Darkblue Forever
why is everyone so negative about this jesus christ
Shadè Oshalusi
This really did drag like this.
This ser Davos looks more like Hodor
Cringeworthy...not funny...People say they explaining a joke ruins it. I think they do it ten times.
Alfonso V
The guy that plays Davos got the voice down lol
God this show is horrible. Unwatchable.
IRONY: SNL implying that GOT isn't entertaining.
Mason Knighten
The walking dead is much more slower than got
Just great, Weiss & Benioff saw this… & we ended up with Season 7...🙄
Brian Greene
The guy in the middle who said that Jon Snow was the heir to the iron throne knew where the show was going before the episodes aired.
Kiya Lee Levy Runaya
I think s7 proved that rushing things wasn't a good idea.

This skit is awful af, btw.
Man American skits are so bad
Alfred Doe
why don't they so a skit about Tormund staring with such intense sexual tension towards Brienne😂🤣😆😅.
Better than the show
kelvin lang
Damn snl have got horrible this not funny at all
"What is this, a play?" lol
Vash Starwind
Ha! Gutz1981.... Exactly. ... lol.... Thousand year old puss..... omg.... That's too funny
and people complain they're going too fast nowadays.
Michael Curd
How could you forget about Jon's sarcastic black friend?
Ben Mooney
Snl is so shit now
Adrian Navarrette
lol... 😂😂😂😂😂 I love John Snow!!! He is so Dead 💀 lol.....
Kilo Mintoni
BOO! fucking BOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alexander Lee
SNL is just terrible
They said he is the heir to the Iron Throne!
Chester Hicks
Strategy landscape couch merely court danger fast any.
sean donelly
Wow that is excruciatingly bad, SNL is about as funny as a wart on my asshole
Futuresang Lee
I actually really liked the bran scenes. I wish we got more of them
Marius Radu
It.s not funny. They repeat to much" dead" and I see no funny line
Pandas are cool
I come here for the funniest and only funny part of this lame skit "PICK UP THE PACE WOMAN!"
PICK UP THE PACE - WOMAN! love it :)
Summer H
His impression of Sir Davos is really good and hilarious dramatic staring!
Black Rabbit of Inlé
Wishing Brie Larson had actually been in GoT. Love her.
Dave Kimp
People actually complaining about the slower pace are part of the reason why everything's so rushed now.
Humor for 10 year olds?
Game of Thrones, in summary
Ironically Bran was involved in the coolest scene in the season
Sushant sunil
Brianna Dinh
This was so boring. How people laugh at this is a mystery to me. It's just awkward half the time.
Who are these 2 woman supposed to be? Why?
Justin Hopkins
Now people are complaining that season 7 was rushed. The complaining never ends.
Sarah Rosa
Such a slow season, then here's season 7 and I'm like slow the eff down, give me a minute to process all this.
Chronus Design
SNL trying and failing to stay relevant yet again. Seems like the writers only watched one episode and then tried to write a skit...
Though I was about to have to go thru the whole intro...i was like nooooooooo!!! Too long!!
Drop Dead Cynical
This is funnier after season 7 when they complain that things are moving to fast.
Erick Lemoine
So not funny
Casper Christensen
Her "dramatic stare", lol.
Kept waiting for a good joke to come... I'm still waiting.
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