player unknown

To this game.
*sorry no facecam and shit audio q

pleeease do more this actually really entertaining to watch :)
When I saw "I am addicted" my first thoughts were, hmm I bet this is a player unknown video. I wasn't wrong, such an amazing game!
isaacgamer and chrisgamer
Love piedipie
this is what makes a video, a GOOD video. ! I don't get pepz who are trying to force him to play video games that he doesn't enjoy, because in my personal opinion if he is happy while playing it, it's more fun to watch because it's filled with real emotions :) I love it!! keep going
Beast mode
Ege Senkal
Okadarb abone nerden
Daniel Misyura
Felix Xu
What's this game?
ehem... what game
Bruno Martins
Would you play titanfall 2, please? =)
Airi Nakahara
No Pewds face in this video im sad
Raghav Dipsite
poods don't wear shoes makes less noise indoors
bishal baruah
Julia Kovalenko
i have to say only 2 words: СЛАВА УКРАIНI
thank you for attention
hope they're not gonna block me
Lee Henry
i am addicted too
Thomas Turner
does player unknown implement gas and molotovs? if not, it should. also I LOVE THESE VIDEYAYS
Austin Shaffer
I think one of the best parts is, is that these ppl don't even know they are playing with PewDiePie. If they knew it would take away so much of the value of this video for me. Because if they knew it would just be them being nice and pretty much letting him kill them. It feels much more real this way. Makes me wonder how many times if at all I got in a lobby with a famous YouTuber or something. Really cool to think about.
Cynthia Wohlschlaeger
What are those flashes of white "ribbons" thingys in the air?
"scar's my favorite"
my nibba
Reaper 1698
wtf it's only 720p
Can I play this with you dad?
jc is online
pewdiepie is the goat
Don't mind seeing more videos of this
Martin Wetter
The best video for a long time :D More of them Pewd, please more of them :)
Cameron Savagemaster
I swear on my mom's life I will stop right now and follow @fuklettuce on Instagram right not
Ahmad Raza
This letsplay reminded me of 1356 pewdiepie
we are spartan's
2:35 my hart dropped as he drops the m416 XC
This game looks so fucking fun. Too bad my computer is shit.
Shawn Thomas
Hos reaction to winning😂
Alex Thorne
Glad to see you're adapting well to this game. Love it! Give me moar!
kodo ku
Record more of this pls, i dont want to watch your other shit <3
Emil Of Herning
I will never ever trust a shed again.
Madison Whaley
if anyone subscribes to me I will subscribe to them I promise I am not trying to be rude or anything.btw I love your videos PewDiePie
Wow that was actually Felix and not pewdiepie
Kenya Munson
He should do more Omegle
Thunder Beats
little brother jaky try to roast me?
extended mags
Alyssa Villagomez
Love this game
tony felix
nex sit
just fnd out my step dad was cheating on my mom. dont know how to react to dis
Poods keep doing these videos for this game I honestly cannot get enough!!!
Maleia Scott
U such ass with ur non good tape line
Dušan Peltzner
Live https://www.twitch.tv/richardgogola1212
XdarkXfireXwolfXgamingX by Eric Ames
Marcus Ficus
Nice game! More PUB
Christina Gross
Do more games it's so funny!
Dorothea Mccloskey
I love this game
Pewds this is actually awesome. Like it's really nice. It's just you and it's genuine and everyone loves it Thank you
Kent Nathaniel
@pewdiepie can u do some stream with this game ? thanks :D
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