this comment better get over 20 likes or I wont tell him the time starts tomorrow
lps crazy in love
Yes I can relet to this video
Jared CenterfoLd
"cause I'm an athlete"
J wood
Stages of crushing

Stage 1. Realise you like this person ALOT
Stage 2. Try to tell yourself its not true
Stage 3. Excepting that you have a crush on them
Stage 4. Telling everyone
Stage 5. Realising it NOT gonna happen.
Stage 6. NEW CRUSH 💝
Moon Flower
So I have to admire my crushes booty is what your saying umm...idk tho
Sarah Tedesco
do a video on what to do when your best guy friend is your crush
jo c
this is so accurate
stephanie zamora
I dont look for boys or my new crushes. They always tell me. I dont know why but i focus on friends and school but MY FRIENDS THAT ARE BOYS ALWAYS END UP LIKING ME!!! ITS NOT BAD BUT WHY??!!!
The worse is im not allowed to judge a guy by their looks. Like my personality is stopping me from liking someone without knowing them at all!!! Why cant i like a guy just because of their looks.
If i do get a talked 3 to 6 months for me to develop feelings for that person. I dont know if thats a good thing tho..
Typicalperson 16
My crush always tries to get my attention all the time so I thought he liked me back but he doesn’t ☹️☹️
Purple Wow
How come i never had a crush? I promise im not lying and no i aint 7 yrs old.
Michelle Bene
I'm only on daydreaming never talked to him

but we both stare into each others eyes awkwardly in science so u know
Viajera Incansa 1
OMG! I loved that GOT reference, so true. It happens to me all the time when my crush is around.
Brooke The Book
I’m in stage 4 right now😂
natalie corey
I have a crush at school he's in my class's. He likes me as a friend we've gotten in trouble a couple of times for talking and laughing at ridiculous things lol
Pie Face
hala milad
Skies The Limit
Im on stage 2
Mary McCasland
My crush is my best friend but he likes someone else wooooooow my heart just exploded fun.
Elise Bolton
" Oh my God, oh my God! She's eating a cheese cake! I eat food to!😂
Zodiarchs *
This video is too true
Blossom 101
I always wanted to know how a normal crush felt and I'm happy to report I'm glad I don't feel the normal way XD
Slime playerxox
i got a crush and "BEST FRIEND" likes him to she acts like so werid around him im would do any thing to get him😈😈
cilit bang
Dr flug
Hey you're crushing on a rice bowl at least you can eat out your crush.
Kate Lopez
CupGrenade Awesomeness
Some people like mimes. Not me but some of them do
Yo Its The Beautiful Angel
Tbh you know it's love when you just want them to be happy, even if you're not a part of their happiness --- Julia Roberts
Tayyibah Ayub
hahahahaha, omg!, Lily in the thumbnail is LIT.ER.AL.LY me (how I look), think or act when I like someone... otf!
Abhirami Venugopal
You're incredible..This is relatable AF
Aysun R.
XD I never crush on people I haven't talked to and thats partly the reason why I can't relate but you're cute when you talk about crushes and entertaining as always so I'm here xD
Frost_Paladin 100
"Okay so the person isn't really a person and is a person from a movie"

...or anime? Anyone?
amarah lmao
my crushes page is private omfg help
Maame Efia
Hannah Rodriquez
I have social anxiety and I'm very awkward so I could never talk to my crush. I've ran into a door in front of my crush and then ran into a teacher at school in the lunchroom. In front of my crush. And besides. My crush would never like me back. Im so unattractive.
JT Swift😍😍😍
Jess Castle
For my small talk I do insta dm 😂😂❤️❤️
Jess Castle
I skip number 3 I have never told my friends about mine.. 🙄😂❤️
I gave my crush a piggy back ride...

hellaletaa :/
yo ok but I was literally playing a song in my headphones that's not well-known and my crush started SINGING ALONG you think Issa game I'm gonna marry that hoe
I keep on wanting to tell him but i just go Kpop mode when im nervous
ALI hassan
booty-ception!!! :D
ella southcott
I've died alone a lot of times😧
Cap_SteveRogers 1918
My stages:
1) Talks to him
2) Hangs with him
3) Likes him
4) Hides it for a few months
5) Tells him
6) Likes me back
7) Talks everyday
8) Everyone wants us to be a thing
Eva Arvaniti
its beauty and the beauty😂
Demonic King ŚĨŃnamon Roll
"Okay fine the person isn't a real person and they're just a character from a movie."
Me:..... ;-; I'm ashamed because that's me.
Mendes Love
What if my crush is Shawn Mendes ❤️
Holidays Jamaa
I broke up with my boyfriend because I said I didn’t want to date yet and I wanted to wait before I did. I waited, and I’m ready to date now. But I don’t think he got the message when I said “I wanted to wait” when I broke up with him, because that meant I wanted to get back together with him. He didn’t know that, so now he’s already dating someone(aka my BEST FRIEND) and now I’m stuck in the friend zone.
Chloe Pearson
Lol stage 2: research, going through their instagram, Lilly says... when ur crush doesn't even have any posts and his profile picture is a meme
Sophia B
I’ve known my crush for like eight years now. He’s completely friend zoned me!!! The worst part is he has like my best friend Lydia for years now and he asks me for dating advice. What have I gotten myself into!!!😂😔❤️💜
Foxy The Pirate
Actually I was friends with my crush before I started liking him I actually said I would never like him like 5 seconds before I started liking him and I’m not lying and we’re friends and he might like me back ^-^
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