Now as i said in the VIDEO we don't know 100% if #DramaAlert will be moving to the other channel. But if we do, we want to make sure you don't lose track of us.. So for the next week we will tell you to sub to the other channel but also (VERY IMPORTANT) stay sub to this current channel! Very confusing im sorry but trust me.. this is needed. KEEM
Dylan Azemi
fuck you knome
Slavoj Zizzek
"Philip DeFranco isn't really left-leaning" Compared to who? Hillary Clinton?
Brian Burke
fuck you man
Eric Lytle
stephen gentry
Holy shit... this guy is still a thing?
Colin White
He already said his business with Discovery and the likes ended which is a big reason he's using patreon ya dolt
Jennifer Mommy
lmao. this isn't news. keemstar is such a gossip garbage channel.
Odie Scott
I would be very interested to see how the case with the epileptic and the gif plays out. I have epilepsy and it drives me bonkers when there's unnecessary flashing ANYWHERE. Epilepsy is more common than most people realize: 1/26 people have it, and MOST of those people are photosensitive (flashy stuff = bad). Just stop it with the flashy shit! That goes to everyone. It's unnecessary and DOES induce seizures. We just tend not to complain (we usually have a pretty good sense of humor about it). But we should. There's no need for it, it's just obnoxious, and I'm getting tired of people not being aware of the impact they're having on those around them.
Justin Dayhoff
Why does, this guy speak, like William Shatner.
@DramaAlert You disgust me. Keemstar you are the KING of scumbags, if you don't remember the 62y/o man that you nearly ruined his life because you don't check your your own info, oh and ALSO when you made fun of a mentally challenged kid after defaming his father. You have no right to talk, you are a horrible disgrace of a human and are just trying to discredit one of the people who outed you.
Your Angel
iFunny ad
Bertram Gyselinck
who the fuck watch watches vice
Bertram Gyselinck
you are an idiot
David Coletti
did you really fuckin use a wikapedia to find your news
The fuck is this shit?.... 😟😖😰
sewer slide squad
Oh yeah...Wikipedia is a credible source...sure
Neegur Neegur!!!!... Your a piece of shit you entitled knuckle dragging cave man. Go kill yaself you know your kind is 3x more likely to off them dumb selves.
James McCormack
this grown-ass man cant read.. and has a kid. We are doomed
Torrey Joo
did he seriously quote wikipedia? couldn't find anything more credible
i hope you deid
Adam Jensen
Came, disliked, left.
Inflatable Friends
Keem, you remind me of an even dumber Donald trump.
Correction: "Seeker Daily" was mostly a political channel, explaining various political-related topics, various countries, political movements etc.

The new "Seeker" channel is the science channel, a rebranding of DNews.
Piper 9080
You can't blame Vice for shit like this. Its in their name damn it!
Grimm Book
Phil is a sell out king. And for him to say it's burning a hole in his pocket is laughable.
I can't stand to hear this idiot speak.
That greedy fucking kike Phil, fuck phil
Kurt Francisco
you really use wiki to find facts!!! WOW!!
If you keep your fucking nose clean, you can stay on the air and get more hate comments like you see here below. Don't blow it. YouTubers need at least one abrasive prick as long as this prick does (fairly) honest reporting on the "news". YouTube itself needs a kick in the ass. Your remark (in another video) about not necessarily making the videos as long as YouTube wants them be is the way to go. There is nothing that makes people turn the channel quicker than a video that goes on to long. I subscribed to keep up with the move. Not sure about the "new you" yet.
Southern Charm
Goes to prison* what you in for O yeah I sent a gif
keeemstars you don't research yourself so STFU and please leave TY so much shit coming out of your mouth i cant tell if is real or not
Try To Cook This
What's that big console with the buttons on it sitting on your desk?
"Do some research!" - Keemstar 2017

I wonder if he ever met himself.
Defranco goes, we go XD I'm following Phil wherever he and his news site goes, and I'm sure all his subscribers will be coming with
A drama channel having drama with another drama channel. :thinking:
Albin Hjertström
jesus christ he is just more annoying then i remembered him
Joshua Cole
haha kurt shouldnt be on the Internet wow fucking pussy
Darin Beard
Wow, about as annoying a person I've ever heard.
dawn of the sun
This dude sound like Captain Kirk"Scotty we need more power"
I hate this channel and video. And the fact that PhillyD was used in the Thumbnail. SourceFed being canceled was not a #DramaAlert Boooooooooooooooo!.
Isnt Phil the Senior VP of discovery digital? cant see him cancelling his own show
GenX Rants
huh, I wasn't even subscribed to this channel.
GenX Rants
You don't suppose that he bought his channel back?
several months ago, Phil mentioned that he was doing some deals and he may leave the channel to do something he can't mention yet, I stopped watching his show cause he became more preachy, TBH I'm not a fan of keemstar but thank you for actually filling me in on what went down with Sourcefed, I might check out a few of your videos
Larry Flake
Microsoft going down probably means they forgot to install their own security updates.
Matthew Arnette
Jesus christ fuck this motherfucker, who like this is the first time i have ever watched this channel and i gotta say this kid is a fucktard.
Ugh you disgust me
Nasal Command.
is this dumb homo still making videos? The guys like a highschool blonde with braces.
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