Women Try Homemade Clay Masks

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“I’m so upset."

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Gabriela Barrientos
if you add charcoal to the mask it makes it so much better! ive been doing this exact mask for a year and it has kept my skin feeling amazing.
Zaineb Daoud
i have a 1 TND ( even less than half a dollar :'( ) natural clay mask with rose water , and it's wonderfully useful for ily skin . we have a lot of natural clay in many mountains in Tunisia . actually many brides-to-be come to certain beaches that have mountains with wet clay , they their bodies with it , then they swim to remove it . Man that's the best exfoliator ever !
Drama Debussie
No face product works within an hour. This should've been an experiment that lasted 2 weeks to a month. Hard to trust their opinions.
Autumn Crowe
lol why are some of them wearing a full face of makeup to do a mask? i don't think that's how it works
Sofii Saavedra
0:33 "Indian healing clay" that's Aztec!!!
Jayne Dolinsky
I can't hear "clay" without thinking of 13 Reasons Why now...
Andy Tang
When she said "Indian", I cringed.
I Couldn't Help It
Wait... "Indian healing clay" "Aztec secret" and a Mayan pyramid.... Y'all white folk needa stop
I Couldn't Help It
Radioactive Raven
I use this clay mask all the time and it works so well
Cat Daily
What did she say (1:05)
Not an expert ** I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to mix the calcium bentonite clay using a METAL spoon !!!
Rebel Love
I feel like Boldly and Ladylike are low key competing.
i have this stuff and it works so well
I'm just here for the black chick in white face.
Amira Thlija
why there are no jokes about 13 reasons why ?
Am I th only obsessed one ?
It looked like they put hummus on there face
spooky mili
clay ;)
Britney Jackson
I'm wearing the " Lemon and Honey " face mask right now to control my acne and get rid of my blemishes. It's slightly working. One week though.
min yoongi for life
anyone here like .... MULTANI MITTI 😏
Audrey_ Unicorns
The girl wearing the bright blue jacket seriously reminds me of Oprah!❤️
Ariel Lee
anyone have a link for this mask with worldwide shipping or does anyone know where they sell these in Korea...
azooz abood
wait whats up with this boldly thing ??? did buzzed change the channel ?? and which buzzed is this ?? blue of yellow
trypophobia triggered 0:58
Ra Fie
If you frequented natural hair YouTube videos in the last 10 years, this will be beyond familiar!
If you want a tingly sensation and a bit better smell, try adding a little bit of peppermint essential oil
Sydney Mason
This mask is amazing! I get really deep blackheads that are hard to extract, and after 3 days of this mask they are gone!
Emma Z
Has anyone else ever noticed how diverse all of their videos are??

Props to you, BuzzFeed. :)
Hash Slinger
Nothing like your daily bit of BuzzFeed clickbait
Aaron D
The amount of new stuff Buzzfeed has introduced to it's female staff there is no way they would ever get to work had they use them all.
Victoria Garfias
That clay mask actually works so well it helped clear my skin
Julia Prusha
your masks weren't dry yet
d d
Has anyone tried this mask before? Do you recommend it?
Jade Scott
people who put face masks over a full face of makeup are a special kind of stupid
This is such a simple mask. How do they screw it up?

As for the girl who thinks paying more for the same thing is 'bougie' no, sweetie, that's just stupid.
Niamh McG
Women try homemade "helmet" masks
Adore Blair
Clay, Helmet...
Trinity Shealey
I use bentonite clay all the time, especially for my hair
Carina .A
Anyone else who thought about Clay Jensen from 13 reasons why everytime they said the word clay
Fatma Abdullah
we now need some homemade Hannah masks
Paula Mayr
all I can think about is 13 reasons why
The title implies they try multiple face masks, you should've made it say "Women try a homemade clay face mask"
Kylie Walker
I used to do this mask all the time with my mom. I think the last time I did it was when I was about 10, so I might have to redo it sometime soon ^^
morgan butler
It also works great on natural hair.
Keith Chan
ahh yes, the new look like a clay pot trend
Twili Vaati
does anyone know a mask or anything that can get rid of dark eye circles
Zarni Aye
Health & Fitvness/ how women tighten their sagging skin at home / Lifecell skincare office .
why wasnt this a ladylike
Sydney Schoening
That one girl with the ombré hair should NOT have said BOOSHIE, It was weird!
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