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The new Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer is here! Check out the new  official trailer starring Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark Hamill! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers. 

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Having taken her first steps into a larger world in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), Rey continues her epic journey with Finn, Poe and Luke Skywalker in the next chapter of the saga.

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Movieclips Trailers
"It's time for the Jedi to end." What could that mean?! What are your thoughts?
Nathan 1232
who has the high ground?
360 no scope dank memes
I saw this when it was released at star wars celebration Orlando. What a fun convention
Michael Cobbs
Good trailer. #TheLastJedi
Jesse Kohn
Does anyone else get that little stir of butterflies every time that Lucasfilm logo shows up?
Mary Mckenzie
Mary Mckenzie
Mary Mckenzie
I hope he means the Jedi name to end. And they'll make a new order
Chuck Norris
8/10 No Tragedy of Darth Plaguies the wise.
Plot twist: The black dude was the last Jedi not Rey
The Slymme Physicist
Wow can't believe that joker is in the movie now.
Megan Zhang
Why is the outline of the Star Wars logo red in this? Isn't it usually yellow?
Fat Bookshelf
Mary Sue
it's time for the jedi to end... their hide-and-seek game and take over the control. thats what he wanted to say
Supermario DAVID
Was that darth vader's mask or kylo ren's mask that was broken
Darth Sleet
Kylo Ren is pissed
waqar ahmed
It time for a Jedi to end this war re.
Unbreakable Mind
"It's time for the Jedi to end."

Should have taken the high ground.
James Buchanan
The Jedi ended in episode iii. Can they at least attempt to keep a red thread.
#Creative Girl
I miss Carie so MUCH
#Creative Girl
Wiedzmin Geralt Z Rivii
0:39 You know that hand is coming off.
Jet Z. Tenguinelephantorcupinusoceros
4/10 Not enough trade negotiations
SEAL'S Gaming
I hope Darth maul returns
I hope she will choose the darkside.
OHY!, Doe butt look big? pr are you offended?
I think they're in a ship. Or that in a base

but he's they are dead!
Jedi training? Check. AT-AT's vs speeders? Check. Character in a mobile bacta tank? Check. It just goes on and on. How is Disney going to convince us that this isn't a remake of TESB? I have another one DJ= Lando. He exists in an exotic locale just like TESB Canto Bight = Cloud City. Ten dollars he betrays the hero at some point.

How are they not seeing that is is a complete remake? Maybe I'm cynical but my god, there are just too many similarities. It's really depressing. I could be wrong, could be the best Star Wars movie ever made but I'm not a sucker, and I won't be duped again.
Obviously if Luke doesn't want there to be Jedi anymore, then the title of 'The Last Jedi' will go to Rey. I think in this move Leia will die and in Episode IX Snoke will kill Luke.
Mister Spider
Pumped for this, December is only 3 months away, under half a year.
John Lennon
I don't like Rey tbh
Rainbow Monkey
NOOOOO THIS IS THE END OF THE STAR WARS MOVIES. I got proof, this is the​ movie star wars the LAST jedi and luke said this is the end of the jedi. THE END OF THE JEDI ON THE MOVIE THE LAST JEDI. and no jedi means ...... no more star was
Sees Leia, it's a clone! 😣😮😣😉😣😇😣
Chucky ray Castro
Luke and Leia and chewbacca are the only old version in Star Wars the last Jedi
Can't wait for the movie
Mona Eckle
Emily Lelyte
I'm only watching it for daisy and john😍😍😂😂😊
"What do you see?"
rybo joho
I was really hoping this new trilogy would explore the actual natures of the force which they kind of are. But I was hoping they would do something like Snoke being an actual entity or embodiment of the dark side which doesn't look like it's the case anymore what with his blue eyes and love for gold and wealth.
Onion Bubs
Thanks for telling me that Christmas is in December, I never knew that until I saw this.
This movie might be alright but trailers have become REALLY formulaic and predictable, haven't they?
Hazza HD
Meh, I think Rogue One is unbeatable tbh
The gulf in hype between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi is utterly profound imo. Maybe has something to do with the fact The Force Awakens was quite disappointing. This one better blow my mind.

Saardonyx The sass
Go skelligs go ireland
Simos Katsiaris
omg, he is doing it isn't he? he is restoring the original order isn't he?
jedikight12 2
You know i have a weird feeling that there gonna kill of luke Skywalker, and id they do then officially done with the series
bryon moore
the balance of the sith and jedi force and middle ground
Jo Good
At 0:47 you can hear faintly "help me obi-wan"
Banana Gangsters
#IsReyAJedi #CouldReyTurnBad #IsDarthVaderBack #IsLukeGonnaTurnBadLikeHosFather #IsLukeGoingToDie Comment Witch one You think is true
Bilgi Evi
0.47 Help me Obi-wan
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