black woman stuff, usually with the grabbing somebody at the end. I'd rather watch Whoopi than this beast.
Op Sn
Leslie is not funny
Mr Bag
100% in the delivery for the joke at 3:58
Kev Sims
Thomas Frink
I would love to see a skit on pc culture on campus or social justice warriors.
The Nicki impression wasn't great but all the rest were ON POINT.
Amy Wheeler
Am I the only person that thinks Leslie & Colin are the funniest on SNL?!
Jing Li
oh ya
Human Maximus
Cant really understand how this show is still on the air
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