Philip DeFranco Situation EXPLAINED! #DramaAlert PewDiePie vs VICE - Microsoft down

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Now as i said in the VIDEO we don't know 100% if #DramaAlert will be moving to the other channel. But if we do, we want to make sure you don't lose track of us.. So for the next week we will tell you to sub to the other channel but also (VERY IMPORTANT) stay sub to this current channel! Very confusing im sorry but trust me.. this is needed. KEEM
Kurt Francisco
you really use wiki to find facts!!! WOW!!
If you keep your fucking nose clean, you can stay on the air and get more hate comments like you see here below. Don't blow it. YouTubers need at least one abrasive prick as long as this prick does (fairly) honest reporting on the "news". YouTube itself needs a kick in the ass. Your remark (in another video) about not necessarily making the videos as long as YouTube wants them be is the way to go. There is nothing that makes people turn the channel quicker than a video that goes on to long. I subscribed to keep up with the move. Not sure about the "new you" yet.
Southern Charm
Goes to prison* what you in for O yeah I sent a gif
keeemstars you don't research yourself so STFU and please leave TY so much shit coming out of your mouth i cant tell if is real or not
Try To Cook This
What's that big console with the buttons on it sitting on your desk?
"Do some research!" - Keemstar 2017

I wonder if he ever met himself.
Defranco goes, we go XD I'm following Phil wherever he and his news site goes, and I'm sure all his subscribers will be coming with
A drama channel having drama with another drama channel. :thinking:
Albin Hjertström
jesus christ he is just more annoying then i remembered him
Joshua Cole
haha kurt shouldnt be on the Internet wow fucking pussy
Darin Beard
Wow, about as annoying a person I've ever heard.
dawn of the sun
This dude sound like Captain Kirk"Scotty we need more power"
I hate this channel and video. And the fact that PhillyD was used in the Thumbnail. SourceFed being canceled was not a #DramaAlert Boooooooooooooooo!.
Isnt Phil the Senior VP of discovery digital? cant see him cancelling his own show
Nancie Rants
huh, I wasn't even subscribed to this channel.
Nancie Rants
You don't suppose that he bought his channel back?
several months ago, Phil mentioned that he was doing some deals and he may leave the channel to do something he can't mention yet, I stopped watching his show cause he became more preachy, TBH I'm not a fan of keemstar but thank you for actually filling me in on what went down with Sourcefed, I might check out a few of your videos
Larry Flake
Microsoft going down probably means they forgot to install their own security updates.
Matthew Arnette
Jesus christ fuck this motherfucker, who like this is the first time i have ever watched this channel and i gotta say this kid is a fucktard.
Ugh you disgust me
Nasal Command.
is this dumb homo still making videos? The guys like a highschool blonde with braces.
why does he talk like a retard?
I knew your video was shit the moment you started squealing, why would you dick me like this YouTube autoplay?
Really keem Scarce is sooooo bad at reporting news because your news is always 100% and non biased sure we all believe you
Who's watching this with underwear?
Well the man has gotta eat eh 🤷🏽‍♀️
Scott O
No idea why YouTube recommended this bearded 13 year girl. Why are there so many fans to internet 'Drama'? Get your shit together YouTube.
The fake Abyss Watcher
Oh god, Its Keemstar, downvote imminent.
mak almes
The Left is trying to take over youtube. This wearies me about youtube future.
FUCK that intro is so legit, you must be real news personcaster
Jaylen Craig
You're a dick keem you shouldn't be successful you little shit go to hell you fucker
Twisty Lynn
No left wing news?.....ummmmm.....the young Turks ? Why keem not think good?
Ryan X Russo
This guy does not know what wiki means
Lisa Englert
"DO SOME RESEARCH" says the guys who asked thousands of people to tweet at coke for not leaving when in reality they left months ago
Based Zeus
Alex Wellband
nice bit of cancer
One news channel...talking trash...on another news channel...about a news channel...being another news channel.
Got it.
Lesley Harrys
Still hot hatless episode, right? You baldass, lying bastard
Nate Vincent
what?? the left controls youtube not the right!

I've been a long time Phil subscriber he's been more then forthcoming with all of the topics addressed in this video just as uve mentioned
AlexGaming LOLZ
Wheres your Harambae hat
mr. scorpion
How the fuck is YouTube a right wing source?
Masked Jigglypuff
I've known for years that Phil stop owning SF, he passed it on because running two big channels is near impossible. But I can understand why people think he still owned SF because they shares the same office building and that.
Adam Zillin
5:00... HOLY...FUCKING... SHIT.

If that isn't the beginning of the end of the internet, I don't know what is. It's like watching black holes colliding...
Bob Marley
HMMM if Kurt has epilepsy that bad he shouldnt be on the computer?
Drew A
keemstar = cancer
Orion Wynia
Keemstar is horrible. he creates drama and supports Trump. NOOOOOO!
Thanks for giving some attention to the Seeker Daily / NowThis Situation! #notmychannel #bringbackseekerdaily
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