tohit Shaikh
Ayan Shaikh
rana dagubati is good acting bahubali
Faizul Fahim
who is that SLUG VOICE
Mohd Ghouse Pasha
I love bahubali
nitha acharya
he is so freaking hot...😍
sunil kumar
I see Rana in most of the scenes in BB2 very lean and weak.did anyone recognize that???..In first part he was like real hulk....
msvelu msvelu
Nirmit Gire
Bitch, your voice is so annoying!
vijay Kumar
Sallu Baba
proper diet of carbs and steroids needed to achieve this result !!
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naeem abdulwali
I cannot take Desi-Indian English seriously [head bobbing as I speak]...
Akhsay Mahapatra
amazing body
Tapas Mahapatra
to look for a body nice for bhubali move
Urvashi Parmar
Your voice is so so so irritating plz for god sake work on your accent or else just talk normally like everyone dose
Karpagam Pagam
Rana is cute boy , chocolate boy ... lovely boy..... I'm a big fan rana,😍😍😍😘
Gp singh
Great diet man
Krishna Rao
People who don't like this movie are bigots towards Hindus and South Indians.
Serwis Nawigacji GPS
Change lector or speak with yours national language, terrible English accent.
Tarun Shetty
The narrator is pathetic
Gawd this woman's voice is so irritating...
Ajit Kumar
why is she talking like this?
Indian scientist ACP
bahubali 2 release yesterday
Shahrukh Srk
Cwazy pagle hei kya randi bacche
Danny 95
The LAME ass accent though😭😭😭
nothing new same old story repeating again
Venkata Sreenivas
I don't believe all of this
Venkata Sreenivas
I don't believe all this
TIlak Sevak
What's wrong to the accent of the narrator!!??? 😂😂😂😂😂 hai na!?
broad kiran
Building this bigger size for one cinema shows how telugu industry actors are dedicated to work...Really Telugu Cinema Tollywood guys are making India proud with this kinda cinema...
Jose.miguel Marrero.arias
Están.películas.tiene una.buena acion
Tamoghna Banerjee
Whoever gave the VOICE behind this video - you are sounding extremely irritating & insanely mundane. Make a career change as you have no individual benchmark - just following the anchors on TV who are equally ORDINARY
haider ali
so nice
vijay bhatt
great body..
Kumar Akashdeep
Baahubali 2 Leaked Story !! The second part of SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus
‘Bahubali: The Conclusion’ will still take another few days to hit screens. The secret behind the killing of Baahubali at
the hands of Kattappa was also leaked. Here is the story as per the post being
circulated online. ‘After defeating Kalakeya and his army, Baahubali becomes
the emperor of Mahishmati kingdom. Bhallala Deva and Bijjala Deva keep looking
for an opportunity to dethrone or possibly eliminate Baahubali. One day, soon
after seeing Devasena of Kunthala kingdom, Baahubali falls in love with her. A
jealous Bhallala Deva also loves Devasena and sends marriage proposal, but she
rejects it. When Bhallala Deva complains to his mother, Rajmata Shivagami, that
he had earlier snatched the kingdom and now Baahubali is snatching Deva Sena as
well, she asks Baahubali to choose either Devasena or Mahishmati’s throne.
Baahubali chooses Devasena, marries her and leaves the kingdom. Once Baahubali
leaves, Bhallala Deva becomes king and he starts treating people with contempt.
Soon, brother of Kalakeya, Ninja, attacks Mahishmathi and kills half the force.
After Sivagami seeks help, Baahubali returns to Mahishmati along with his
pregnant wife and save the kingdom. Bhallala Deva fears that if Baahubali wins
the war, he will once again become king, so he orders Kattappa, who is loyal to
the king, to kill Baahubali. Under the oath of obeying the king’s orders,
Kattappa kills Baahubali, feeling guilty of letting Baahubali die, Sivagami
saves his infant child and manages to hand him to tribal people by sacrificing
her life. Deva Sena gets jailed in Mahishmathi. The flashback ends at this
point. At last I just want to tell you that this all
my imagination and my story thank you for reading
Shaurya Dabas
he is high on carbs protein and STEROIDS. .......
Global Citizen
hahahaha....look at his biceps....hahahaha specially left one, teenagers in the west has a better body than this loser
Pavan V
woh aawaz kiski hai bhai...shut the fuk up
Baahubali is cool, now we need someone to make a version of Mahabharata with awesome warriors and weapons, that would be epic. Imagine Vimanas and special swords and arrows with super powers, and also the Brahmastra, super weapon. Only Indians can make that epic right, waiting for that wish to be fulfilled by a worthy director.
Chandan Swain
nice bahuboli 2 pate
Gagan Singh
Princesivaiah 8951047827
Oy kattappa Bahubali ni yenduku champavu
Btlokesh Btlokesh
Very high body sexy
ranadaguphatibhallaladeva ...ooooo I got a cramp in my jaw
dying for bahubali2
Karthik S
I guess he forgot to build his wrist.. Looks like he got Polio...Ha ha..
Dastraj Hossalli
love rana
raj kumar
kaatappa nein bahubali ko kyun maraa?
Rana Tasawar
Indian history is incomplete without RajputS.
Arghadeep Saha
kaatappa nein bahubali ko kyun maraa?
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