BIG BABOON vs TIGER ► Leopard Attacks Monkey - Tiger Vs Impala - Craziest Animal Fights


BIG BABOON vs TIGER  Leopard Attacks Monkey  Tiger Vs Impala
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in this video you will see Big Baboon facing animals 10 times there sizes but still manage to come out as winner.  
baboon will fight different animals, watch the video above. 

► info about baboons
The baboon, of all the primates in East Africa, most frequently interacts with people. Apart from humans, baboons are the most adaptable of the ground-dwelling primates and live in a wide variety of habitats. Intelligent and crafty, they can be agricultural pests, so they are treated as vermin rather than wildlife.

When they begin to mature, males leave their natal troops and move in and out of other troops. Frequent fights break out to determine dominance over access to females or meat. The ranking of these males constantly changes during this period.

info about tigers:
igers are the largest felines in the world. Many cultures consider the tiger to be a symbol of strength and courage. However, because hunting them is also a sign of bravery in some cultures, tigers are endangered; no more than 3,200 tigers are left in the wild.


Tigers have distinctive stripes, which help camouflage them when hunting prey. Some tigers have orange fur with black stripes; others are black with tan stripes, white with tan stripes or all white (albino), according to the San Diego Zoo. No two tigers have the same markings on their coats. They are as individual as fingerprints are for humans.

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