OakRaccoon938 0
r ya copying Evan Braddock at the end there?
OakRaccoon938 0
He says Serenity weird. He calls him Senerity.
Umer Wattoo
Don’t know about Islam don’t talk about it... wat you YouTubers do is not funny
Wilddogs gaming
Les clichΓ©s sur la France πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Snake_iQ Rainbow 6
i like ur playing but dont say allah akbar when u throu the bom --*
Srneinty that's what you said when
Rhys Payne
She you were glancing border the thatcher destroyed your claymore
st sars
you copied the wall reinforcement troll
Mr. NoName
Are you playing on xbox or ps4 ?
Gallaxzy Collide

That's TheOdd1sOut
John Paul Villafuerte
You copied evan braddocks outro
Xx SinisterYew Xx
Triple Hat
SeriouslyBadGaming just saying but it's "Serenity" not "Senerity"
you should of interrogated them
Unlined Coast598
wow did you really use Evan Braddocks outro theme
that spawn rush at the end was juicy
Herve Lallier Gaspard
the phantom
SeriouslyBadGaming is Racist
Henry Bautista
your a fucking ass
Does he mean Serenity!? He said Senerity, now I'M TRIGGERED!!!!
10:06 racist ass shit head stfu ass hole
Beverly McFarlane
Love your vids do not stop
Top notch videos mate! I just started doing funny moment clips on my channel and your videos/success are very inspiring:) take care
CrazyGamer606 Robins
Also, any tips on how to be an amazing youtuber just like you?
CrazyGamer606 Robins
The quality of your videos is amazing. Honestly if you keep up the content you will be even more rich and famous than you already are. Keep it up dude. I am a huge fan and you are my idle, if anyone that reads this comment, go to my channel and help me be a great seige/gaming youtuber like SBG and like, comment and most importantly subscribe!
zuaaz 12
I've done the one were you trap them there but I taped 3 people in there and I got kicked
montagne means mountan
TSA eSports
it is serenity17
and not senerity17
Eat the Cake
1:52 cavera did same thing to me lost round becuz of that
Eat the Cake
Anyone else play R6 On xb1 cuz there quite a bit of problems with teammates in Ranked , first of all there teammates that keep leaving mid match because they lose ONE match, Second , there are quite bit of times where I joined a match where people team kill for no absoulete reason IN RANKED! third , people I get on my team are trash so I can't level up my ranked . Plz fix
hi seriouslybadgaming i have a ps4 and i was wondering if tomorrow we could collaborate or something on siege
1tz Ricky
God man I remember 1-2-3 k videos, man you're growing like crazy, remember me at 100k;) lol
Luffy D
Allh akbr πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’”
Well then
KSS. Sea Fox
Hey boi πŸ‘‹πŸ»
Bryce Fisher
Montange > montanyee
Enrique Perez
Stop at 2:11 it's shows something weird
Preston Grandel
tu did say mauvais
Ayham Kadi
I felt like it was offencive when you said Alahu Akbar :(.
Alexander Hakimy
hi shah i playing this game at ps4 too can i know your living in what country cuz your name is normaly a malaysian
Not at all, Shah
Martial arts and lulz
Your laugh so funny :) "Eheh!" xD
Chiel Wittermans
I added shahtastic is that you?
Chiel Wittermans
Il add youπŸ‘πŸ‘
Chiel Wittermans
ok then I play on my other accπŸ‘πŸ‘
Chiel Wittermans
Can I play with you today if you want to
NightyToxic Stotixツ
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