Lake Berryessa is 3.5' OVER the Glory Hole Spillway 4K HD Drone Report - Lake Berryessa News 2-21-17

The latest rains in California are topping the lake off at over 3.5' above the World Famous Glory Hole Spillway at Lake Berryessa, so check out Lake Berryessa, Putah Creek, and the Monticello Dam from the perspective of a drone, this time with MORE WATER.  Also, high water at the dam means minor flooding in the resorts, happy geese, and lots of water for fishing!  Check it out!

-Lake level is still rising, and as of 1:00 pm, at 443.5 feet, or 3.5 feet over the Glory Hole spillway! This is equal to the highest the lake level in 11 years on January 2, 2006.
-It is only 3.2 feet lower than the highest level in lake history - 446.7 feet in 1983 - 6.7 feet above Glory Hole.
-The lake level has only reached Glory Hole 26 times in its 58 year history.
-From the chart we can see that 1996 to 2006 was a wet period with the lake hitting Glory Hole 9 out of 11 years. Also, the lake has just seen the second fastest rise in its history. The fastest rise was 61 feet in 1995 - and the lake never even got to Glory Hole level.
-Are we entering another 11 year wet period? How much higher will it go?
-The lake level at this time last year was 401.4 feet, 42.1 feet lower than today.
-The level has risen 44.9 feet since its low of 398.6 feet on 10/23/16 and 39.8 feet since January 1, 2017.
-This winter rainfall total has risen to 40 to 110+ inches in the watershed. - Check it out in March 2017 - All Good Easy Access Tourist Info brought to you by the LB News.

Do not operate drones within 400' of infrastructure.
This video filmed by professional media UAV pilot, for The Lake Berryessa News.

Music: "Napa Valley Marathon", Bill Scholer

Copyright 2017

To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

beautiful glory hole
Keith Ryals
If you don't mind me asking, who is playing the music in the soundtrack to your video?
Isaiah Gleason
on my way there ssooooo excited!!!!
Carlie Winters
How to dispose of a body 101
justyn hardwick
how many bodies are down in that hole?
Someone should tie a GoPro to a life preserver and film it while they throw it down the hole.
What if you got sucked into that?
Matthew Street
did anyone notice there were two spill ways ??
Who wants to throw a beach ball down it?...Me
So you're saying that I can't shoot the tube on my skateboard next Saturday?
Tommy Drone
That's crazy COOOL!!!! Wow!!
Edward Rowe
what a lie
Edward Rowe
Edward Rowe
i am going to jump in it
Spencer Schultz
Evan clearly has better gear than we do but, here's some context as to where the Glory Hole is in relation to Solano County and the spillway that the hole ultimately leads to.
looks like a butthole when you zoom in
Dirty Bird
What you need for this video is an old GoPro in a waterproof case with a float attached to a short tether, and an auto-drop on the bird. You lift off with the GoPro recording, auto-drop it into the spillway, & recover it once it passes through the dam.
Aussie Gamer
How do they keep the boats away from this? It looks dangerous ... but really cool!!!!
Matt Douglas
Think you'd survive if you jumped in?
Really, a glory hole? There must be a better name for a large drain-like aperture in a dam... Also, Putah Creek? In Spanish that is a very naughty word...
Nolan Gaudreau
That would be an awesome water slide
Sander Denayer
Hi Evan! Nice drone footage! Can we use it in our video for the Belgian News VTM? With credits, of course!
My left ear really enjoyed that.
I'm afraid of falling in and I'm just watching the video.
0:18 looks like a water anus
I see this lake is close to San Francisco, now I see how it got the name "Glory Hole".
The guys flying their drones over the spillway are sissy's. What I want to see are some go-pro cameras on some real nice high end remote controlled boats. Let's see who has the baddest R/C boats. See who can squirt their powerful Bad-a$$ R/C boats right to the edge of doom. Put some money down on who comes back and who trades it all for the first video ever of getting sucked into that bottomless hole. A sure fire thrill for everyone, well everyone except for the boat owners who's boats kiss doom and don't come back. The dudes with drones could risk it all to, by swooping down just in the nick of time, hooking a struggling boat right on the edge of disaster and either pull the boat to safety or go down the hole with the boat. Invite R/C boat teams from other countries to try their luck competing for The Baddest R/C Boat in the world title. Each team racking up points for getting the closest and surviving. Winner takes the trophy home until the next competition, just like the sailing teams do. Just go ahead and make it a traditionally recognized sport. Call it "The International Spillway Glory Hole Championships." It would be better than watching a bunch of America hating ungrateful millionaires drop to one knee and disrespect the only country in the world that could make millionaires out of grown men running around on a field with a deformed under-inflated turd looking ball. R/C boats struggling against a hole in the Earth. Sounds like exciting fun to me.
Jay B
Is there a law somewhere that says you have to put music to every video.
I think the term you're looking for is "overflow".
Can we get a guy in a barrel down this thing already? What's taking so long?
Jim Parks
Are you able to take an inner tube and take that baby for a ride?
Awesome footage! Thanks for sharing.
Glory hole? Really?
Put the illegals in it.
Calvin Denali
Finally i've found one that will fit..!!
Seamus O'Brien
That is deceptive advertising. I clicked on this video expecting something totally different. Instead, I just wasted 90 seconds of my life.
Paul Marado
This isn't fair to show an abundance water. This will make people waste water. There needs to be a higher water tax when the lakes are full. It's only fair.
Melissa Culverwell
Thank you. You did the dam proud.
Kris Vera-Phillips
Love this video! Would love to use it tonight on KPBS Evening Edition!
Alexsandro Santos
Parece um cuzinho de perto
Luisa Wawrzinek
Hi Evan, we would like to use a sequence of your video for the german TV Show "logo!", a news programme for children. Is that possible (with credits, of course) to show it on TV and online? Best, Luisa
Mattia Sparagna
Hi Evan, this video is so beautiful! I work for, a newspaper in Italy. Do you mind if we use it with a credit to you?
zippy Licious
I could owerflow your glory hole with pleasure
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Anaconda Boom
I think of something different when someones mentions a glory hole..
Kris Courter
I'm really glad you're posting these. I was in Sacramento for business and left on Feb 11. I was really hoping it'd spill before I left so I could see it, but it happened a week later. I'm hoping I get back there again before the lake drops.

Last time I was there, it looked like your October pics.

With HD drone footage, it's the next best thing to being there. Thanks for posting the vids and I look forward to more!

Also, what's with that "bulging" flow on the side closest to the road? Almost looks like a waterfall inside the hole.
someone explain please :(.why does it do that?
Karl Dunn
a glorious sight to see
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