The Gaminator2000
Bruh it's not lil yacthy it's lil boat
Jaydens vlogs
Damn yachty
Hehejen Ouyhebej
I just bought sketchers but when i saw this i got 12 ovo's
Austin Chaney
We be πŸ™ for you boy
LΒ΄A Capone
1:30 now its time to bust a 🌰
Lil yachty still sounds gay lol
A classic
Brandon Middlebrook
Tee Grizzley got bars af
Sasha Mcclain
Lil yatchty has more money than ddg
Malvin Judd
I should this to my flip phone now it’s an iPhone X πŸ˜‚
TheTru Family
I showed this 2 my lil sis now she my older brother
Dnice TFM
1:40 was the best part of the song for me what about everyone else
Unidentified Personnel
I'm a real niggas cuz I respect this collaboration.
Crazy poop gang 14
Put it at 1.5 speed
Reaper Main
This must've taken so long to make.
Finesse Kid
Quizz - Minecraft
Pacifique Ocean
'You the type to look around but never cop shit aye, I'm the type to buy the store make them restock it aye' best verse too lit <3
Student Shemar Keith
paint her face like piccaso
cdog 4850
I feel bad for the moms kids who watch there mom twerk
Vraig Tupsc
Bring drama to my fam i dare u niggas u dont know it till know i said now they voted im at zion isreal temple try me fake ass gangsters ill drone strike u i got snipers i am a cia agent. N my snipers live always even when all doubt guess what i only american mafia.
Lil Ed
I know my comment wouldn't get view or reply by many people. But I am rapper who does not cuss and my rap sound/style would find your attention. I have lots to show but right now I need you. Music brings us closer like family, my music is to make that family. The same way you support me is the same way I support you.. 1luv, together we can change the earth 1 take at a time.
Tuesdays Wit Tyona
Who else THOUGHT Lil atchy was gonna ruin the song??

He den proved me wrong...
Keith Hebert
Keith Hebert
Fw my song
Promila Roy
Yoo that Asian chick is thiccc
Lil Diddy
still my shit tho πŸ”₯
bluehead 1240
Watch on my wrist 😎😎🎱
Sheko BLV
lleguè aquì por Jcbuzz jajaja
Siaga Sila
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nice song!!!
funnycatdog cheeto
Lil yachty deadass looks fucking retarded
Tee Grizzley built like an aunt
I showed this to my dog

He became a dawg
Jake Garcia
From the ass to the dick
hey it’s neyda
showed this to the grass it turned into...........................

Angel Sanchez
I like this Lil Yachty πŸ”₯
No Chill
western graet
This shit is fire brah
rudi style
wawu man
0:32 think saw her on porn
Armami Garcia
When your mom says get anything u want
Jordan Belt
who that asian though? slide me a name.
victor douglas
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