Blaire White
Thoughts? Winner?
Matthew Murden
Contra said depression is bad because it causes the sufferers negative mental issues, so society should be kind to them AND we should try and cure it, as a long term sufferer of gender dysphoria who HAS started transition, had surgery and takes hormones, it is still a mental problem that has caused ALOT of negative mental issues for me. I've had depression and anxiety problems since I was 9 for fuck sake. I knew in my head there was something wrong and as I grew older I came to terms with the fact I wasn't comfortable with my natural born body and what I needed to do was transition, but it is really fucking expensive and honestly not the most effective treatment. Why is it so fucking wrong to try and find an effective cure for future generations? No one can force you to get medication, and hey, I wouldn't mind research into better surgical options for trans people, but if I could've just taken a medication and felt fine as I was it would've saved me ALOT of suffering. I went through a stage of not being able to leave my house for more then a year, I started drinking and smoking pot to try and stop the constant discomfort I had with myself which didn't help, some people around me constantly were telling me to take anti depressants which I tried in the past and it didn't help because that wasn't the problem. It is a mental disorder, it causes chronic suffering, what's wrong with trying to fix that? I think a lot of the people saying finding a cure is wrong don't have gender dysphoria, they don't understand what it's like. Society should be kind to transsexuals, you shouldnt make fun of people with depression, anorexia, Schizophrenia or any other mental illness and gender dysphoria is the same, but we work towards cures for those, so why not gender dysphoria? It seems ridiculous to me. (Sorry little rant over)
Ausra Ko
Im contra's fan but Blaire really impressed me.
Do not confuse biology level, genetic level and topological level of the body..
Moreover, a deformation is just a subjective view of a genetic, biological and topological fact ; science does not describe whether it is a deformation or not.
jamie miller
Can't comment on your who won thing. Contra did.
You've been a bad girl. Go to my room.
You know, I still haven't asked a woman if she wants to have gender with me, but I'll give it a try. :-)
Frank Egle
"Blaire, i'm very concerned with your usage of language. I can't believe that you would put the word 'imitate' in your mouth, can't you see that words equal violence?!"/"I don't see why Milo shouldn't be allowed to call all white people racist. Isn't it obvious that he doesn't mean 'racist' in the actual sense. Like, your just playing dumb now"
Wow, those mental gymnastics almost gave him a brain aneurysm there. Absolutely flooring, time and time again
Victoria.Helene Berntsen
" gender nonconformity is not in itself a mental disorder. The critical element of gender dysphoria is the presence of clinically significant distress associated with the condition." - just gonna leave this here
@14:15 that's exactly why psychology is a pseudo-science. He acts like that psychological bullshit actually means anything, whatever those people have produced within the past 4-5 years under the regime of the social justice warriors is complete bullshit.
Dixie Flatline
Woo Contrapoints! Degenerates for life! Fear the Dirt Bag Left, normie scum.
Rusty Shackleford
is contra autistic
Peter Xzeros
Ill pray for both your souls, that being said Ms Blair is being factual. And honest that she is indeed male. You on the other hand sir are delusional.
I was banging my head against the wall listening to your guest interrupt you Blaire, I get they want to share their opinion and we all interrupt but really, when you try to explain they keep going on about “why do you do this,” when you’re literally attempting to explain
Lyn van der Wel
1. Many autistic people do not want a cure. Particulairly because autism shapes their character and how they see the world, and curing it would feel like suicide.

Not only that, curing a autistic person is not even possible because it is a developmental disorder and you cannot reverse the growth of a person and then reshape them into someone else (sounds like some distopian sci fy shit). You can only (theoratically) prevent it by trying to influence the growth at an early age.

3. There is really no point on insisting a person is a he when that person requested to be called a she. You are not a "white knight of free speech", you are just an asshole

4. You are really confusing when it comes to your definition of gender or sex. One moment you say they are the same, but then you suddenly you say things that make it seem like you do seperate them. Be consistent.

5. You say that you don't like being placed authority upon but continue to do it on other people. You say you have authority over who can call themselves transgender and who not, you place authority on language, you claim to know everything about trans when in fact most of what you say goes against what psychologist have established.

6. I have to admit that wether "deformity" is a malicious word to use for people or not is debatable,
but is not really a good counterargument for the validation of people who fall outside of the binary. If anything, it's a only a conformation of it, because "being deformed" is basically another word for "being rare".

Unless you want to claim that there is some kind of biology-god who overlooks development of creatures and says "that is right" and "that is wrong". In which case there really is some kind of existential disagreement and we are going to fall beyong science and into philosphy.
Ray Salyer
I think that this can help lull me to sleep. (Not to be rude, I'm saying that it's quiet.)

P.S I think Blair won. She has a nice way of articulating her thoughts. Way to go, hunny!
Mehdi Abourabia
This debate is unfair. The feminist has so much testosterone that blaire is having trouble keeping up with his superior intellect.
angel4 him
Shoe on head looks like Wendy loohoo
angel4 him
Contra uses big words to sound intelligent just to say everyone is hurting my feelings stop making me cry....
Frank Bowne
Cis is a derogatory term.
Thank you for recognizing the difference between biological women and transwomen.
Carrie Burrous
Just started watching your videos. I'm an OLDER woman born woman, lesbian and have been working with the LGBTQ community most of my adult life. I don't support the right or left wing in politics and am a theoretical physicist by profession. I agree with most of your opinions and wanted to say this.. We need more heroes like you, if more respectable transgenders don't come out and start talking about the negative side effects of transtrending, the trans community will never recover from it . I just wanted to take a moment to applaud you. I would love to talk to you in depth sometime about my view's on F2M from personal experience over a 30 year period of time.
contra is not listening at all contra is taking statements out of context which is horribly misleading. i dont understand contra.
compelled speech issue much? what a heated debate. i guess science and biology dosent matter anymore. interesting discussion. dead end discussion.
Esme Marion
Why are there just there's white knights bawwwing and calling Blaire dumb? :P
Esme Marion
the APA still calls autism a disease :P
ceza thornton
the guy with the purple hair can't even look at the camera lol
FrikkeDaDanish BP
I really like Shoe being there, it’s just nice... oh and I’m apparently a nazi soooo?
Chase Strub
Where is the line drawn when it comes to pronouns? I personally have a thick mustache and a goatee. I typically wear loose fitting baggy jeans, rock band Tshirts, boxer briefs and sneakers. I have female friends both gay and straight that basically wear the same "men's" style of clothing. Those female friends of mine that dress 'manly' identify as female as prefer SHE and HER. If I continued to rock the mustache (or even if I shaved off all facial hair) and continue to dress the way I do (which as I said even straight cis women choose to dress themselves in) but self-identify as a woman or a trans-woman, would it be justified to expect other members of society to refer to me as her and she?
Old debate but Contra constantly gave me headaches and Blaire relieved each headache. Blaire was logical, reasonable, and had a good amount of emotion; while Contra was annoyingly emotional, and illogical. The winner is obvious lol.
You make me want to vomit up all of my organs
You have to wonder how this person manages the astounding levels of cognitive dissonance, double standards and sheer mental gymnastics to state that specific, established and technically correct descriptions of procedures, events, biological realities or whatever it may be, are from now on without question tantamount to serious abuse/assault, and further, that these words continued usage contributes to the oppression and death of an already victimised minority. Also no context can exist that is a valid exception to this rule so it of course follows that any and all criticisms of this edict is just pure hate speech, which can safely be ignored or exploited as "proof" that these speech restrictions are the only, and morally imperative, course of action we must take. Only a nazi transphobe, genocide instigating racist - *insert irrelevant absurd Trump reference - scumbag could refuse to comply to this simple request to show basic respect and decency to other human beings..Its about equal human rights for all, and you get equality by making only certain demographics do and say things approved by the perpetually offended professional victim mob of internet harpies, punishing them when they don't comply and refuse to hold themselves and everyone else to the same standard, even to the absurd point where one demographic an have their life and livelihood ruined over daring to use a clinical/scientific term accurately and with zero sign of ill-intent involved in its use in the presence of someone claiming to be so offended it caused emotional distress (even on behalf of someone who isn't there, but would need smelling salts if they did), while someone of another demographic is free to publicly slander someone with the worst possible labels in nothing but an attempt to have them become social lepers, Its purely an exersize in power and control by contemptibly stupid fuckstains who shouldn't be given power or control over a goldfishes life...
Its apparently irrelevant and incomprehensible that they could be wrong, or actively doing harm. Its not an issue that they elect themselves to be the experts and spokesman for a community and insist to know whats best, based on the fact that every time anyone says they're wrong it turns out they're actually a nazi trump supporter, un-educated intolerant bigoted transphobes, surely its impossible that simply asking for equal rights could backfire, people won't mind just being forced to espouse in public only prescribed talking points based on subjective, unproven or even delusional claims made by massive hypocrites with astoundingly little self awareness and incapable of rational discussion..
Apparently in the same breathe they can tell you your use of an established applicable clinical term to describe a trait/behaviour is actually an act of violence, misgendering whether intentional or not is a hate crime you're perpetrating on an innocent vulnerable minority community so you must use a different synonym and pronoun demanded. But if you ignore this "polite request", lol, its proof you're a literal nazi and as such its acceptable to publicly vilify, slander, assault and if possible have your current employer fire you as well as poison the well of future career opportunities. If you're an employer even better, we get to target you and your business for a public shaming festival, and if you're in the wrong state (or in canada) currently you will be dragged before a tribunal with the authority to impose massive fines, but operated with zero over-site or process for appeal..

(oh, and the list of punishable words will grow exponentially, added randomly without warning, are impossible to predict and have a vaguely defined subjective criteria. These randomly declared immoral hate words will be decided upon by an ethereal mob of internet busybodies who crybully authorities and the public into legal and social punishments being implemented and enforced. Its totes the best system, mob justice is best justice right goys?) lol
Sin sama
New guy here, thought Blair was pretty hot.

Then I read the comments.
purple is getting caught up on semantics and does not progress the converstion. sad.
Mr mental Dram is here
Am I the only one that thinks shoe on head is really pretty
Guy Fieri Is My God
I feel bad for June 😂😂😂
Maria Benetti
If I bleach my hair does that make me a biological natural blonde? ;)
James Dakota
Blaire lives life as a trans woman, why would she waste a pronoun she has made effort to be called on someone who is obviously a man?
Richard Ashton
The stupid hair screams nut job. Blaire you would get more sense from a brick wall
that pink haired dude looks disgusting
This debate in a nutshell:

Blaire: "These are the objective facts."

James Dakota
All that the purple haired man did was argue semantics. *rolls eyes
Martin Landström
i do not se Blaire as a trans women i se her as a women who is great on say what her think.
Deformity is a scientific term
Lucas Sjögren
I wish I wasn't trans, I guess that means I'm transphobic
Lucas Sjögren
Blaire should be some sort of speaker for trans people, she's a damn genius
Dizzy Drea
the misleading things you say are a problem tho, because a lot of your followers will still shit on many lgbtq+ people but just not on trans because they have one good refrence now and people are shitty like that i guess.
apart from that i did think you were right with basically everything and i liked the discussion as a whole.
Thay guy is fukin stupid. Blaire is talking in a clearest way and he doesn't understand a word. Aaah!!!
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