Bowie, TX Massive Three Inch Hail Storm - 4/11/2016

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A tornado-warned storm hammered Bowie, TX destroying vehicles at a gas station off US-287. Hail measured at 3-inches came down like rockets while people huddled under the gas station. Wind-driven hail blew out windows in nearly a dozen different vehicles at this location.

Scene 1: Baseball and bigger hail rockets into the ground splashing water in the parking lot.

Scene 2: Panning shot of parking lot to a vehicle as the windows are being smashed out.

Scene 3: Wide shot of hail falling showing the moment the windows in the blue SUV get blasted out.

Scene 4: Shots of two vehicles with busted windows during the storm.

Scene 5: Shot of hail falling on the ground

Scene 6-7: Shot of gold vehicle covered in leaves with back windshield completely smashed out.

Scene 8: Shot of blue car as hail comes down, windshield smashed.

Scene 9: Shot of another SUV with busted windows.

Scene 10-11: Shot after storm of scene 9 SUV back windshield and front windshield.

Scene 12: White car with smashed front glass.

Scene 13-14: Woman taping trash bag to her back windshield that was smashed out in hail.

Scene 15-16: Shots of hailstones in hand and measured against baseballs.

Adesh Dhar
I had that same storm in Frisco, TX
Christopher Martinez
I bet 70% percent of the cars are a total loss by the insurance company.
Anna Marfa
What brand is that silver car beside the damaged black car? Im definitely getting one 😊
what is this falling from the sky?
Breanna Hayes
wow they are mad about the windows
Eric M.
Does your insurance company know that you chase storms and use your car for business? I'd hate to pay your insurance premiums.
Mark Lockwood
John Dachel
Wow! That's quite a hail storm.
Ghassan Al Farra
Hail to the king baby! 😏
Mr. Nice Guy
high instability and atmospheric moisture much
Mark Colabella
everything's bigger in Texas
Leland Dickie
safelite repair safelite replace!
Vince Russo
Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh it's ice balling! Ice balling! does ice balling dance huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu it's ice balling! Ooohhhhhhhhhhhgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it ice balled!
Ghost Assassin
Oh, man.
Runningly Plays
Hail storms are rare in Florida.
Arduous Ant
This is an awesome video :D Im definatly subbing, i will try to visit your channel regularly from now on :D if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!! :D Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace
If its not for broadcast then why is it on Youtube?? This is about as broadcast as you can get.
Kale Grey
I really wanted to eat that hail idk why
epicdopegamer son
I'm watching this because there was another one in kyle Texas today and it was bad
Adam Goodword
01:30 - packaged ice - crystal clear ICE
Looks like the ice machine went a little crazeeeeee!!
Raquel jimenez
thank u u did a great job. I do have family there just b carefull ur self when taking video's
Sandra Renn
Last night I saw the same storm
ken rodway
This is just a foretaste: people have no idea what's coming...
"And there fell (will fall) upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent (about 100 lbs): and men will blaspheme God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was (will be) exceeding great."
Even the "Great Tribulation" is God's way of calling men to repent, but instead, "They repented not to give him glory."
(See Revelation chapter 16.) -- Know that the Lord Jesus Christ is still God's only way of salvation. (See John chapter 3.)
Jim Martin
If Ye be without sun cast the first stone+ ? Opps!
Damien Holland
Time to wear a helmet and go dancing out there! YEEEE HAAAAWWW!
Juan Morales
Usual rainy day in Russia
everything's bigger in texas!!!! ha
Александр Мелик
так отбросы начинались хдд
Southern Lightning
Unbelievable,man,!!!!!! I'm sure the hospital got busy,Great footage,.Alwayz Bigger in Texas..
Gergar 7
wooooow olalaaaaa
Дима Ремм
Пиздец, граждане!
Hail measured at 7.62 cm (metric info for the rest of the world). U r welcome.
Paco G. Marmol
Sounds like a machine gun
yeah murica, keep on driving driving huge pickups and gettin gas for free
That was actually in Sunset, Texas 5 miles South of Bowie. The gas station is at the intersection on TX101 & US287.
mathue taxion
Wow, I last saw hail this big in the mid 1980's in Golden Valley, MN!
Harris Party of Eight
skyfish A.V.A
My dads truck got fkedd up dude!!
Kris A
Do car insurance firms pay out for hail-related damage?
Sam @ L E
Wow !
haha Texas. Alaska don't get hail storms like that!
Wow! I've never been in hail this bad!
Matthew K.
quite the cold pool aloft to support baseball sized hail. TX and OK ground zero the last two days.
James Greenfield
WOW! That is scary weather!
Tri state storm chaser Transit and speed
Thats nutz
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