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List of Movies featured:
1. Blade Runner 2049
2. The Dark Tower
3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
4. War for the Planet of the Apes
5. Flatliners
6. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

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Which Sci-Fi movie are you guys most looking forward to seeing this year?
John Baker
Our people are growing weary of the pretty 20-something actors +CGI movies, with ho-hum story line and character development. Flatliners is a good example.
The Future feels GOOD*
julius niekas
oooooopsssss, go fuck your president >) name?putin
aver muradin
lol a other star fails skipping that one like the last 2
Wow! those blue eyes! just like the book said, they are so blue!
Miroslav Majstorovic
"If we lose, it will be....a planet of the apes".....humans ARE apes....sigh....
Juan Jose Iglesias G
The original Flatliners one was shocking this seems to be equal
Veli Gjorreta
i do not kill with my gun i kill with my heart. wtf does that even mean.
No Gandalf
Maybe these represent a new genre of Capitalist Sci-fi. None of which engage me. I will not part with my dollars to sit in the dark with any of these.
Looks like Ridley Scott has finally gone full sellout.
Michael Musashi
Blade Runner looks great! The rest, horrible. I can't believe they remade Flatliners. Lame. And Star Wars has been so diluted and drained it's not worth even watching for free.
Been spending most of our lives living in a Valerian paradiiiiise
Mathieu van Leeuwen
He, I hear Morricone (for a few dollars more)
5 movies; 3 remakes, 1 saga and one book adaptation, Hollywood is rimming with creativity
Sean Saal
flat liners looks like a horror, rather than scoff
Sexy Idris Elba in The Dark Tower :)
I read Flatliners ages ago.
The Tower Stole the Music from " Fist Full of Dollars." (One of many epic westerns with Clint Eastwood) Fucking bastards!
Have to say the facial animation of the Apes in the War of Planet of the Apes, is amazing. A real leap.
Benjamin Padilla
dark tower! a can't miss!
its already a planet of apes #facepalm #fuckingamericanreligioustypes.. #whenyadeadyadeadshitmovies #ididquitelikeflatlinersthoughiwasyoung
Chris Leon
Is that Gangster's Paradise I just heard in Valerian?!
Tib Vastag
Wow these all look amazing. Can't wait!
What is that song for Valerian i cant place it
Dark Tower looks like Wesley Snipes without Wesley Snipes.
The Chrysalis
Rehashing Flatliners? Oh GUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMONNNN!!!!!!
wait! how is Dark Tower Sci-Fi?
music from 1:00 ?
Rock Héroul
Remake Alert. The one with Kevin Bacon was good enough, why another remake ? Hire some new authors Hollywood, we need some new shit, playing the same cassette over and over again ? WTF .
Dzezik 23
google is stupid. it things it is in spanish. if You enable subtitles they are in spanish. google is a crap.
Valerian looks like it was inspired by the video game Warframe
Jackson jackson
warmed over shit I'd all I see. and shit I already saw years ago.
only we can make the change that can change the dreary hollywood garbage coming out these days, boycot more movies and don't see them, the less money coming in at the box office, the less likely they'll do something similair again, let's all make the change we need and make cinema great again.
lol, gangster paradise has been raped into something shitty, i for one would like to see hollywood burn to the ground, nothing creative or exceptionally different is being made these days apart from a random few every 10-15 years.
robert burgess
Blade Runner. Dark Tower looks good if you haven't read the books. He does, after all, get reincarnated for eternity, so the next one could be a woman.
Fuck Mary Sue Wars! Stars Wars is ruined.
Khalid F. Al Khalili
More money for Harrison Ford.
Scott Bloom
I'd see every one of these, except Flatliners.
I just happy sci-fi is hitting hard these next few years
Bérenger LEFORT
aha funny how nobody talk about SW, cause too obvious to quote ? XD
უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ
no roy batty :c
What a bunch of idiotic movies Hollywood prepares for it's sheeple every year.:3
Rod Amo
Ohhhh!!.Im SO blown away!..................NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wrod of Dog
I'd be much more interested in Valerian if it wasn't so obviously made for cheap 3D-shit.
Mark Hoadley
i'll be watching the dark tower i want everyone here to go and see this movie when it come out what you say oooohhhh aaaahhhhh
Joker Phan
I saw Jared leto so I clicked. Jared is bae
Dave Fischer
Super excited for Episode VII: The Last Jedi!!!
orgonko the wildly untamed
looks like the sucky performances the guy who plays Luther is carried into the movie
-SLY- Sealteamsloth
well stringer bell looks good in dark tower lol but star wars looks pish, we waited 30 odd years for Luke to say "BREVE" "the Jedi must die" WTF well ok then lol.
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