Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor World Tour Staredown (LA) - MMA Fighting

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On the first stop of the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor world tour, check out the first staredown between the two Tuesday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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Carson McCormick
Does anyone know the name of the song used for floyd?
Swiff Keeco
The fans b tryna determine the end result. Y'all fuckn noisy & stupid!
casper. do it all
in a real fight Conor McGregor would kill Floyd Mayweather in the Octagon or in a street fight but when it comes to boxing and all the b***** rolls I think Floyd will win by the judges vote but Connor will do good but in the end Floyd will win but if they would take this fight on the streets Connor would f*** him up everyone knows that
Chris Taylor
so dramatic lol
Shahzad Ahmad
wtf why is Floyd acting like a statue
vippin manmathan
Conor wins these press conference like always.
alian kahin
i think conor is gone win
Casper Larsen
it will be so sad....:-(
Galipo Pex
These boxing conferences are so lame compared to mma ones... just let them talk to each others! Instead of having them make speeches and cutting Mcgregor's mic when he verbally dismantles poor Floyd...
Antonia Alana
Song names please
Jorge Michael Jayoma
mystic mc rules hahahaha
Frosty Wasp
I like this stare down. it's no longer fantasy or a what if. it's here, reality
Nam Nguyễn
Conor Mcgregor's dancing in front Mayweather's face :))
joshuha smith
Your daddy can't save you and August 26th Mayweather you little b** your daddy's fighting your battles for you little b**.
joshuha smith
Floyd Mayweather here just a b** take that hundred-million-dollar check and shove it up your ass you.
Rey Leon DelaSelva
Conor will never find Mayweather all night. It's just plain and simple, Mayweather will easily outbox him, and by the way, I'm not a fan of either.
Anyone STUPID enough to support this Crap needs to get KO'ed the F out...
genessis polanco
por fin asta q alguien le va a dar una lección a ese maldito chimpancé me siento tan feliz añoro esa cantidad tan alta blanco vs negro una vez más quedará claro quién es súperior en esta pelea
50 -0. easy money
Alex Sanchez
Im scared for mayweather
Daniel Mann
Should have had the UFC set up for the press conference!
cool calm collectivness in Floyd's eyes... Connor acting like a little girl trying to get attention.
Floyd seemed very upset the people were all for Conor
Floyd couldn't act tuff till his crew went up.pussie
Mister Harvey
this fight is more staged than wwe 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
What is the song p'ease
Floyd shave that beard off.. bring back money may.. you 're sexier without the beard #TBE
Floyd has tiny little limbs.. he could've stepped in vs Valentina and probably gotten his neck broke.
Floyd would be helpless if I were gay and doing mma, I would easily smother him and have him in north south ... get him stuck there till I finish.
Paul Flores
Floyd said "I'm keeping my distance and if he only breathes on me during these tours.... The fights off. Connor knows, Haymon put that in the fine print of the contract right?.....This is a business not a fight, i hope connor understands"
If i were gay i'd easily take floyd down and unbutton his pant... very easy to take his back and jackrabbit him.
Phil M
Conor's crazy
As Gaylord
conors already getting bodied
Stick to fisting floyd. He looks every bit his age.. the guys tiny little elf. Hard to sell this fight when he looks like that.. looks like a raisin.
The IRS had to remind floyd he does have a boss and he will run out of money very soon.. the guys just not very smart. Smart in the ring but outside of that.. can't read a damn thing. Just good at fisting dudes.
terry gee
That moment Connor danced to try and cool nerves.... Ur entering the lions den mate u will soon see that this is sweet science.... I can see the white flag thrown into the ring before 7th
Basem sado
Guys what is the name of song playing ??????
This is gonna be EPIC...
Rodrigo Rodrigues
slc kkk
Zim Zimma
Horrible press conference and pretty stupid on Floyd/showtimes part as they're the ones running the show. You have the best promoter in combat sports history and instead of letting him do his thing you try and make him look bad at every turn, from cut mics to drowned out crowds and long awkward waits. Surely Floyd thinks the actual fight is easy money, so is winning the press conference really necessary for him? If they want those extra buys let Conor do what got him to the dance and convince people that he can win the fight on the mic.
Arsenal London is always Red
McGregor reminds me so much of Ali in his prime I never thought we see a guy like Ali again
Floyd's trashtalk is amateur at best. He had to draw in the crowd with his phrases. Floyd sounds like an amateur pro-wrestler.
david nguyen
floyd's hat has 48 on it. 49-1=?
Does wearing a Suit that is to small make some people feel bigger than they actually are? Conor has enough money to buy a new suit but he is wearing one he has had since high school.
Peter R
McGregor could have killed Mayweather at any moment lol
baba lu
is conor realy 1.75?! i start believing that hes bigger i mean floyed is 1.72/73? than conor is 1.80 same think against dennis siver hes 1.70 but conor looked soo much bigger.
Naqibullah Tanha
Conor will be dead
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