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A new Ring is forged...War awaits...and Nothing Will Be Forgotten. The next chapter begins with Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Watch the gameplay reveal on March 8.

Available beginning August 22, 2017 on Xbox One, Project Scorpio, Windows 10 PC (Windows Store and Steam), PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®4 Pro. Pre-order now:


Middle-earth: Shadow of War™ is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor™, winner of more than 50 industry awards—including the 2015 Game Developers Choice Awards’ Game of the Year, Outstanding Innovation in Gaming at the 2015 D.I.C.E. Awards and the BAFTA for Game Design. Developed by Monolith Productions, Middle-earth: Shadow of War features an original story with the return of Talion and Celebrimbor, who must go behind enemy lines to forge an army and turn all of Mordor against the Dark Lord, Sauron.

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Benjamin Kramer
Who is she?
Dylan Bennett
Any theories on who the woman in the beginning is?
PFT Stunts
So is that the same ring that Frodo and Bilbo carry in the books/movies? I'm confused
Nicholas Musser
This is the first time I've ever pre ordered anything in my life. That's how excited I am for this. I usually wait half a year after the release for it to be a third of the price before I buy, but not this time. I'm legit, that excited for this.
Алмаз !
Talion looks similar to Varian Wrynn :3
Noah Herington
comment section = 99% people complaining about the people complaining about the black guy 1% complaining about the lore 0% actually excited about the game
Who is the woman at 0:09
Ethan O'Sullivan
"Woah woah woah? There's a black guy! Fuck it, I don't need any context to his presence in the story, this is SJW societal brain washing! KEEP UR NIGGER LOVING BRAINS OF MY GAMES!"- This comment section.
nicolas B.
I never played Shadow of Mordor, but I thought it was was really cool. I hope this will be similar to it.
Canal Bom
Melhor jogo de todos os tempo! não vejo a hora de jogar
Justin Stetser
You guys are boycotting a game because there was a black guy in the trailer for two seconds. Think about that for a moment.
James Susman
wheres his beard??? will there be hair options???
Jack White
My theory is the new ring will simply make the link between celabrenbor and talion stronger so the ranger does not drop dead without him being there. Because they were already pretty prodigiously powerful on their own. Another thing worth nothing is that Sauron and the elves and by extension all of their crafts are bound to the music of illuvitaur that gave the world its form, the gift of man is to be able to act outside of the themes of the song. In essence, this new ring of power could possibly share in the gift of man because a man's hand went into its crafting.
1:21 Game, i expect an awesome bossfight. Don't dissapoint.
I've watched this probably about 12 times now! Still awesome! Doing a lot of coverage for this game for those that want to check it out.
Venturio A.
Why is there a debate about a black character in the trailer? That's just fucking dumb my friends, who cares amirite?
Hidden Lotus
The dark lord looks ducking amazing
Professional Asshole
Can someone please help. I'm playing shadow of mordor and its a lot of fun but i'm never able to perform executions please help
Ky King
anyone know the music?
The Berserk Spoogz

Too many!
Diego Cerna
What is included in the gold addition this is a must have if amazing?
Terra Cordis
I hope they found a good way to explain a presence of a black guy from Far Harad in the elite army of Gondor. This just doesn't look lore friendly. Speaking as a black guy myself it is cool and all, but it's just a bit off.
Lol, funny watching all these wannabe LOTR fan plebs talking about how a black guy is lore-breaking. Most of you have probably only seen the movies. Well, let me enlighten you. South of Gondor and Mordor there is a land called Harad, and the further you go into Harad, the darker people's skin gets. Eventually they get a really dark skin color, often defined as black.

There is nothing written in the books that states that there are no Harad immigrants in Gondor. Yeah, of course, if he was a NUMENOR it would be lore-breaking. But MOST LIKELY he isn't.
Rachel Sergi
and build you defense and upgrade your army to better armor
Rachel Sergi
so would that mean we can upgrade orc and trolls better
Rushav Kumar Panda
Did the first game actually set the timeline of the game-events with the lore-events? Because I think this would have been set before the Last Alliance of Men and Elves (war scene within first 10 mins of Fellowship movie, for those who don't know)..

Can anyone confirm this?
Joseph Bloggs
Haradrim waz kangs n sheet.
SD donzori
Now This is cool
Ates Goksu
I'm so happy that we'll get to see the Nazgûl in this game
Jeez, people crying about the Black lad and how its not part of the lore? focus on the game it self and how awesome it is... fucking race purity bigots.
Stark101 15
How many times can I like a video?
Calvin Coates
I'm not even going to pretend I know everything about LotR besides a fair bit of knowledge. But this seems so damn cool e.g. a Gondorian Ranger with the power of a wraith and a fucking ring of power!!!!!!! No matter if this is or isn't canon this game will be lit!

I wonder if we'll get to command a Balrog at one point
Angel Wolf kind
celebrimbor my wifu!
Asher Chadwick
1:57 is that Aganduar or a Nazgul cause it looks an awful lot like Agandaur?
Anonymous 101
LOL. Everyone complaining about the black dude is pretty hilarious!
Michael Moklak
isn't there a content below middle earth that has black people
Gorbag Quick-Blades
Why are you all talking shrakh about some black tark?! tark like a tark ! seems we uruks are better than you even in this way. we dont care about color. You could learn that from us... shrakhing shrakhs.
Darth Malgus
Surprised they didn't change the main character to a butch female
Mitchell Meyer
Wouldn't it have been shitty if their new ring just fell into the lava when Celebrimbor and Talion got knocked back from the blast?
Slayerofevil 264
it better be hard (if we want it).
Is she an elf or something else? her eyes are glowing in the dark, it intrigues me.
Elephants Are Cool
Heard that if you constantly reuse the same Orc the game will officially acknowledge that Talion, actually cares about that Orc. That's the end of my knowledge on the matter. No idea if it will actually affect anything or not. My theory is that it will most likely have some small effect on the betrayals.
yall retarded as fuck
Az-Laar at 1:08
Emerey Brock
Celebrimbor is evil.
So you can simply walk into mordor
wow new diablo trailer looks great 1:16
Plutonic Earth
0:15 perfect political correction .
niksu kiksu
There better be options for difficulty, because SoM was pretty easy tbh, but it was fucking cool at the same time
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