McCarthy gets Spicy" as she prepares to Host SNL

news672#news672McCarthy Spicey

even cnn is advertising for free here i loving every minute of it....
Trump needs to drain the swamp. Unfortunately the whole judicial system, our government, the politicians, the fbi, cia, fema, the military, irs and any other government alphabet agencies are all corrupt. They all feel they are above the law and don't have to answer to anyone or be accountable to anyone. Especially to the stupid, ignorant sheeples of America, because the sheeples don't seem to care at all. There is no one to uphold the law. And the awake and aware people are waiting for someone to step up to do the arrests of these criminals, but there is no one to do so. The people needs to demand the arrests of these criminals using the common law system, which the supreme court has to abide to the peoples decision. Changes requires the peoples participation! Wake up and be aware! Victory of the light!
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