Which Sci-Fi movie are you guys most looking forward to seeing this year?
Hastin Nuraini
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Valerian's visuals look amazing, just hope storyline is not too retarded.
nothing upbeat and positive, all downers
Ellie Ride
I don't know why, but Valerian made me think of Babylon 5 and their war against the Shadows. Good ol' memories :)
Dark Tower is not sci fi
larry scott
Bladerunner 2049 might has improved as it went along, but the 1st 1/2(?) was so bad that I got up and left..
Jane Smith
Sad sad.
Not that some of these wont be worth watching, well, sadly a couple I've seen were pretty bad, but there's nothing in Hollywood anymore but remakes. They're out of ideas and talent.
Aspros Tragos
It started well enough, then went to the "Crap-Wars" and downhill from there...
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
what a bad year of movies realy each of them sucks i want a interstellar 2 not super herro movies fuck all super hero movies i want real ci-fi
derry smith
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when ..... i cant wait ???
Vincent Nelson
Spark D' Ark
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noo the jedi can never end
Dee Baratoli
The Dark Tower looks epic even if it is basically just a remake of The Stand, the Star Wars thing, well, that doesn't.
The new blade runner, i can't Wait but got a feeling I'm going to be let down, it's just the way with the sequels of really iconic movies like Blade Runner, you can't touch the originals, better to make the movie in the Blade Runner world yet nothing to do with Decker, totally separate apart from the main points but hoping I'm wrong.
Robert Sherry
I've seen Valerian and enjoyed it a lot, not the strongest story line, but I'm a special effects fan so I got my fill with that movie. The Dark Tower was also good and it left it open to a sequel. There is one non-Sci-Fi movie worth a watch called "The Book of Henry". A really well done film and a surprise ending!! Looking forward to Blade Runner, The Last Jedi, pretty much everything on this video looked great to watch. Thanks.. :)
Rehim Necefov
Full movie
Mel Yatsko
My favorite book quote is in THIS novel! "There are other worlds than these."
Lynn Burkhalter
Why do they keep remaking old movies? They will never out to the first ones!
Rehab This
Blade Runner Rules!!! Wicked cool Channel, keep it up.Check out my 5 minute syfy horror film FIENDISH on "Rehab This" Channel.
Hollywood and no Ideas !!! Chasm City Alister Reynolds would be a good one.
cha le
does anyone know of film about virtual reality???? can not find, Sigh : (
Southeast Royalty
flatliners reboot looks wack as fuck
The Show-How Show
Damn... such a fine use of color in Blade Runner!
Alecia Shepherd
OMG VALERIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Edward Howell
"Whole generations of disposable people." Guinan, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Stealing from the best!
valerian, the most sci fi u will ever get
Oozaz Eezaz
pfft, what a load of rubbish and to think they wouldn't fund my film about an alien that thinks its dead and its a ghost but it turns out its just someone in a mental institution the whole time, or is it? No, its not, its aliens doing experiments on other aliens to create a human alien hybrid (oh they went back to the past and lifted some folks from earth) so they can open an ancient gate that travels through wormholes or some shit.
Marjan C.
Matthew McConaughey as a bad guy? Ooooorigth oooright
David Dahl
None of these look very good unfortunately. Maybe the Dark Tower, but most of them are actors trying too hard to act, re-boots of old movies, and the last one is a named after a plant that helps you sleep. Valerian, really..
Devan Dhaliwal
Don Mega
valerian: and the shitty of the thousand planets. wtf kinda title is that?
Armand Rodriguez
Top 5 Sci-Fi films to see this year: 1) Blade Runner 2049 2) Blade Runner 2049 3) Blade Runner 2049 4) Blade Runner 2049 and finally 5) Blade Runner 2049
none of this unoriginal soft reboot commercial dross.
Vantika Lazar
my goodness, what a bad year for Sci-Fi
I hope the music in blade runner is as epic as the original
Joseph Callahan
How do you know they are the best? They might all stink. PTxS
Henry Ward
The Gunslinger, sponsored by Remington
Jakub Horváth
sci-fi movies used to be so much better, nowadays they all rely on effects, hence remaking the great old movies. Im definitely not going to watch Flatliners, the original is so great and the trailer of this remake doesnt look good at all.
Cicely Robinson
Flatliners...seriously...why? Nope.
The only one of these that is science fiction is "Blade Runner 2049."
Too much shown, as usual...
miguel angel zenteno
Flatliners, ¿donde estan Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, William Baldwin y Oliver Platt?
Herr Hansen
After seeing the visuals of Valerian, nothing else matters for me. Not even Star Wars.
Mateo San
Valerian and Blade Runner
zuhair vazir
0:24 The Joker just got serious
Clinton Knight
So are they going to throw away that Booker was a replicant?
MariYah Israel
The Dark Tower!!!! I'm gonna see it at the theater! I'm gonna buy it first chance I get! I'm gonna watch it every month till I know it by heart!!! Awesome! I guess the 'Tower" is CERN representing the Tower of Babble.
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