sammi Last
That girl voice is so annoying
2.50 - Thank god they found out he's an arsehole before they got married.
some of them need to have some serious conversations...
Kai Sander
Wasn't Rachel from the twins episode?
Slayer X9
I don't like gay faggots
Gianna Maniaci
It's gum it's gum it's new juicy drop gum sour and sweet and you can taste the flavor
Logan Fisher
What's with all of the faggots and hipsters
The people with blonde hair (both of them) that relationship is NOT going to last so much tension and passive aggression towards each other 😝
Eric Joung
wait glee is actually a thing?????????????????
ranya x
"6 dicks" ded
Cori Trottman
The nerdy couple are my spirit animals ❤️❤️😂😄
Tim Tim
The geeky,straight couple who met at a party are perfect for eachother.
Sarah Shepherd
The couple with the glasses was so cute
Alec Tucker
"one puppy" lmao
These 2 look alike.. like siblings .. the first two
Hashbrown R34
Did that one awkward bitch really say five kids?
Wolffepack Gaming
im 12 years old and IDK how he fuck this was in my recomended...
Does it bother anyone else that most of these couples look like they're in their early 20s
:/ It's really sad that so many people in the comment section don't understand the humor in the video....
raven Nice
Pedro Oscar
The nerdy couple reminds me of the characters from the movie Up
Brandon Alcorn
When she asks "when's the last time you masturbated?" he drinks in this video, in the full video he says "a week ago" and explains when. Why is it different in this video? Do they change all of their videos for entertainment?
Shane Doan
The couple with the glasses are literally someone I know lol
Cat Man
The first couple was so cute!
Rainbow Paints
There were so many gay couples in this episode. I'm happy that they support gay marriage.
Maya Dagher
the two blonde girls don't seem like they're gonna last omfg they looked ready to fight
Man I can't believe they actually got Tobey Maguire to come on the show.
Sammy River
Y'all went out of your way to look for any couple that looks weird or isn't straight.
Muktar Faisal
i hate it when they bring gay couple or just a gay person
Bill Kong
How are they sampling these couples? It's such a ridiculously skewed demographic
10,000 Subs No Videos
They all gay or ugly
Lesbians have the worst damn hair
Sir Matthew of York
their wedding is on my birthday
Kong King
"Six?.. Im not gonna say it.."..." Nope, im gonna say it: Six dicks" ahahhaha <3
There are two couples here that will make it. The one not having sex. And the one who didn't wanna kiss at the end.
I'm I the only one who gets. Really fucking annoyed of gay couples
In the end up the vid the last to lesbian couples i love the girl on the lefts personality. Shes hilarious!😂😂
"there's a magic hour"

Mila Coleman
My mom's wedding is on September 2nd also!!!!
Isabel Moraes
This was made to destroy relationships lmaooo
day after day, we experience more and more gay/lesbian relationships. sad world
Samuel Torstensson
why is there always so many gay people 😂😂😂
Almir Beslija
the couple with the glasses " we met at a oart" saaaay whaaaat? i thought she would say somthing like a starwards club
"There's a magic hour" Is that every hour?
5:35 needs a lighter foundation color 😂 sorry that bothered me. cute couple though
Dylan Dunn
the nerdy couple was hilarious 😂 low key was drunk right away 😂
Andrew Ragle
Use less gay couples. In reality there are way more straight couples than there are gay couples so I feel like you should have a lot more straight couples than gay couples in these kinds of videos. I'm not homophobic I just think these should be more realistic.
Jeremiah Matousek
0:27 im going to western spooky
The Asshole
Man this video is great....oh god i'm so lonely
Tanner Pritchett
She could get it any time....what your strap on??
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