Health Nuts Swap Diets With Junk Food Addicts

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“So, I‘m eating grass?"


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haaya rizvi
I just watched a kfc ad before this..interesting..
Ilima Lani
i don't get why people with buzzfeed do these little challenges if they can't actually do them, stick to them 100%
Laura Rose
lazy video
David Gamez-Alvarez
Don't feed a cat vegetables...
Anne MacDonald
If she's vegan, why is she eating all this non-vegan junk?
WhatsOn Tokyo
cuz drinking grass juice is so totally gonna cleanse your system, detox from the junk and of course help you sing insync with the wild animals.
Sky has a nice butt, I gotta say
Mineragh Cats
gluten has nothing to do with being unhealthy it's just a protein. study's have shown that people who go gluten free without sceiliacs or an allergy consume less fiber and therefore are more prone to diabetes and heart disease
Julia Hills
Both of them are so pretty!
Maja Janusz
I just feel that the Asian girl is much more likable because she embraced the new diet so much and in a positive way too. The Blonde girl, grr. I felt like she would look down on us junk food addicts.
Imogen n
Okay cool. I'm fat and a vegan, but she's tiny and a junk food addict... that's fair. -_-
Michael Avina
Watcha drinking? 😈😈😈😈😈
Samantha Wright
can i get the recipe for that last salad 👀
I'm a health nut and don't see anything wrong with it! I just enjoy living a healthy lifestyle, what's so wrong with that 🤷‍♀️
Paul Edward Fernandez
YB sounds like someone I can actually hang around with....
Kylie Jenner Giveaways
Nice work, amazing info
Anthony Stolar
This healthy chick seems unbelievably arrogant and condescending
my little 11 year old sister makes the most helthiest smoithies and they really good
Lol the comments under this video are proving once again that people only care if somebody's unhealthy if it "shows" aka excess fat/acne.
Holy, she is blessed with those asian genes.....I bet that her ancestors were healthy, peaceful monks that exercised and drank tea which explains her glowing skin. Guessing the way you eat now will affect future generations.
wtf is a kelp noodle?
Cecilia De La Cruz
The white girl looks like brie larson
Health Happyou
I thought the Asian Food would be the health nut.. it clear the skin
David Barcelon
whats her name sky what?
Hammering Hank
YB has my heart
Jade Wolf
thick** not think
Jade Wolf
how dose junk food lover so skiny and the health nut think
Jean Baik
My day usually goes like this:
breakfast - fruits! then coffee and cookie
lunch - salad! then latte with a caramel shot and chocolate chip muffin
dinner - sushi! binges on crackers and more chocolate
Beebo goes shopping and sees something he likes
If i sniffed what the Asian eats I would gain 50 pounds.
MoonWolf 5000
Isabella Joy
good for that health nut girl she really loves the healthy lifestyle
John Redcorn
sounds like all that girl eats is green smoothies
2:05 thicc
Ghost Mutt
i want to marry that asian girl
Brendan Laffey
How come the Heath nut is fatter than the junk food lover
Sasha J
I'm just so happy that the health nut remained vegan!
hannah martin
select pile export secure bias ethics matter drug chocolate.
Kylie steele
The healthy girl could get sick from eating that much junk (haven't seen the whole vid yet)
Elsie Viola Dupuis
I could switch but not maintain..
"I'm a vegan"... eats Doritos
Oh sooo Mayra
I miss all the other girls that used to do the experiments but the editing in these are really starting to bug me 🤦‍♀️
Josephina Jacobson
*ate four pieces of peanut butter toast while watching
Michael Sanders
whered she get that southern proper hat. that thing is OLD
Shakira Karjadi
1 like you will get free icecream
Comment back your crush will kiss you
8 likes you will get a fidfet for free
@ all of the comments,, weighing more =/= being unhealthy, also weighing less =/= being healthy! lots of skinny ppl can eat extremly unhealthy stuff and not gain weight same w fat ppl vice versa etc
Jenny Zhao
Am I the only one that thinks the blonde looks kinda like Shailene Woodley?
Sandra H
The health nut seems like she has an eating disorder of some sort.
Cherish Daly
Gluten tends to be associated with highly processed foods. Pasta, bread, cereal, pastries. They are a highly processed form of wheat. Now gluten is safe for those who don't have celiac, however it can still cause a heavy feeling and make you lethargic if you consume a lot of processed wheat. I love these products but even I can't eat them on the daily because I would feel very sluggish. Do the experiment yourself and see how you feel. It various from person to person.
Can we just take a moment to acknowledge that while YB eats very unhealthy food, society won't collectively demonize her for it because she is thin. She will likely not be "concern trolled" en masse about her health and the negative effects of her diet because it doesn't "show" on her.

sidenote: I don't condone judgement of other people's diets, and I am not trying to do that here, YB and Sky (and anyone reading this) can eat whatever and however they want, I am just illustrating a point to those who concern-troll fat people about their diets and "health"
Sara Lynn
Are we not going to talk about how Sky just gave up being vegan?
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