Dongle Sporstchap
Jesus Christ McGregor is a such fucking jackass. I'm so happy this is all over
Kid Ranger
Uum guys Mcgregor lost 😁😛
Mcgregor's Ghost
May is just looking to survive in there. I can see it in his eyes, I could hear it in his voice
Romelia Polly
Excellent quality is on ScreenVariety . I think you can connect your tv to pc via hdmi and enjoy HD quality on your Tv also. It's only $few/yearly
Prediction ..rigged. floyd wins nuff said
kevin supreme
Mayweather is tired of this clown, this fool is in trouble, his head is a big ass target that Mayweather will tea off on with his accuracy, he won't miss that huge noggin, lol, EASY KNOCKOUT...
Fight Hub TV
Rick Zavala
Floyds like "holy fuck this dude is really trippin in my face like this? wtf?" he never seen some shit like this before
I wish i knew what conor was telling him right here it looks insane
todd joseph
Connor McGregor has that Spartan look.......
Omelas Homelas
What is this strange oil... floating in my hot tub?
Wil Co
Once again Daddy Dana had to come put Conor to bed because he was having a bitch fit lol
DGT 2k18
What's the song they use for the faceoff
Alexander Xiong
This is "Kind of like" Undisputed 2 with Micheal Jai White.
Robert Bailey
Conor McGregor =3 million Dollar Fighter
Floyd Mayweather =800 MILLION Dollar Fighter. TBE Will Send His Ass Back to the Octagon...
Brother in sweden
bro floyd look fatigued!
The conferences are way fookin entahtayning than the actual foight.
Fox Hunter
Sean dagod
Pride proceeds the fall....conor talks 2 much shit!!!!
Mayweather done ran into someone who can out trash talk him.....lol0-1
Kim Farrison
What I don't get is why do people think Money is going to beat. Please someone show me at any point of his long career that shows you that Conor will beat him. I don't understand Floyd is the best at boxing period and people honestly thinks this dude is gonna just stroll on into boxing outta know where and take down the best they've ever seen. Conor fans are Crazy real talk
L DiBala
Floyd spent lots of money and we keeptheir people. Even in Africa.
Jesse Saucedo
Mayweather with all that money
And he can't afford a new pair of pants
he's been wearing the same ones
through the whole tour lmao
Ragnar Lothbrok
I hope someone is making a documentary of this press conference tour.
Mac Mane
undertaker vs john cena on the undercard.
Jeremiah Turner
wtf dana always holding his pet back
ayybe nuncio
as much as i want floyd to win, he's gonna have to start doing a little more shit talking. He can't even look him in the eyes. he has his eyes closed the whole time. but mcgregors just trying too hard now
marcus rodgers
Conor is always interrupting Mayweather when he talks, but Mayweather never interrupts Conor when he talks, So therefore Mayweather is already in Conor's head, Conor does get to emotional, but at the end of day Mayweather is always calm and relax and Conor is all tensed up, Mayweather is gonna tapped that ass August 26th oh yes he is, so all Conor fans can get mad talk shit all you want, but at the end of day this isn't a mma match it's boxing match, Mayweather is the King of Chess in Boxing!!!!
Vegan Euphoria
They're just discussing lunch at the face off...Corny McGregor be like: I'm fucking beating you to KFC first, want me to order you something you fooking bloke?
Richard Herrera
Ray Lang
Conor chews a lot of gum.
Emotional White Hype!!!
Onitsuka Tiger
We love fought hub tv
L DiBala
after this fight McGregor will have cauliflower eyes
Conor trying to get into Floyd's head is backfiring.
I think he realizes that and will show in the fight.
hey Dana, control your bitch, she's emotionally outta control
Froyd Mayweather should have fought GGG @154LBS SPECIAL. Instead he paid the Irish man 100 million.
joe joe
FUCK floyd
Steve Yanes
fooking peanut head 😂😂
Son Of God
Conor got to emotional, floyds in his head.
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