Paris - Chainsmokers - FUNK REMIX feat. Kina Grannis!

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A FUNK REMIX of Paris by Scary Pockets.

A "FUNK REMIX" uses funk instrumentation and timbres but relies on EDM form for song structure.  Thus, a funk remix will have a verse, breakdown, build, drop, and other functional structures of EDM, but the musicians play traditional instruments to perform the composition.

Bass: Sam Wilkes
Drums: Rob Humphreys
Vocals: Kina Grannis
Guitar: Ryan Lerman
Keys: Jack Conte
Recording Engineer: Pete Min

Produced, mixed, mastered, and edited by Scary Pockets.

I'm scary hungry!!! Feed the beast!!!!
Logan Browne
You guys should try Cold by Maroon 5
are you on spotify?
YES! =D Love it!
Edgar Espina
I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd would be dope
Deeyanah Rahim
this is better than the original one!!! <333
Diego Cardona
This is such a fun cover wow, and Kina's voice is perfect. Where/how can I give you money for this?
Alex Beller
cover request: say you'll be there – spice girls

and GOOD GAWD who is that man on bass????
i love this!! kina sounds so good with the band 😊
Elisabeth Werre
Kina's voice works really well with this group. Please collaborate with her again soon.
And let me just get this going: WILKES
Bryan Morgan
This bass player is a MONSTER.
Really loving the instrumentation on this one. And Kina's voice works super well here.
Rachel Wang
I've never heard a bass dominate so much!! Don't get me wrong, I love Kina's voice, but I found myself listening more for the instrumentals than the vocals in this one. A nice change of pace :)
Dig the super funky beat, too... esp. the "early" 1-beat.
Just so great to see Jack enjoying himself again.
Man, you guys are AMAZING
De la pure folie !
Alex Trytko
YAS! On repeat :) What a treat and what an awesome group of musicians. And it’s Kina! Also that bass, especially in the last 20 seconds, is on POINT
Mark McCombs
Funk!! Great song. <3 Thanks for sharing.
Jose Huerta
Kina! Love it! Nice work!
Your voice and composition is amazing. I only wish you would cover more interesting and higher quality songs than the everyday mediocrity of Chainsmokers.
Paul Roberts
Amazing tunes - the bass got a good workout on this one!
Scary Pockets
How amazing is Kina's voice?!?! How lucky is Scary Pockets that we got to collab with her?!?! And now our turn to answer a question: is Kina THAT kind and awesome in real life? The answer is YES. Kina!!! THANK YOU for collabing with us. It was a sheer joy. We feel so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to play music with you. Pure joy!
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