THOR 3 RAGNAROK NEW Official Trailer (2017) Marvel Superhero Movie

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THOR 3 RAGNAROK Official New Trailer | Superhero Movie
© 2017 - Marvel Studios

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Sandy Qin
Who is that black horn lady?
Carol Purcaru Bendl
Who's here because of Led Zeppelin?
Daniel Hanlon
Christ is real thor is not.
Suruchi Mandal
very nice adventure movie
Shana Lumina
so awesome and where did his hammer go??
steve man
Thor is awesome!!
this is a bullshit to be honest, its not even the story of ragnarök ....
mex herr
i hope Betta Ray Bill rescues Thor.... LOL
Krishna Kishor
nice move
Lol Hulk don't know you boi
Alexander Toft Karlsson
i'd hoped to see Odins eight-legged horse sleipnir.
Phoenix Rises
Hi there. Captured!
yash bhoi
what is the role of hulk here?
ARMY Zaragoza
oh no the hammer
Merrimour The Red
soraya sheombarsing
hmmmmm interestinggg
Araf Ali
Araf Ali +66548553 orcheungkwan
BeingUnique Tv
awesome.... woww
This is the only comic book movie I will see that year. Everything else looks very meh.
Gaurav Sharma
I saw that woman in Alice in the wonderland. O.O is Alice a marvel superhero?????
Why is nobody talking about how all the comments here start with "Why is nobody talking about..."
Guys Loki is alive again!
Monty lovell
Marvel is killing it right now!!!
Athena Terrazas
loki is bae😍😩
Rob Allen
this is kinda funny But OMG WHO'S EXCITED FOR INFINITY WAR
Ryan Davis
marvel deffo been taking acid recently
Hatrex Annihilus
The reason why Thor and Hulk wasn't in Captain America: Civil War
Well this looks like fun. With the ever-hilarious Waititi in charge and the movie realizing that Thor is basically an old school rock album in movie form (thank you GotG for lightening the tone,) this might be sheer fun after the misguided gloom and confusion of 'Dark World.'
Paul Sack
I feel like desperate actors were picked for this. Jeff G trying to get back into the spotlight. Same with Cate B. I get a bad feeling
Ragnarok Bjornsson
thats looks fucking terrible
Mohit Chauhan
paddu maro
Abigail Bowsher
Guys was that...hulk?
son goku uzomaki
oh hell yea!!!!!!!!!
Rastafarian Clan
i can't believe that she broke a fucken hammer FUCK IM OUT LOL
Jordon Dodder
So whats Bishop doing in there?
valentin sanchez
Hm.. their in space now I wonder if they will be connected with the guardians 🤔
What a sec, isnt that the Collector?!
Matthew Neilson
Sorry but Ragnarok is the ultimate end of all things. A spark will remain to begin anew. This is the truth.
himanshu vadgama
waet thor's hemer brek
nattaya srirawat
Hug come back
"Hela, she can manifest weapons from different parts of her body"
That's your typical woman, in a tight black catsuit it's hearts, hammers, etc...
J⃟O⃟N⃟A⃟T⃟H⃟A⃟N⃟ S⃟C⃟H⃟U⃟L⃟T⃟Z⃟
I feel like I just watched a commercial for a feminist utopia

fuck you feminists ruining all our movies. Why can't movies just be movies?
superman killed and replaced by supergirl or wonderwomen. Logan killed and replaced by a 11 year old girl. thor had to either become a female or be easily beaten by a girl even though that's literally impossible... transformers "fight like a girl" Jesus it's a movie about robots. guardians of the galaxy 2 where all men are idiots and think with their dicks. And man's ego is going to destroy the world so man's ego has to be destroyed. now we just need superman and iron man beaten up by a girl or replaced by a girl... Oh and starwars. Ray is the most powerful jedi because shes a women. And many more movies.
and oh wait right being a white man in a movie is sexist therefore all must be replaced or be pathetic.
I can't even watch movies anymore with this faminatzi bullshit. Why the fuck can't movies just be mindless entertainment. No meaning. nothing.
like they used to be.
Alexandro Sandoval
can not wait for the movie to come out
Wodan Supreme
Nobody is talking about how Hollywood made this shit based off Norse mythology, but in fact the movie and the title don't have anything to do with the mythology itself?
Hollywood is garbage
Big Brent
Big Brent
turn my quest into gibberish.......FU
Big Brent
fuck you youtube
Big Brent
ragnarock supernatarualiso youtube is fucking supernaturlfuck you and the horse you rode in on
Big Brent
and a bit of viking kittys
Big Brent
disney xd
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