THOR 3 RAGNAROK NEW Official Trailer (2017) Marvel Superhero Movie

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THOR 3 RAGNAROK Official New Trailer | Superhero Movie
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valentin sanchez
Hm.. their in space now I wonder if they will be connected with the guardians 🤔
What a sec, isnt that the Collector?!
Matthew Neilson
Sorry but Ragnarok is the ultimate end of all things. A spark will remain to begin anew. This is the truth.
himanshu vadgama
waet thor's hemer brek
nattaya srirawat
Hug come back
"Hela, she can manifest weapons from different parts of her body"
That's your typical woman, in a tight black catsuit it's hearts, hammers, etc...
J⃟O⃟N⃟A⃟T⃟H⃟A⃟N⃟ S⃟C⃟H⃟U⃟L⃟T⃟Z⃟
I feel like I just watched a commercial for a feminist utopia

fuck you feminists ruining all our movies. Why can't movies just be movies?
superman killed and replaced by supergirl or wonderwomen. Logan killed and replaced by a 11 year old girl. thor had to either become a female or be easily beaten by a girl even though that's literally impossible... transformers "fight like a girl" Jesus it's a movie about robots. guardians of the galaxy 2 where all men are idiots and think with their dicks. And man's ego is going to destroy the world so man's ego has to be destroyed. now we just need superman and iron man beaten up by a girl or replaced by a girl... Oh and starwars. Ray is the most powerful jedi because shes a women. And many more movies.
and oh wait right being a white man in a movie is sexist therefore all must be replaced or be pathetic.
I can't even watch movies anymore with this faminatzi bullshit. Why the fuck can't movies just be mindless entertainment. No meaning. nothing.
like they used to be.
Alexandro Sandoval
can not wait for the movie to come out
Wodan Supreme
Nobody is talking about how Hollywood made this shit based off Norse mythology, but in fact the movie and the title don't have anything to do with the mythology itself?
Hollywood is garbage
Big Brent
Big Brent
turn my quest into gibberish.......FU
Big Brent
fuck you youtube
Big Brent
ragnarock supernatarualiso youtube is fucking supernaturlfuck you and the horse you rode in on
Big Brent
and a bit of viking kittys
Big Brent
disney xd
Kree Ovi
Then he cuddles him... 1:45
Jesus Perdomo
This gives me a Guardians of the Galaxy meets Hunger Games vibe...
Basilio Calinovschi Gutu
112856337 subscribers
i think im the only person that gets the movies name because im from sweden so i know about northern mythology
it would be awesome if we see the guardians of the Galaxy in on the tribune of the fight arena. like is agree!!
Ich werde mal extremst reich sein, indem ich Episoden von "Spaß mit Flaggen" hochlade.
Ahmed Turki
what about Vision? the one who has Jarvis consciousness. He picked up thors hammer. 👌 lets not forget.
soham raichand
wow it's very deadly look she is and Thor is new cool hair style
Oscar Jimenez
@Mrsneaks Besides her there's also Odin and Vision
I'm so happy they're finally letting him use his Australian accent. With most Australian actors you have to fake an American or other accent.
Harley Unicorn
I'll come in when the Loki scenes are on. Leave the rest. It's no good.
Houston Harris
What song at 0:24
KingOfJings Op
D.C. Fans say that D.C. Movies are better but the only movies they put out is batman,batman,batman,superman,Wonder Woman,superman,batman. Just those characters. But marvel put about the real story line. Like xmen,Logan,deadpool,iron man,captain America,spider Man U name it. What I'm saying is D.C. Movies are shit.
brown fella
I need to slamcock the hell out of hella
{ Ace-Kid97 }
This is the same as the teaser kmt
Spidey Razz
why they show best part all in trailer
These people sure do know how to mess up a story line.
Insyirah Khairina
what title the background music this???i like that sound
Phil chaser
Immigrant song nice
Jorge Luis
Bad move showing her breaking the hammer. Catching was enough for the trailer. Should have left it to the movie for us to see her break it so we could all go OH SHIIIIT!
klelia v
This trailer needed more Loki!
I'm a big fan of chris hemsworth Thor and I was just wondering I play a lot of super powers games and I wanna know if someone knows how to make Thor on saints row 4 I've already done superman onit and I wanna change it into Thor. if someone knows please do a vid and send it to me. Thanks
Sava Mitov
Breaks his hammer with her hand? Caaammmaan maaan
I can't wait
Melly Kakes
Ngl I have chills
ian cheung
thor 3...will get pretty funny when thor 4 comes out., you know..thorthor, fourfour
Gustaf Domander
This was tonally absolutely not what I was expecting.
I wonder if the sword that Heimdall is using, the one also used to engage the Asgard portal, is also the same sword that ancient Hela is shown losing in the clip in the ancient history battle.
Bart Foxworth
thor get haircut and lose the hammer?? try to watch the first movie after this.
Detr HD
this joint look azz my dude
Dragon Lover 23
whats the song?
I hate how wrong they got Ragnarok... fucking annoys me
Hunter x craft
hel has lost her mind to challenge the asgardians. an ha she broke those hammer. he still holds the title of thor ( comic readers will understand) he will regain his hammer
This was obviously ripped from another youtube video.
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