Jennifer Aniston Speech at Jason Bateman's Hollywood Star Ceremony

Jennifer AnistonJustin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston speech at the Jason Bateman's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star ceremony held at the 6533 Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, California - July 26, 2017

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Beca Johnston
Stooooooooop plying with your hair Jenn.... is annnnnnooooooooying.!... REALLY lame speech for such GREAT actor...!
Pitt lost a hot piece of ass
Davieon Xavier
Viridiana Vazquez
I know it was her choice to not have children but just watching her be so affectionate to her friend's daughter shows what a great and endearing mother she would have made. Still my fave Jen!
Tig Lilly
Sorry Jason, love you dearly!
Tig Lilly
How long has that suit Jason wearing been in his closet?
LOL Jason's look of dismay at that Muppet cover
"I'm honestly shocked it took this long for you to get your star marble on this pavement" lmao she's really pissed about it, such a good friend.
Two of my favorite people !
Jennifer Goode
Is she completely high!!! Terrible
Rob Rollend
Jennifer put her barefeet all over Jason's face. She was trying to get his attention while he played the piano. Special friends moment!
mh 8213
I love you both :)
Congratulations Jason Bateman
Diamond Cute
Jenny T
J Rogers
That kid looked sick.
luvd him since child he was and is still cute!
Michael Bluth rules!!!!!!!!
Dee Elle Kay
Love love Love Jason in Ozark! 😘😘😘😘
Brad Pitt is crazy to let her go.
Espaço Nath/biscoitosdaNath
I Love Jennifer Aniston ❤
Totally precious man. Thanks for heartfelt words from Jen xx
Sharon Jones
Mom's in house
Stop doing shit to your face Jen!!! You look perfect without it!
Diamond Cute
Automatic thumbs up for Jennifer!
Miriam Springett
The film "The Gift" that Aniston mentioned - really is excellent - more people should check it out. Solid thriller.
kento tsukada
I love you jen
7:16 "Jennifer! Can we talk to you....?"........ "Sorry, I'm here for Jason". Classy lady
Amanda tompkins
She is so hot
Sharon Jones
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Sharon Jones
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Sharon Jones
Jennifer Aniston Jason Bateman Jason
Sharon Jones
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Sharon Jones
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IndianaJones 1981
My dad met Jennifer Aniston back in 2006 at the Mandarin hotel where he was working at. She's a very sweet and kind lady. She calls my dad "sweetie" and politely asks him to get her some coffee at 5:00 AM. I never met her in person only my dad did. But I would love to meet her if I become a filmmaker.
Ian N.
he was on Mr. Belvedere
Thatone Dude
Same old Jason from the early 80's. Very likable person.
ainda bem q ta legendado! B)
Christiana _01
At her age wow she still looks hot and gorgeous
hamode alsalihe
009647826509977 HAMODE I'm iraq 🇮🇶 please contact me Jennifer?.help me please. ✍🏻💌🇺🇸
The two youngest 50 year olds in television.
Love Jennifer. Such a cute friendship between the two. Congratulation to Jason. Well deserved!
Rainer Zufall
I like his new Netflix show "Ozark". Good job. 👍
PGS Schäfer
In the first 5ive minutes she often uses the phrase
"anyway" (5ive times). But "anyway", she"s still
fantastic and a charming darling !
mfg. ;-). PGS !
Anonymous Unknown
Jennifer is so funny in this
satya seeker
She is sooo fucking vain. She always goes under the radar as sweet Jen. The older she gets the more clothes she takes off on screen. DESPERATE AND SHALLOW. No wonder she never had kids.
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