10 Cool Celebrities Who Are Down To Earth

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Welcome to Top10Archive! Isn’t it just depressing when you find out that your favorite celebrity is, in real life, a big, giant di... unfriendly person? Thankfully, not all the world’s most well-known figures fit into an unfavorable category. In fact, many are so devoted to their fans, that they go out of their way to show their appreciation, like these ten individuals found in our 2nd installment of the 10 friendliest celebrities!

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10. Rupert Grint
9. Beyonce
8. Selena Gomez
7. Taylor Swift
6. Zac Efron
5. Miley Cyrus
4. Dwayne Johnson
3. Keanu Reaves
2. Johnny Depp
1. Oprah Winfrey


Voice Over Talent:

Keanu Reeves is the only one.
Mohammad Rizky
1=keanu reeves, 2= jackie chan, 3=barrack obama
Ahimsa Rem
Oh my Keanu :)
Sara Decapua
BEYONCE. Wouldn't have thought that.
Jamie Martinez
k. reeves is a class act..
tasnim nishi
Where is Michael Jackson..?????!!!!!
6:45 if they were released, why would you say "allegedly did not commit"?
Aleksandar Pesic
Johnny Depp is a wife abuser and an alcoholic he went totally Mel Gibson I don't understand how you can put him as no 1
Nixz Co
Where is Ellen Degeneres?
Jyotishman Choudhury
why no ed sheeran in this list???
Mishaal Zahra
WTH where is Ellen Degenerous
for some reason was clickbaited by the keanu thumbnail so paused all the other shit and willingly killed some braincells listening to some of this dudes voice. Also no homo. Also keanu seems like based off the pictures a humble guy. Overall I watched about 5 seconds of this video. Please believe me.
Fairuz Shahseveri
Keanu Reeves
Fairuz Shahseveri
Keanu Reeves
Fairuz Shahseveri
Keanu Reeves
Fairuz Shahseveri
Keanu Reeves
Fairuz Shahseveri
Keanu Reeves
Fairuz Shahseveri
Keanu Reeves
Fairuz Shahseveri
Keanu Reeves
Fairuz Shahseveri
Keanu Reeves
Fairuz Shahseveri
Keanu Reeves
Brock McClain
wow, Oprah is such an angel!
Gavin French toast
Oprah only gives away "prizes" items because they're all tax write-offs! I'm pretty sure she was a Hillary supporter too 🙄
Alex Begay
I disagree with Taylor swift
#9) Beyonce: from throwing racist remarks in songs to being a big promoter of black lives matter. She is a great woman
Elvi Kanto
Why isn't Chris Pratt there??????
Big bubba Brown
What about John Lennon. Way more famous than any of the ppl on the list and remarkably easy to get pictures n autographs from back in the day.
Big bubba Brown
Nba superstar dirk nowitzki. Met him several times. Nicest guy. He'll sign everything
Rayetta Boys-eaton
id love to meet mr Reeves hes so awesome but i know i will never get out of this hell im in oh but a girl can dream
David Lape
The Wesley's always were down to earth and friendly.
Plasma George
can't believe Miley made the list
Selma Hodzic
Most of them are actually not down to earth..
sounds abit narcissistic for Rupert Grint when he said "I like fans who admire me"
People know when someone is truly down to earth and is not just a walking publicity stunt. Keanu is genuine and Beyonce is not. I laughed when I saw her on this list.
Jamiel Pridgen
I met Beyoncé and omg! She was so sweet and friendly and caring and gave me a hug!!!! Sweet!
Keanu took Al Pacino's advice seriously, he takes subway to this day :D (Devil's Advocate)
Milan Danilovic
Chris Pratt should be there too!!
Jeff Wilson
Love Love Love Keanu Reeves. But where is Tom Hanks??
Animated Tigress
1000$ iphone? you know most of these good faith stunts are just stunts... for most of first 5 listed. the rock is pretty legit but bet once and other singers are not humble people.
Loud Thunder
Tom hanks
Subhash Bharti
Keanu Reeves the living legend! #respect
Deana Rupe
Selena did a duet with my daughter on my 10 yr olds musically account. Made her so happy.
Joshua Agassi
#keanureeves plus #johnnydepp two icons of humility not just idols to be called. I've grown up (with you guys giving love to many) and u r great inspirations to be called.
amy yellowrose
no.1 should be Keanu Reeves. im not his fan but he deserved to be no.1
Vicko 360 Official
well fack you justine biber his going to hell this time
Cliff Edward
I call BS on Beyonce and Oprah being all lovey dubby with their fans. There have been numerous occasions where these 2 have been straight cunts to fans. Johnny Depp eh well I used too like him up until his ignorant statement about assassinating ourc President
Otis Cobblepot
Bounce only did that for publicity
The Rock Reviews
Biance is a cunt
The Rock Reviews
only Kianu all others are fuckheads
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