Troom Troom
Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Abonniert - ;-)
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sergey sorokopud
почему вы разгавариваете на англиском?!
Akshi Gundowry
I like all the pranks
Talvin DeWitt
10 minutes wasted I don’t know why I watched this
Delta Anime
Definitely. The salted orange I might do that to my friend 😂😂
Jamila Yuri Enerlan
buter en a gloe stikc
love girls
They did get some from wengie
Rainbow Cake YT Gamer
Dis is bad and I ain't like this nobody subscribe ok?!
Audrum XD
Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
Chrystal Rollins
Butter and a glue stick
I love your video wat country do you live in
Stefan Mirionescu
Gaby Cortez
can you guys do more pranks but of winter PLEASE!
Sharlee Costine
The last one
Smarti Shah
I liked the tangled phone 👍🤗
Tank Ringo
The most dumbest shit ever
Swagalious SwagGirl
Salt orange
I mean i not u
U love doing pranks too
It's Claire Babe
I've watched all of you're videos. And they're kind of boring!! 😳😳😳
Carter Taylor
8——————————D senpai cum In my ass and call me obamaaa
Angelica Enriquez
The litle fuzzy leaf
Patrícia Malaquias
Omg love trom
HeartRosie Ramirez
And it was weige
HeartRosie Ramirez
I love your video but someone already did the glue stick with the bread
Alexandra Davis
I like all of them
Florence Neumann
Do. More makeup pranks
Florence Neumann
Yeah that’s my idea🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Riot Pro LoL Pro
Won’t the butter melt
Roop Singh
Why are your thumnail of videos are so mesmerising
Worst acting
hayvan kitabım
türkler burada mı
ChouChou 95
Y'a t'il un français
Habib Bullah
U can’t eat the marker as u put in marker in the apple
Fazar Gamers #6782
5:10 like small p*nis
Lisa Heard
Friend:lets make pink slime
Otherfriend:no blue slime

All about BSF
Bsf:lets make pink slime
Otherbsf:lets make blue
Both:*laughs* lets mix them
Both:Or do them both!!!!!!! It would make pretty purple?!
Avery Desir
Wengie is better!!!!!!
samantha leonard
Oml salted orange
no one
my mom does not know what is fun i put a water cups on top of the bathroom door and i closed a lights so she didn't see it so well and then he falls for it i started laughing so hard and she was like omg you can't play with your computer in 2 days i was like yeah whatever make it to 1week! he so in night he goes to brush her teeth so i put a friking water bucket on top of the bathroom door this time she as inside MUAHAHAHAH she was there over a 1 hour and then she give up and she sayd no computer for 1week and i started laughing so hard because she didn't say anything about iphone XDDDDDDDD
Jackson Phelps
My questions is why do they have sirenges
Jennifer Bralley
Butter glew Stik
Saeran Edge-Lord Choi
Why use fake worms when you can use real worms?
Jackie Owens
Salted orange
Yolanda Pantoja
Ydjd d djvd disg678480gsksvs djsvsns s0296bdbdbzv zzje
Captain Candlehead
The butter glue stick!
mariano guaman
Buter and glue stick
Martin Hillesheim
Red orang
Samantha Allan
That was 17 ok
Gamer999 - Roblox and more

I like cream puffs! I ate it last night!
Replay5000 gaming
buttr in glue stik
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