00:58 all happy and funny,,, Then '' MOVE'' that scared mee ... imagine what would do to little kids,,,nothing,,, bc they dont know him :)))
This guy was the epitome/poster boy of gangsta rap when I was growing up.
This guy is hideous.
Danny Jones
his Son can get some good training on how to pick up females all he has to say Is my dad is 50 cent bam instant pussy
Phileo Hammond
Dee Rocker
What about his oldest son?
Dee M
What a bad Dad! He uses his son as a Ladybait! I Feel sorry for the baby mother and the kid. Well done 50 for teaching your son how not to be a real man.
kimmmel is so washed up these days..
keisha O
I love him😀😀😀
He doesn't have to use his son ...he can BUY THE WHORES like pork chops !
Dam, his teeth brighter than my future
Anna Semenova
such a sweet guy in real life :)
The Most savage Nigga In the East hhhhh
Reinout Kwak
He picks up those women with just 50 cent.
Adrian Verhalen
Jimmy is a liberal nut job, but he can be funny ah sometime
Mr fiddy funny as always!
Bloated Wish
He's real! i like that
Viva La Internet
whats he promoting
Heroic Love
What about your oldest son 50? You know? The one that you don't speak to because he knows you too well?
Not gonna lie, on a dark screen the only thing I could see were his teeth.
i wanna draw over his eyebrows.
ahmed williams
50 cent is the father I never had😂😂
I don't date single guys with lil kids. He gonna do me the same way he did the mother of his kids.
Mohammad Hussain
Yo wtf is the audience acting so awkward, 50s funny af
Scottie Drippen
This clown hasn't been relevant since Kanye killed him in 2007
If I ever end up in a dark forrest at night and get 1 wish id wish for 50 cent to be there with me. I would tell him a joke to get him to smile and light up the entire forrest with his teeth.
Pique NY
50 need to get that daphnie chick prego again if he wants a daughter, save on the baby momma drama x3 and the gene game is strong with her, the kids gona look beautiful like its moms/ brother
Angelfish Luva
From the east coast to the west coast, people love calling Chuck E Cheese..Chunky Cheese.
Tinky B
wait is this old or did he have another kid?
John wall best PG Ever
What about your other son 50
Jan busta
Notice the way his hands are together at the start all of his finger tips touching one another. Donald Trump does the same thing.

Junes Surman
He's the coolest Gorilla that has ever been on Jimmy Kimmel
Stefanie Lauchman
What I love about Kimmel is that he doesn't act as dramatic as Fallon when someone curses.
Mohamed Farouk
His son is now 4. More 46 to be full-fledged, son.
OptimistHunter Reel
Is he ever not smiling lol? Nice teeth
Konan 651
corporate 50
Fiddy looks very pleasent.
Martin Kohoutek
He should do stand up comedy, I would listen to everything 50 got to say :D
Johnny Dutch
Because being 50 cent is not enough to get a girl?
''and good things will happen for ever'' i can't even..
Freaky Sport
I'm a undercover lier, I lie undercover, look in a bitches I and tell her I love her.
David Ha
Or he can flash all his money as bait.
he has a great comedy timing in some way :D
V-Kingz Beats
This is why he made the song "Baby By Me"
Christian Gonzalez
ala slipknot
He's a motherfuckin' P.I.M.P
Anthony Solis
bruh he uses his son to pick up women.... he's fuckin 50 cent!!!!
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