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野球love 会 【ジョンヨン】
dead men tell no tales :・)
MinecraftGamer 101
Captain Bobeck and Jolly Roger should be in this
Natacha D. Simmons
Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales|| (2017) || F u l l M o v i e|| AVAILABLE ONLINE - Movie ??
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Nadine Carlson
Pirates of the Caribbean 5 "F i l m 2017 " available

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Diamond Dash
captain general
will orlando bloom be in it?
I hope this series doesn't end!
So is will in this or not? 🤔
Stephen Wade
So there really is no treasure at the end of a rainbow and pirate ships are the only pirate ships that have a pirate flag ! And a fleet of pirate ships sailing on the horizon never actually got their gold !!!!
Garnet The Crystal Gem
90% comments= where Will Turner? 7% comments= how excited you are for new movie. 3% comments= other crap
Tiffani Joydem
Literally seeing a woman's ankles was a big deal back then!
Could that boy be will and elizabeth's son, he's the right age to be, hmm....
Narbey Angèle
OMG Will I missed you so Much 😍
he doesnt age very well
#StarWars Girl
will terner 😍😍😍Jack... omg he is soooo sexyyyy
Jesu! He's only in the trailer for like 2 seconds! Is he in the movie at all??
Valentin Antonov Pankov
Dead Men Tell No Tales, in spanish they translate it as Vengeance of Salazar. Ridiculous
mr oppenheim
he propably Will be back
if you're not into the entire genre of Pcab , it's pointless commenting.
طلحة طلحة
Nice Trailer!
Please visit my channel.
Thank you!
Fiction Fan
How do you guys know that guy is Elizabeth's and Will's kid? Did I miss something?
Josephina Aultman
ok, when will deep die. movie sucks a duck
Cupcake and Sophie 33 The best
What's wrong with will I whant to watch this and they need to make a pirates of the carebin
Alana King
No, they made Will crusty like Davey Jones. I don't want him to turn like Davey. He still has his son :-( I love how in another trailer they said "Some scenes may be intense for young viewers." Dude, I saw the first film at 8 years old. I loved it and ok, at that age, the skeleton walk on the sea floor freaked me out, but to be honest, I was more freaked by the multiple hangings in At World's End and I was already at least 12 by then.
Alyssa Morel
I feel like not enough people are talking about how hot young Jack is...
Alex M
The sea is no country for old men
Gale Thunder
Disney's going all out! Good lord and going darker by the years too!! I can't WAIT to see this one!!

I hope Will will be okay. 😆😆😆😆 yeah that was horrible! But still!!
Don't Panic! At The Horse Show
why does jack never age
yawn its not believe able anymore
Josh McReynolds
I really hope its not shit.
Pablo de la Torre Gálvez
Is Salazar the new captain of the Black Pearl?
TankTheFeels Please
So is black beard finally going to be in the movie?
0:15 so he is his on it looks like
Who ever is watching this video for Will Turner.. You can spot him at 0:14 to 0:15. Thank you.
Jayson Wilson
where is this will turner guy?
Vitamin- P
" I'm not looking for trouble ". "What a horrible way to live" LMAO
YK Gaming
What do we do to a drunken whaler....Dishonored vibes
Blanca Garcia
my beard day is May 26 too
Dejana Raič
wow im so looking foward to this movie
Jessie Bongolo
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The next rising male actor is here and I'm older than him. Soooo oooold
Stop that
No don't stop that
This has gone far enough
No it hasn't
I saw her ankels
You could have seen more IF you had shut your cakehole
furz kolio
gasp I saw her ankles hehehehe ... I think she is wills daughter.
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