kenziewolf 44
im 11 and i love green juices and veg and fruit im not allowed glutin and im full vegan so i miss out on alot at school but there so nice to get me a veg pizza and im allowed a little bit of glutin btw and no meat with the veg pizza
Bella Chloe
YB: “What’s wheatgrass”
Sky: “wheatgrass is um, a grass” 😂😂
YB is amazing, she's my idol and my soulmate. She loves food as much as I do, probably more actually, haha! Great video!
Dirty Sanchez
Asian girl is so damn sexy!!!
Rahul Patel
The Korean girl is pretty beautiful for someone who would eat that much junk.
shirley woah
knowing YB's food habits, she probably meant "burger king BURGER, fries, and coke" for dinner on the list ahahaha not just fries and coke!
Joanna Cyruszys
I am allergic to gluten
Carson McKenzie
I'm confused because Sky ordered a Coke and Coke isn't vegan. I'd assume she was eating the sweet spicy chili Doritos. The French fries may or may not have been vegan either. I obviously don't know Sky or why she is vegan. I would assume she would know what she is eating.So she can make adjustments even if it is just for a video.
Riva Waxys
I love healthy breakfast and lunch🍎🍏🍊🍑🍓🍌🍍🍉 but i go junk food ham🔨 on snacks and dinner🍡🍕🍔🍟🍤🍜🍛🍝🍰🎂🍳🍞🍩🍮🍦🍨🍧🍫🍬🍭
Chicken Tops
I really don't get how the junkie is more skinnier than the vegan. :s
SeokJinMyOnlySeokJin :D
Daniel Ward
“I got hangry”
Nite -
1:00 i laughed so hard xD
Pretentious Intellect
Sky pisses me off
Mimi Me
I don't mess with rabbit food 🍔
Eileen Chen
I feel bad for YB because I felt like she was starving everyday
Darla Taglia
Something weird to me . The junk food addict and the health nut have a similar if not the same body type. WOW
livi M
This is exactly why people think that eating a vegan diet is extreme.. look at sky's meal plan!! As a vegan myself, I know that I would never be able to eat that amount of food and still function the way that I need to. Especially eating raw, she would need to at least double that amount.. I would really like to see someone sustain themselves and still maintain optimal health with that amount of food. If you're going to go vegan, you need to do it right and not set an unattainable, elitist goal that literally no one can attain and then advertise it on such a huge social platform. GO VEGAN
Jaime Marston
I dont think green juice will cleanse the juice out of your system
Lucky Charms
don't worry only millions of people are seeing you go through the burger king drive through
Lord Gunther
A,a retards and smart ppl swap food

Healthy ppl retards
Cheyenne Stevenson
I feel like this is fake, because if she were actually vegan then it would be extremely difficult for her to eat dairy and meat
Sky is good looking
Piotr Rasputin
I'm balanced I eat healthy and I only eat one meal a day which is lunch and it's next level nutrients on one plate and I lose fat and feel healthy cause for dinner and breakfast I only drink water and tea and when I fell like eating bad Saturday and Sunday I do a refeeds and I gained muscle from it
Awesome toy Reviews
I’m over here eaten my chips and dip with a juice box
No offense but the healthy girl is fatter than the junk food addict girl I don't get it
Dr Don Pham Do
Dr. Don Pham DO
Okay we get it you want a green juice!!
Someone give that girl a green juice.
Eden Halley
I wouldn't. Mind the whole healthy lifestyle but I would want more junkie dinners
J-Rae Gaming
How is YB so skinny if she eats like that
Jozzle !
She had the easier option...and she CHEATED?
Clarity King
That dog is adorable
EdwardAwsomeness Ef
The Asian girl looked like a healthy person but I eat like exactly like her
Zoe Wright
what is wrong with people.. her names YB as it clearly states at the beginning of the vid but people keep commenting .. the asian girl
Anyone instantly think of eugenes dog when they said pesto? XD
Claire Bear
I aspire to feel the need to cheat on a junk food diet
I find it funny how the vegan said the breakfast is really sugary yet smoothies have tones of sugar.
im a mix of both whoops
Julia M
Sky is literally every stereotype. White, vegan, wearing dream catcher earrings, and her name is SKY
Masshi Dash
Why is the Asian girl skinny if she’s a junk food nut
Аружан Мейрембай
junk food lover girl looks more skinnier than vegan girl
I STRONGLY DONT BELIEVE THE 'junk food eater' I CAN GUARANTEE that she doesnt eat a whole pizza , especially not EVERYDAY. i eat like that and i am 14 (i eat 3000+ calories everyday and its pretty much all junk food) and even though both my parents are thin and eat A LOT of junk and just a lot of food in general , im not that thin.. i can tell shes exaggerating how much she eats, if ANYTHING she eats like that once a month for those eating challenge videos, its pretty obvious...
God..... I love junkfood😂but I also love veggies and fruit
Hufflepuff for life
I to am eating Doritos
Sianna jasmine
Who else thought of j-hopes line “angry, hungry yes im hangry” (from the song ‘come back home’ by bts) when she said “hangry” at 1:49

Hands up if your an army🙌
Stacy Nelson
I feel like the asian girl should be more of the healthier one and the white girl bc white girls are always dieting where as asians should be aswell.
Allison Borjas
Did anybody hear her say hangry
Life isn't fair, the Asian chick eats junk food and she's skinny and has nice skin.
Katie Martin
I keep coming back to this video. I’ve watched it like 7 times
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