Woman interrupted during BBC interview

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We have all see the BBC interview where the babies walked in. But what if it happened to the mother? 

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Anthony Chopra
amazing parody
Floyd Looney
lol, poking fun at that other incident
Conor Patrick
Feminism at its worse.
#Dogs #AnimalAbuse
joke ?
Romani Asante
fuck...this video and everything it represents
How does she know intelligent stuff she a girl?
Extreme Gamers
This is fake
Sudarshan Darshan
big damn to this video.. how could u troll such an adorable family!!
Luficarius Ratspeed
Would have been funnier if the interviewer didn't even acknowledge what was going on in the room.
Flo Dendy
This is so fake
Anirban Sarkar
Okay. Swat teams these days ware sneakers 0:51....budget problem?...huh :))))
Nos Lik
I was curious as to why she was feeding that big ass child with that big ass bottle. For some reason that looked real to me.
Ajay Tamang
Rehna Fayaz
The white men and white women of new Zealand are depressing
Rehna Fayaz
kiwis are racist as hell this women is awful
Legit YouTube Videos
This is goooood
This is absolutely hilarious!! BRILLIANT!!
Dylan Versace
How I wish I was under her chair...... I would have proved a big failure to the experiment !!!!!!!
Jebeblok K. Jonathan
Is she trying to be Robert E. Kelly?
Yasir Shah
Wow 87k dislikes is not that less than 130k dislikes at all! Not to mention I was one of those who proudly disliked this rubbish video myself 😊.
Phoebe Gardiner
wow fuck you guys got 20M views well done boys😀😀
Henry Smith
so insulting
Irene Phillis
this got fake when they brought the bomb in.and the toilet and also the food.
Irene Phillis
this got fake when they brought the bomb in.and the toilet and also the food.
the kids in the comments acting like this is more than a comedic parody. so much stupidity
Irene Phillis
is this fake I definitely think it is fake??
Azazel 0098
be honest... how many feminist read the title and thought... "MANPLAINING!!!!"...?
TOP 5 Best
thats fake
Filip Jeglic
What exactly is wrong with this video?
Sarah Lidell
87k dislike...
87k people who watches this video was stupid AF and dont see it that is was a good joke...
so much stupidness OMG
Arif Setiadi
Renegade Vile
I hate feminist propaganda as much as anyone with any kind of rational mind, but when have people on the opposite end of the regressive scale become just as intolerable to a f*cking joke as the regressives they oppose? Dear lord, take a joke and stop whining!
joseph lennon
😂😂😂 so true
Hans Sjoberg
John Hand has a friend named Conner.
this is just a parody i think. not the original video lol
TheEyeGuy 17
0:42 - you can see this is fake
Although it is funny
Jimmy Neutron
Its my bday, can I get likes :-)
rahmat firdaus
Haha, both of the videos are hilarious
Zyronikal v2
Fucking copier so fake bitch bish
Clybourn Street
Madison Te Kahika
they film in new Zealand
Madison Te Kahika
jono and Ben are in Zealand
Ella Burkitt
This is the funnest thing ahahahahahah the swat team was so funny
Jesse Wu
shifting sands in the region...
Pax Malmer
Oh my god. Is that a bomb? Goodness me.
Oliver Sipos
For all of you who don't get the bad comments... If you look at the first 20 seconds of the clip, it's pretty much a imitation of that reporter who had his kids barge in the room. And she handled it much differently than he has, so it can be thought that this is kind of a critique on the original reporter, and maybe how it should have been handled. That's what I thought when I started watching, but then, when the video progresses you see it's just ridiculous parody.
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