Woman interrupted during BBC interview

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We have all see the BBC interview where the babies walked in. But what if it happened to the mother? 

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this is just a parody i think. not the original video lol
TheEyeGuy 17
0:42 - you can see this is fake
Although it is funny
Jimmy Neutron
Its my bday, can I get likes :-)
rahmat firdaus
Haha, both of the videos are hilarious
Zyronikal v2
Fucking copier so fake bitch bish
Clybourn Street
Madison Te Kahika
they film in new Zealand
Madison Te Kahika
jono and Ben are in Zealand
Ella Burkitt
This is the funnest thing ahahahahahah the swat team was so funny
Jesse Wu
shifting sands in the region...
Max Palmer
Oh my god. Is that a bomb? Goodness me.
Oliver Sipos
For all of you who don't get the bad comments... If you look at the first 20 seconds of the clip, it's pretty much a imitation of that reporter who had his kids barge in the room. And she handled it much differently than he has, so it can be thought that this is kind of a critique on the original reporter, and maybe how it should have been handled. That's what I thought when I started watching, but then, when the video progresses you see it's just ridiculous parody.
Just a Blue Lizalfos
What's happened to the world where we deserve a comment section so retarded
Xo Life oX
Wow you people need to chill, this was a joke. So funny seeing all the triggered men.
9x BoaT
I thought this was real for a second
Kerry de Graaff
ha ha ha
GibbreshGrace The Spartan
I don't know why this video had so many dislikes?
drea pineda
the husband with the sock is what did it for me
Falling From The Cosmos
"feminists cant take a joke!" I agree but neither can the people who are in the comments.
M gmail
The lost sock - how is it we always have to find it for them? (and often it's right in front of their noses)
Tyler Young
Pretty sure there was a mother in the original video... didn't quite work out like this.
Isaac Sommerville
Wow just wow
Kryptonian Messiah
Ok feminist we get it, women are superior blah blah blah.
Mommy is on point with that multi-tasking. Having kids will give you that superpower!
Imma troll trending tell peeps to watch my vids
Wieme Mo
I figured it the moment she lifted the 1st kid and what confirmed more was the baby feeding-bottle.
And for people who figured it later, the interviewer was saying the exact same words as the original from ever the beginning
kazumi harmony
Santiago Lopez
My favorite part from this video is at 0:43 - 0:52. Lol. (:
Helen Bentley
Well done Jono and Ben. You have produced a brilliant parody and it needed to be done. The original American interviewee who batted his little daughter away has been exposed to the world as a cold hearted prick. Your negative viewers who are assuredly American are now just as embarrassed as he is. It was child assault and no one has the courage to say it. Any man worthy of the name would, like the woman in the skit, have picked up the little girl and carried on with the interview til mum came to the rescue. When a crap political interview takes precedence over the need of a happy child to see her ''dad'' he is truly lost. Well done again boys.
Mahir Foysal
I think some feminists' approach to show issues are kinda responsible for keeping many people away from actually recognizing what feminism is actually about. Stop joking and mixing everything with discrimination against women, other feminists loose credibility because of your action.
Ong Tee
So fake
13th Evergreen
i know their are men out there without a brain and they are called stright
Mr Crapsalot
I'm getting over 90% of commenters never had a mother before or their mom just hates them. Which I fully support.
MI gaming
femenism behind everything since as we see here women are obviously great at multitasking
Link Hoss Neal
When i first saw this i thought "welp, looks like someones is trying to get attention"
Skyler Moore
I came here for comments
Andreas 13
That little girl is trying to tell mommy the bbc man is playing with her brothers thingy.
Anastasia tasia
Who is wаtсhing in арril 2017 this vidео ?)) cliсk "likе":D
I thought it was funny until the bumbling dad came out. That was kind of unnecessary.
Piere Hutasoit
Wow.. I really would like to Cried about this, that is why I love so much a million to a Mom as a partner of our Journey form Kids till Adult.. 😁
vin dooza
OMG this is so degrading to women. Comedy has taken it too far.
Linus Öberg
The only thing I see in the comment section is people complaining about other people complaining that the video is about something it's not.
homiphone NZ
How the fuck is this video portraying feminism at all 😂😂 and why are people making it such a big deal
Catherine DeVos
this is just too hilarious and yes I did see the first one (man interviewed interrupted by his kids/nanny.) hilarious thanks for this !!
Staunch Character
It just means we women can multi task better than the original journalist who's wife had to swoop and get the kids out...it's funny
Fat Scarce
Love how people attack people that get offended at jokes then the same people mass dislike this
Batna Amar
Psychopath Gains
there was no nanny? this video is fake!
Aaron Frawley
It's a pity that this has more views than all the other videos combined...
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