THOR 3 RAGNAROK NEW Official Trailer (2017) Marvel Superhero Movie

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THOR 3 RAGNAROK Official New Trailer | Superhero Movie
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Nicole Faye M. CANA
Cate Blanchette-so hot right now
Aerin Atkins
My asshole just started quivering TBH
Nitin gupta
which track is dis..?
silvio gutierrez
Ragnarok!! the final battle between good and evil in Nordic mythology, what the hell is HULK doing there??? I can tell by the trailer that the title has nothing to do with the real epic battle and the name of the movie is just to get peoples attention.
Queen of the Awkward
Bennett Lee
Wow... that looks AWFUL! and did they just steal Wonder Woman's Theme Song?????
Holy shit yes
Harsh Kr Verma
Didn't Loki sort of .. u know... died in Thor 2?
Jacob Nelson
Still not sure how to feel about her catching his hammer and braking it, they may have went a lil to far with tht one.
in civil war we didn't get to see Thor or hulk fight, now they get to fight each other.
best trailer I've seen in a while
I see no one has said anything about relating this to the actual story of Ragnarok...? Doesn't anyone (know) remember what happens in the end? I wonder how the film will adapt to this story, since they've already ruined Hel's appearance and all...
Steve Coats
Still kicking DC's ass
Suggie Thames
DAMN, Loki's daughter is a BITCH
Will his 2 other kids show up in the movie?
Camry Rusqoli
thor lost me from part 2 and is that cate blanchet
Winky Whacky Wood
0:14 anyone catch the Hunt For The Wilderpeople Easter Egg
Kavan Bhatia
loki in beginning at 0:23
Hannah Whitworth
The film looks absolutely amazing but lets be real the trailer makes it seem like marvel is running out of advertising ideas so they just threw together something to look like guardians of the galaxy to try to convince people to see it, I mean it'll probably work that's the film industry for you but really?
Saurav Khadka
immigrant song 😍😍
lol why did they use a cheap powerpoint template on the ragnarok text.
btw ragnadik is hear. assguard is ded.
Maciek Przychodzen
Cate looks amazing!
skate it all 03 henderson
sucks ass
Annabelle Brooke
omg I am so fucking excited!
Fuck me, i really liked the balance between humor and dark seriousness in the first thor movie. Now its gotten to be so much teenager humor that i cant stand it. I liked thor when it was less "marvelish". I was more interesting when it almost felt like the thor universe was its own. But thats just may take on it.
GlowingDianond MC Gaming
R.i.p Thor's hammer ( what was the name of it I know how to say it but I just don't know how to spell it )
I call my dick mjölnir and i slap it on tables infront of people when i mean business cause it is my mighty hammer.
pontardawe wuss
where is the silver surfer reference?
barzy ali
What is Shrek the Thirds Snow White's scream doing in Thor: Ragnorak?!
Why is it whenever there is a female character that's stronger than someone important people bitch about it. "Another empowered female character" like that's a bad thing. Please shut up already, you literally can't be stupid enough to think there aren't women in the world who wouldn't fuck up your favorite go to manly man.
So this is the Gladiator sequel Ridley Scott was talking about.
Vinicius Pereira
Well vision can hold the hammer bcs the gem, so she's supposed to had a gem too
I can't get enough of this trailer the music is addictive! What a great year to be a superhero fan! 😍
Granuke GamingProductions
Planet Hulk anyone?
I'm curious to know who had the balls to put war paint on hulk. Then again, he could have put it himself if they're really trying to reference planet hulk.
baraa alaraj
Planet Hulk anyone?
bo jack
Wonder Women Looks Better!
Fun Fact: Hel is Loki's daughter in Norse mythology.
DCU just shit themselves....again.
Thor is the worst avenger
Shamy unix
That smug Westworld woman is annoying.
Ibrar Younas
Hmm, why does the music sound like Wonder Women?
Kuntry Boy
dam thor aint really a super hero without the hammer. wtf.
Debbie Blackman
I'm so looking forward to.this. Big fan of the Thor so I've been waiting for this. Especially if Strange is in it too. "He's a friend from work" and the way Chris delivers it is just so cute. Two things. 1: Jeff Goldlum. YES, it's about time he turned up in the MCU and 2: what the hell happened with the hammer. Sadly this is going to kill Justice League
Yasir ifedayo Mustapha
who is that lady that destroyed thors hammer is she the one from the mummy
Silver Chief
DeST Cronos
Frestyle replay...
anyone know this song?
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