Ed Sheeran - I'm A Mess (x Acoustic Sessions)

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This is an acoustic performance of one of the songs on my new album, 'x', called 'I'm A Mess'. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Like si vienes por Daarick :v
Patrick McCreight
he may be famous but still so under rated! best musician in decades, lyricist poetic passion and just well TALENT!
Fyllipe Freitas
Matthew Hepworth
Ed you saved my life I did 2 tours of afghan only reason I came home is because of you best musician to date I love you
The Fluffy Adventures
amazing love you :D
Oiegas Antonia
Your a very talented star!!!
Im your biggest fan!!!!!
Fardin Elahi Samin
why ed is single?
bc sheeran
lyly sandy
Goosebumps when I listen this song.
Cara Smith
Josh Wallbanks
The only 'pop star' with actual talent these days.
Vitória Santos
Aquele momento em que vc vai no comentario e lembra q só tem comentário inglês.
Melani Triana
like si la estás escuchando en 2017
Soumil Sahu
no autotune, that's what vocal music should be. THIS IS GREAT!!!
Kyle Jordan Music
If you love this song (like I do), maybe consider giving my channel a look? I've been working on new covers every Wednesday and I just posted my version of this song! I think you'll like it a lot if you wanna hear a new, different version of this fantastic song! I'll see ya there <3 Thank you so much!
Trevor I Donoghue
How did this get 2k dislikes must be fat fingers 🤣🤣
Lappen AG
pleace on Spotify
N Arredondo
Sorry but I want artists like Ed Sheeran to feel sad, have a broken heart, get dumped, cheated on and feel unwanted cause then the most amazing songs are born.
Jacson Magno
Holy damn dude.
I'm on a bender and I ain't hitting stop till I empty these bottles tonight. Got my Sheeran to keep my company. Hoot- hoot.
Lappen AG
beautiful voice
artistically faye
Eds music is really good especially his new songs
rufus jones
Annie W
Who the hell would cheat on him?! If only I was ever given the chance <3
Kasey Knight
I think ed is the only person who I prefer with his hair messy. But can we just talk about this talent 👅 he is so amazing 🤗 we love you ed 💗
Jay Rae
Omg this is my favorite song by this little redheaded angle! I can relate to it so much and i listen to it whenever I'm feeling down, love you Ed!!~
Noemi Motta
Amo demais essa música <3 <3 Mds <3
Declan Hampson
I messed up this time
Tereza Davila
💙. Beautiful music
Samuel Saldaña Guillen
like si viniste por que salio en el video como salir de la friendzone de hola soy germa 😄xD
Char dron
Please play this on the Divide tour! My favourite!
Kieran Marsden AudioBooks
listening to this for the first time when I bought his album.... goosebumps
Emely Pichler
Ed is the best singer in the world!
Please to give a concert in austria ! I have been waiting for so long :(
Greetings from austria (österreich)♡
Diana Anzo
I'm always gonna prefer his live versions <3 THIS IS GOLD!
Marina Simonelli
Gerson Riveors
Cuando buscas "I'm A Mess" de The Rasmus y lo que sale es esto :v
De todos modos muy buena cancion :'v
Dari Xica
Perfect my love..
Lara 12
I love this song so much.
Callum Mcconaghy
you are amazing
barbara apaz
♡I love
DroidGamer15 ¡Todo Random!
I Speack Spanish :v
DroidGamer15 ¡Todo Random!
You Speck Spanish
Legolas Paw
is the microphone called shure sm7b
Josée Nollet
J adore
Massy Devine
It's frightening how unreal he is!!!! No1 comes close in my eyes!!
Ryan Lopez
That Chorus is amazing

i cant
Sabrin sab
Tbh Im freaking out , i just randomly cried?
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