Rupert Rage
This made me cry for some reason
Joshua Deskovitz
Where can I hire this guy to sing this at my wedding?
Priest looks like the kid on the boy in the stripped pajamas, but grown up
charles goldbach
Henry Chaisritha
Stand up and clap for the priest you lazy people! Respect!
Lee Hollebon
What a fantastic priest and what a fantastic singer 👍👍
jaimiepaula is a GOBLIN TRASH
Captain Marvel Junior
Damn it! I got to call a eyes sprung a leak
ivy baltero
I love his voice 😢😞😭
David White
Christian Peyret
Changed my religion because of this
David Mac
I sang it as well:
Linda McComick
Aldrino Senpai
From church to a concert hall.
Lori Mahoney
If I had a priest like Father Kelly I would attend mass again !
What a voice and please continue as this makes services special.
Phyllis Simon
Wonderful. Different, refreshing. Go there father!!
Maya S
Where he at, god know's i want to go to his church. So inspirational, goosebumps.d.
rex bradley
Holy shit . Super job .
Jeremiah Edwards
This needs to be a part of seminary for all priests and pastors!
tiege hanley
What is this song about?? Can anyone tell the meaning....i got goosebumps..i dont know why
Happy Noob
Damn he dets dem bitches
Looks like one of the pedophile priests that tried to seduce me as a 13 year old alter boy.
Taiyewo Adebisi
Amazing! I've never seen anything like that! <3
Kim Taehyung
His voice is my aesthetic
NightcoreBeatz 11
He's actually got an amazing voice.
Canta mejor que Leonard Cohen !.
This is really nice. Glad he did it before Mass began.
Ronald Barile
Priests don’t do that! Hallelujah.
Gabriel Roldan
Kinda looks like the Jesus is my nigga priest
dat Fukn Guy
And with that you've been blessed for life 😊
Hank Nelson
It could be better if he have a better Mic
1k raped victims disliked.
shu yen
American Not American't
A voice even Christ himself would be envious of.
God bless your soul priest you made me smile from my heart
Ordem D'Avis
I have no words.....exquisite ^_^
Infinity hurd
Beautiful! Simply beautiful... 🙏🏽
in 2:46 "oh yeah I'm singing"
So Sensitive
I wish I could live my life once again, to have the priest sing this song, in this passionate manner at my wedding .... with a man who loves and honours me (like I did the last 41 years). Thank you, Father Kelly, it touched my heart so much.
Joel Jefri Ganesan
Its a Yes from me
Albee_ Fuqtifanno
This man loves his job. Just a shame less people are getting married and having children. Feminists have made it so . Then you get 40 something single women with dried up ovaries wishing they could turn back the clock . The sacred vows of marriage are made a laughing stock by the majority these days :(
sanjus varghese
this is best
Lj Tumampoc
Great priest
Wayne Sampan
Wow!!! Thumbs up! !!!
He then rips off his clothes and boom it’s andrea bocelli
Alan Tan
Staggering.... .how lovely.. WIsh he had a better mike and amping...
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