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Everything Wrong With Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite -
Shon Bera
Infinity Buster...?... Made me squeel like a fanboy :) God.. I fucking love Megaman..

X changes into his Ultimate Armor EEEEEE!!!!! ×u×
GDisc Karaoke
..... And still no decent sequel to MvC2!!!
GDisc Karaoke
MvC Infinite has more bloody cheese than McDonald's
Patrick Gilbert
Bad story line, bad graphics, & horrible Trump's word, "SAD!"
The cringe is real
Tony R.
Oh, you sweet little fool.
Games as a service has no ending.
15:27 and this moment......deadpool and wolverine its coming and akuma mode rage the satsui no hado its mine and epic figth its coming
Waqas Zohaib
the only Thing I liked about this game was the last song ! anyone knows the song at 15:30 ???
Dats k hakeem
I want the soundtrack you used in the ending
pizza - sama
Yudi Marris
all i know this is fuckin cool
Kev KD
TBH, It has been going downhill since MVC2 & 3rd Strike. It just took and epically bad game for people to start to call out Capcoms' ultimatel blunder, which was over 15 years in the making. This shameful bullshit being passed off as a video game does not surprise me one bit. Sigh, I miss Abyss & Gill.
Mike Ruvalcaba
Mvc2 still better
rob74424 boni
cool you plsay this game to
Diego Ortega
The last song amm... name?
Lincoln Douglas II
trying that level 3 on the boss was really an educated decision :/
He is way too hard to beat
Damnatio Memoriae
Does anyone knows the song at the end of the vid?
Anthony Da Bastard!! Magnos Polanco
This would be better as open world & 3rd person. They should get passed the side scrolling combat crap.
Eduardo Aliaga
This is shit.
agent 47 idk
Wow this game is complete shit
Вова Раковский
song-Clams Casino Im god
President Admiral General Aladeen
imagine thanos executing messatsu gou shoryu or even Shun Goku Satsu/raging demon or worst the Messatsu Gou hado which i pictured to be gigantic wave :D
x's new voice sucks.
I just noticed the music is kinda similar to the fight against Sigma in X2
black elvis
Why is this game so cringy
have part 2 ?
Echoes Act 3
Good god these are like Sonic 06 cutscenes, jerky and cheesy. And the story is just as generically bad. This is not how you do a crossover, AT ALL
Wow they really castrated this game
MDI Gaming
If this game came out in the 90s then the PS1 port would have had the Gohadoken as an unlockable move for Thanos.
Dante Albert
Don't play the story. Play online.

The story is shit.

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I know the stones were mounted to iron mans cannon for the final blow, but how did X harness the powers when Ultron Sigma couldnt harness them because he/they are robots just like X?
Lian Cabacungan
Wot in tarnation? 😂
11:51 Captain America to the rescue, shielding X from stones...
Michael Ward
This is BOOTY!!!! Terrible!!!
This game would be easy mode if the Silver Surfer was in it!
Kiran Persad
On the bright side, Captain Marvel is so damn hot
Ivan Sanchez
Why is everyone on steroids
Zachary Powe
What's the name of the song at the end of the video???
Wes D
This is tragic. It's like watching a high school drama play.
Juanes Melas
never buy this game
I'm gonna make a desperate cringe attempt to explain why Thanos attempts to use the Satsui no Hadou against Death.

The Satsui no Hadou literally means "Wave Motion of Killing Intent." It is power that comes from a desperate desire to kill, and if struck by it (more specific Shun Goku Satsu), the victim will be struck by manifestations of their sin and urge to kill. This is a power of death, but since it came from the Capcom world, Death has no control over it. Thanos is literally taking the strategy of "FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE" right here.
Angel R
wolverine? 😐
Cody Amelang
Question: Who is Retribution's true identity?
Xeno 145
Hehe i remember my childhood😊😊
edo maulana
Pretty sucks storyline just like fandom
Rosso The'Crimson
This......this is bad. Lmao
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