THOR 3 RAGNAROK NEW Official Trailer (2017) Marvel Superhero Movie

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THOR 3 RAGNAROK Official New Trailer | Superhero Movie
© 2017 - Marvel Studios

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wyatt Darrien
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Abri Meyer
What happened to Thor 's hair!!!
vishal mote
Dylan Zelaya
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SS it's at the point where Loki's brows, Jeff's makeup and hulks fade are the sexiest thing about this
Avthen The M/D. prince
Hulk like I know but I'm going kill you
Harmonial Psychopath



also, is everyone just gonna ignore the fact that Hela BROKE HIS HAMMER WHEN NO ONE ELSE CAN PICK IT UP?!
Simon Stannard
Sick of every film Turning into the avengers and justice league. It's thor whys hulk in it. Same for spider man batman etc etc.
Artistic Shadow
Dc The Nerd
that's not 3 of thor that's the new one
Purple Flowerz6
Thor: 'YESSSSSSSSSSS!' everybody stares at him in deep confusion and disappointment. ' We know each other! He's a friend from work!' 😂😂😂I died 😂😂
John Molina
Worth watching just for "The Immigrant Song."
אביחי וול
Thor is my favorite hero in Marvell and am waiting
to the movie come out
mary turner
Chris Hemsworth ❤💋🔥💝💘
Wow i am waiting
Aniket D
oms movie
The one thing i hate about marvel is the tralers...they aways give away the good parts!!
Sanket Sanket
she's hotttttttt
loki though
Andrea Pineda
choi eun
I was like: "Thor 3 Ragnarok" HOLYMOTHEROFCOWS! WILL MAGNUS BE HERE?!!!!
I think ragnarok in morden is os fake.
Born is true eco.
This is so metal
Nungsang Jamir
hela is the queen of dead..
himanshu kumar
i watch it everyday...
Ashley Pugh
i can't wait for watching this movie...
Ken MacMillan
The real Thor of Scandinavian lore had red hair and beard. He also rode a small chariot pulled by two normal sized goats.
belal khan
i dont know y no one noticed but HELA IS DAMN HOT!!!! 0:19
belal khan
i dont know y no one noticed but HELA IS DAMN HOT!!!! 0:19
The music does not fit at all like if you agree
Adolf Hitler
Taza Maza
Wow ragnarok
Thamish Ramkisson
Niks menaria
awesome trailer
hope so moive will b better then last marvel moives
Timothy Marland
And this is taking place after infinity war right?
why all these aliens look like humans
Dapper Fly
Id never have thought the actor of the Fly would be dressed as a Drag Queen
Rikk Singh
I thought Thor's hammer is.unbreakable??
Ridiculous how she brakes his hammer? and hulk???? mmmm what about his hair?? mmmm someone made a big mistake
Bumble and The Funny one
we still need to wait 5 mounths!!! i cant wait
Legend khan Official
oh shit hela broke thors hammer
Showbiz Sports
Zorn Casteel
Flick looks better than Thor 2 - which was pretty lackluster.
Night's King
damn!! I thought only the Darkmess/Amara in Supernatural could break that hammer
Raju Khan
hi good mornig
Raju Khan
hi good mornig
Piyush Pani Mishra
most awaited movie
Dj Sanndy
he's a friend from work! :D
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