Heated Debate w/ Genderqueer Feminist

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Blaire White
Thoughts? Winner?
Valar of Valinor
Shoe's approach to moderation is so precious.
What's a 'female article of clothing? Gosh you men are hilarious with your ideas about what women are. ANd yet you call women who see right through this nonsense 'TERFS'

Fucking men.
So you won't call Riley a 'she?' Why not? So Riley doesn't play act femininity as well as you do? LOOOOOOOOOL.
How are you two men 'psychologically' and 'socially' like a woman? You're not. You realize that all women are different. The only thing we have in common that you will never understand in ANY WAY, is that we're FEMALE, and you're not.
Exceptions like Swyer's are RARE and don't disprove the rule. The rule is that we are sexually DIMORPHIC and most humans are born MALE OR FEMALE.
Both of you play act femininity. You're both men and that's the end of it. Stay out of women only spaces and life will be grand.
You support internalized trans misogyny, by Letting People Handle that for you' instead of yourself, and Letting a docter define you', Again, men dont represent you' you're just trying to get men to represent woman like you' and Academic Studies, 1930 Gender science studying Female biology that was studied in males' was just Ignored. not really Concluded anything about male biology. so youare just a Bio product of Gender Biological Ignorance, you are not all transgender woman' and know this for sure' your days will come to an end.
Blaire white' you're one of the reason why many trans woman are still dieing.
i agree with Blaire mostly, except the part where she started going off about how you can cure homosexuality, considering it has already been tried (it actually was tried for decades) and didnt work.
Arch, On High
Contra is doing a good job at upsetting me.
OG Saber
I love all kinds of people. So I'm not sure how we're nazi's. That's not even a real argument.
sensitive fucking piss babies. how are you gonna argue about trans rights with someone who is trans? this person sounds so fucking uneducated. Blaire is so educated on these things.
omfg shut up. educate yourself. i love you baire, i know youre a real person and what you state is REAL. fuck this dumb cunt.
this other person is fucking stupid. i wanna fucking sock them in the mouth. they literally do not understand scientific research. their only fucking argument is putting their own conceptions onto blaire. Blaire is fucking correct. dumb cunt.
Ash V
He insists that feelings/emotion equates to truth. News flash...OPINIONS ARE NOT FACT!
he is retarded
poor thing, he is retarded
I think the problem here is SJWs seeing the world as black or white, good or bad. They perceive negative or positive connotations with the words that describe reality so that rather than something being what it is, it is now something positive or negative. Because of this, they try to control language to a point where it makes them feel good but no longer accurately represents reality and becomes a delusion.
Lol 30 minutes of "i dont like ur word choice"
Kelsey Woodhull
Contra just wants to be offended. He is not happy unless he gets to be offended by something or someone.
EJ Cake
We don't yet have a cure, so let's not look for one.

Also, people who pathologically say "it seems to me" are invariably defeated in their debate, but won't admit it so they have to rely on vague subjectivities to justify being in a debate at all. Contra just wasted everyone's time with an untenable position for an hour and a half. fuck you, contra.
Here's my take on this discussion.
1. I love shoe and she's awesome but I think she's a terrible moderator. She interrupted Blaire at very important moments when Blaire had to justify her stance. She even called the discussion a “shit show“ whereas she never cared to explain why.
2. Whenever Contra ran out of an answer, he try to stuff in something else which is not even related but didn't answer Blaire's questions.
3. It appears that Contra don't want a cure for transgenderism, I think the reason why is cos if there is a cure, he won't be a part of transgender community and won't get oppression points.
4. Whatever Blaire said, made sense through out the discussion compared to Contra who had only one narrative “ why can't you be nice to them and accept them as transgenders“ and Blaire answered it perfectly.
As to pronouns - if you saw a cis woman wearing male clothing, and mistook them for a man, and called them he, and they asked you to say 'she' instead, saying they were a woman, wouldn't you correct yourself? It's not about being 'nicer,' you're just straight up refusing to call them she because they're not 'trying' to look like a woman. What the fuck is that? If you call tomboys he and drag queens she, then why not a trans woman she? What??
All of you on here saying Blaire has the scientific facts, when Contra is literally reading from the DSM about non-binary trans people. That is far more researched fact than Blaire's opinion that trans has to be from one end of the binary to the other.

Also, if we want to talk biology, Blaire, I think at the very least, you have a male body with female characteristics, yes? Why is that so hard for you to accept, if you're a woman? There are so many biologically gray areas, from people who are intersex, to varieties of chromosome combinations, to hormonal deficiencies or imbalances, that you cannot say that there are only biologically male and female bodies. I recognize that I was born with and have a female body - but my own medical results listed 'hirsute (male) hair pattern' being on my body. So medically, my body looks mostly female, but has at least one more masculine trait. If I were to take testosterone, my body would become anatomically more 'gray.' A trans person's body will never be 100% different from what they were assigned at birth, but their body can definitely become something different.

If telling yourself that you're still biologically male is a way for you to accept that lack of 100%, and alleviates dysphoria for you by avoiding disappointment altogether, then that's fine for you. But most trans people find relief in physically changing their bodies into that gray area, closer to what they want to be, and denying them that isn't right. I think you've got some deep-seated issues if you think of yourself as an impersonator or a fraud, though, but don't push those issues onto everyone else.
I like the girl that works as a moderator (i may had misspelled that maybe) her hand movements and nervousness makes her look so adorable and cute.
Karmen Vega
i think its sooooooo funny that people with out doctorates in biology, anatomy etc can say NO DOCTORS ARE WRONG like FUCK DUDE U PROB HAVE A FUCKING JOURNALISM DEGREE SHUT THE FUCK UP
I'm so effn confused..the answer is Who The Fuck Cares?..Let's not explain eachother or ourselves. I don't dissect myself on display for the world. Get over yourselves
Okay so misgendering someone is the worst thing ever, but being called racist is okay.
"Genderqueer feminist" . Honestly, If you were expecting a rational person, I don't know WHAT to tell you.
Liz Neptune
oh god the end.. this person is legit psycho. its okay to fine businesses $250k over a word. Okay, so when will they start fining people for saying N****r?! come on dude. get this guy out of here yo. please. wtf
Guys in wigs aren't girls. I wish.
Rural Queer
"I think she was making a good faith judgement"


That part gets me every time 😂😂😭😭😭 love you Blaire 💖
Ben Taylor
Liz Neptune
this is so frustrating to listen to cause he is literally PRETENDING that he doesn't know what you're saying and the points you're trying to make at certain parts. he's looking for the GOTCHA moment to catch you saying something "bad." This person really seems severely mentally disturbed.
full house cast
i keep looking at june she looks like she wants to die
Lazy Spider
I have a legit question... if a transwoman's skeleton is found in the woods by the police or whatever, and the forensics scientists have to identify it, starting with identifying their sex... what would it be? would they be like, "its a female's remains" or would the dna or whatever analysis done come back as their biological sex? cuz if the ladder is true, i'd say Blaire has more going for her.
Galaxy 11
Wow, when did people become soo small minded?? People are so focused on their own normal little problems nowadays instead of the real tragedies​​ it's really pathetic.
Lisa DiFiore
This guy is honestly lecturing Blaire about how she refers to others when he is sitting there with pink hair, girls clothes and a man's voice?
Lisa DiFiore
This guy is in complete denial of the truth and reality of the transgender issue. He operates from a position of pure emotion, what he wishes to be true, and denial of truth. I worry for his emotional stability because as soon as someone speaks the truth, he will become defensive and crumble. Blaire on the other hand, is realistic, educated, and capable of separating facts from fiction. Not the easiest way to live as a transgender woman, but courageous.
Lisa DiFiore
The dude is way off. He takes an emotional point of view rather than an objective, scientific one. Blaire is good at this. She is honest, realistic and undeniably objective while respecting transgenderism.
Blu Skye
Blaire, I love you. no homo.
Namaka Lis
"A fuckable hole is a vagina" wtf??? vaginas do a lot more than just get fucked dude!! lubrication, self cleaning, menstruation/shedding uterine line, cervix moves location, vagina changes length in response to arousal, undulates upon orgasm, mucus changes depending on hormonal changes, etc!!!!!!!!!! UGH OFFENSE!!!!
Boaz Foux
Debate w/ GenderCryBaby
Stefan Makhoul
Blair white won yay
E Yass
Blaire: facts
Contra: blablablablabla
I liked that all of the 'questions' during the superchat question time were just statements that supported Blaire. Thoughts?
Yeah Ugh
He just cannot accept he will never be a full woman.
Betty Black
My mom was going to get her tubes tied after her first child at 17. Good thing the doctor stoped her or I wouldn't be here. As she got older she realized she wanted more children. lol
no winners, truth is that, life is short. just be HAPPY. We raise chickens in the barns for just 7 weeks and they still fight and decide the pecking order, and some get bullied cause of the fact that they are different and even injure one another. So sad to be picking nits when you will be leaving this body so soon.
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