Woman interrupted during BBC interview

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We have all see the BBC interview where the babies walked in. But what if it happened to the mother? 

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William Levy
It's playing on a typical sexist stereotype dumb bitch. Family guy, homer Simpson dumb doofus dad routine. Reality is now days men are stay at home dad's, work from home, see their kids just as much as women. If I made a as about how weak women are and can't do manual labor playing on the stereotype of women being weak delicate flowers, women would be bitching up a storm and all the White Knight faggots would be right behind you.
Daniel Blaze
I don't know why people are angry, isn't this gives women more power that they can multitask and do anything I LOVED IT! AND ITS HILARIOUS!!
Daniel González López
This is BRILLIANT. People hating it probably just don´t get it.
Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Men are useless, women do everything, got it. Next time you find yourself thinking that, remember which gender created over 99% of all inventions, technology, and art.
Melissa Hancock
The Okelo
Lol, I like how she diffuses the bomb like it's just a normal thing. Like signing a document.
Jessica stone
this is so fake
Young Hope
this comment section proves that talking about feminists keeps it alive this was a joke America and other countries about the original video just a bunch of crazy things in it they never ever said anything about the women doing more calm you're tits and take a joke
To all triggered anti-feminists in the commentsection, you are all a bunch of pretty little snowflakes
tom 톰
Why does this have so many dislikes? Lol do people not understand that it's making fun of the original video
The Big One
if this was real she'd just be complaining the whole time
Millie Dragon
e- man
Nigel Johnson
She must have been interviewed at the right time of the month or things might have been very different:-).
Tattooed Aussie
Let me guess, some pathetic feminist made this shit
Shane C
I'm super triggered
Krzysztof Willman
Since guys complain about feminism, does that mean they are all gay since they're so against women?
Azbear King
Funny video maybe she trying to make everyone laugh
Arthur Baumann
0:33 looks like womanssplaining.
PKN Patrick
this video doesnt deserve to be trending, it isn't very funny...
Vitalstatistix Stats
motha fucka 19million views???
Yeong Leksen
how can anyone take her seriously
it's just a meme and people are having a tantrum about femenism in the comment section. Good Lord, can people just not be AIDs?
the ladies have it so hard -------------FUCK OFF you misandrous cunt
Bunifa Latifah Halifah Sharifa Jackson
Not sure if this is hilarious, offensive or some deep satirical mumbo-jumbo. Oh well, I like it!
Chris Holliday
what was she doing out of the kitchen to start with
Nobody Here
My mom just died. 666 likes please
Tom Marshall

Pauli Ever
ja ja
Samus Aran CZ
Fucking kids XD
This is fake as hell what is the swat doing in the UK?
Yebin Yang
noone actually realises how serious the news that the lady is talking about is... korea is literally under immense stress right now.
Benny Chenley
Fake, ripped off and a stupid feminist.
seba muñoz
why are there cunts in the comments arguing about feminism, bad acting and all this other bullshit???? CUNTS ITS A FUNNY VIDEO GET A SENSE OF HUMOUR FAGGOTS
Sam Manuel
Very funny.
Rohit Balaji
Mikky Loves u
The nanny 😹😹
Maria Nosek
its not even funny ...
LOL 😂😂😂😂
Charlie Rex
who else say this isn't real..me me me me me me me...sure me!!
Ryan Gardiner
ok nvm
Ryan Gardiner
is this real or a joke?
Some people dont even get the humor from this :,)

also well done Jono and Ben on getting 1st on trending, you have made us New Zealanders proud :')
Интересная ситуация
Pornpimon Khothisen
who's a New Zealander he
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