Health Nuts Swap Diets With Junk Food Addicts

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“So, I‘m eating grass?"


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Hannah Rofail
Am i the only 13 year old out there that would rather eat vegetables more then sweets
TheHuntBegins05 Stogner
If you dont want junk food dont eat it fine dont eat it, its better for you anyway
Bliss Carys
Why does the end of the description on this video say "gullible"?
theawkwardblob 101
Jazilyn Trasorras
Me: I'm going to be healthy

Next day: (sitting on couch and eating chips)
Tim on
not too much gluten = healthy
Well, you learn something every day.
how is yb still so skinny!!!
mrs stadler
That blonde girl reminds me of that one girl in your class that gets straight As and her mother packs her organic lunches everyday
Laney Medberry
I'm healthy I don't like to eat junk food
Eloise Bonds
Wish I could be like the healthy girl
Marshy Marshmellow :3
I love YB!
Emma Louise
Is it just me but that girl that eats junk food all the time I am so jealous! Like how does she stay so thin???
Abby's World
my diet is as many calories as i can eat, cuz im underweight, but im gaining weight now, but i looooove vegetables and i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE greek saladss
i am hungry
If i had to guess which one was the healthy one and which one wasnt it woulda been the other way around. I relate sm to the junkfood girl
You know the one who eats junk will outlive the healthy eating one. She'll probably make it to 90.
Wainwright Sandor
When it comes to eating healthy, you must try not to fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans are a danger for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your everyday nutritional intake. While they may induce quick weight loss, these diet plans are never a long-term solution for your weight problem. It is best to search Fenoboci Diet Plan on google search engine since it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.
Viktor Sirucek
But was the pizza.... BONELESS?!
Alicia Capps
I couldn't do the swap from healthy to junkie... My stomach would get so upset. I can't even eat a little bit of junkie food without paying a physical price for it.
Söbranie Äü
I thought that the asian girl was the healthier one
How she skinny and eats so much junk food I don't get it
That homeless guy Off the street
YB is my soul asian
Sophie Adelia
I rly wanna be a health nut so much that I crave kale
My Little World
Admit it, you thought the Blond girl was the one who ate junk food.
angelica norlund
I eat healthy but I never crave green juice and the healthy foods that im eating lol
Junk food one: Super slim ;-;
Health Nut: Normal Size
All LitGrace
I mean i could eat healthy tgings for the rest of my life literaaly i should be a vegetarian but i am not but i do like junk food

Dont judge me i cant spell
WeirdoSelena Roblox
How does that Asian girl stay so skinny?
Ella-May Bleasdale
They're both SO skinny no matter there diets 🤗👩🏽👌❤️
Asher Decker
I love this asian girl!!
Tyler Nguyen
Sky is technically isn't vegan anymore now because of the pizza and Doritos
ay0._andrea 25
Vito Rinnelli
Why did you make the title sound like there were multiple people
Shaina Grodi
I am the junk food girl and I strive to be the health nut girl but it only lasts ten minutes until I get hungry and then I realize how much of a disappointment I really am
michael wright
Can confirm that when you're used to eat healthy is totally painful to go junk foods. That's why you never go full junk foods.
wenzykk tapioca
Me: eats Doritos while watching 😂
Shonagh Collins
The Asian girl is so sweet and nice I love her
Grace Gorman
i try this for 10 minutes and i look at my stomache exspecting instant results then give up when i dont look like a model
Ayanna_ slimey4life
They both are so skinny
iivinpoy M8
I am a junk addict
I ate 5 pieces of fried chicken for lunch
"Can I get a small fries and a coke?"

yo this is ur time to eat junk!! I'd get like 2 large fries right there
Avery Jones
I love this I'm a child chef and I love it when I make healthy and junk food
It's meh Abby
How is she so skinny
Melissa West
That Asian girl doesn't eat junk food all the time
Fluff Dj
I really cannot believe that the junk food girl never eats healthy. She has a fit body
Being Asian doesn't mean you'd barely gain weight. Plus, which Asian are you guys talking about, the people from the east? South? South East???
They are both so pretty I feel like a potato
So she failed at eating junk food yet the other person did well at eating healthy?

the only reason she said SWEET CHILI doritos are bomb is because those are the only kind of doritos that are actually vegan lmao
YB looks a bit like YoungK
Huff erin
People think I'm weird for not liking salads. I don't know just salads taste like straight up plants, like it makes me gag, that's how weird I am.
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