Boulder Vally Kid Identified with Dyslexia really appreciates the positivity and forthright honesty Richard Branson has, thank you. We are also advocating for change in education that would include early screening for learning differences so that kids do not have to think themselves stupid, but would rather highlight their strengths. We would like to see the correct kind of literacy instruction given to kids with some range of dyslexia in the classroom, so that they have the same experience of learning with success their peers have. And we would love to see teachers and administrators trained within in their teacher training credentials to understand how to teach to the 1 in 5 in their classroom. And a message to the Branson team: start some non-profit schools around the world especially for kids with dyslexia and see what they can do, take some kids who are not given the tools for success in their current school and put them into a supportive environment. Let's change some lives!
Jens H. Nielsen
Awesome Richard, I wish I had someone like you to look up too when I was a kid struggling with Dyslexia
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